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It's not all sun on Gran Canaria

Posted: November 11th, 2017, 10:05 am
by rubbermackintosh
Living in the Canaries, we don’t have a great illegal immigrant problem and what we have mainly affects Tenerife where the occasional boat makes it from the Gambia.

Most of these migrants disperse into the community fairly quickly and turn up as market stall traders selling belts, bags etc.. Once landed there is precious little control on these people moving between the islands on the Fred Olsen Fast Ferry network where you just buy a ticket and walk on. Also, there are very few controls on employing these people.
One migrant turned up at our farm recently looking for work in return for bed and board. My husband, Marco, refused to have him in the house but said that he could sleep above the store and we would feed him in return for help harvesting the vines and coffee beans that we grow. We nick-named him Jimmy.

Well, he was a well-built guy, black as they come and a very good worker. Marco kept him on after the harvest and trained him to prune the vines and to do other labouring jobs and he has been with us now for just over three years. In my imagination I dreamt that, being a black African, he was probably well-built below the belt but it was quite a while before I found out just how well-built he was. We started to pay him a small amount in wages as we didn’t want to lose such a good worker

I’ve told you before about the rain storms that we get here on Grand Canaria when the trade winds blow and how it is necessary to store what rain water that we can to use for irrigation in the dry spells. Jimmy worked outdoors no matter what the weather. In the sun he stripped to the waist but when it rained he kept a shirt on and simply got soaked through.

Last autumn Marco was away for a few days. Whilst he was away the trades started to blow and the heavens opened. Jimmy stayed out in it tidying around the vines. I threw off my ordinary clothes, grabbed my rubber mack, sou’wester and boots and set off up the hills to check that the outlets to the water traps were all closed so that we saved as much water as we could. Jimmy started to follow me up even though he was not dressed for bad weather. He was soaked through and his tight jeans showed every outline in stark relief.

With all the tanks secured we got back down to the store where Jimmy slept. I told him that he should get out of his wet clothes and let them dry. He turned his back on me and acted coy.

As he stripped off his shirt and dropped his jeans I pushed my wet rubber mack up against his back and reached round him. His cock came to hand. It was pretty big but not erect. I gently stroked it and it grew and grew until it was really long and stiff. He turned within my arms so that he faced me and I could see that enormous cock. With my hand around it I started to wank him, slowly at first and gradually faster. He had a silly grin on his face and his breathing started to quicken. On and on I wanked and suddenly he erupted. Thick white spunk shot from his cock in great gushers all over my mack and even on my face. I had never seen so much spunk from one guy with one wanking.

Slowly the spunk stopped flowing and his cock started to go a bit limp in my hand. Suddenly he started to piss down my front. It seemed like gallons of piss were spraying over my rubber mack and the spunk started to get washed down onto my rubber wellies. I pulled the lower front of my mack open and let his piss flood my boots. He filled them completely and they flooded over the tops.

Amazingly, his cock started to grow erect again. I watched as it grew. I wanted it inside me dressed in my rubber wear. I whispered “Fuck me”
Jimmy lifted me in his arms and tossed me onto his straw bed. I was lying there naked under my coat. I just opened my legs and smiled up at him. There was no foreplay. We went at it like dogs. He hammered into me and I screamed. Marco’s cock was a fair size but Jimmy’s must have been a good four inches longer and somewhat thicker too. It really stretched me. Gradually I was able to take it right in and suddenly I orgasmed like I had never orgasmed before and I felt him flooding my cunt with cum at the same time.

He pulled out and knelt over me. His great cock swung like a pendulum above me and then he peed again. All over me. Over my mack, over my face and even into my sou’wester which, somehow had stayed on through everything.

I rolled over onto my knees and I felt a cold draught. Jimmy had lifted the back of my mack to reveal my arse and I felt his cock nudging against my arsehole. He spat on it and pushed and slowly that great cock slipped in and suddenly I was getting arse fucked by this great ram-rod of a cock. I don’t know where he got his energy from but he was pummelling me really hard and I felt my arsehole being flooded by yet more spunk.
As he pulled out I told him that he should get dressed while I went to shower.

Later, in the evening, I put my shortest, shiniest, black PVC coat, Acquo thigh boots and matching sou’wester on with nothing underneath. I went out to the store and threw Marco’s rubber mack, waders and sou’wester at him, “Put those on and then come into the house” I told him. “You know what I want” He did and I got it.

Boy! How I got it. When he came into the house wearing Marco’s gear his massive cock was sticking out through the coat and pointing to the ceiling. He took me in his arms, lifted me and slowly lowered me onto that rampant dick. My cunt juices were already running in anticipation as his cock nudged into me. Suddenly he bounced me up and I crashed down onto his great cock and it went right into me up to his balls. It was further in than when I have masturbated with a cucumber.

He carried me, impaled on his giant member, through to our bedroom where he backed up against the bed and slowly sat down with me on top. I was crazy with lust and I rode him until we both came in sync. The noise of my PVC crashing against that black SBR coat and those wader tops was incredible.

We rolled over onto the bed and lay there with his cock still in me. His sperm was slowly oozing out of me. I felt him twitch and I knew that he was ready for seconds – so was I. We dozed and fucked off and on all night. In the morning we fucked again and then went to the shower to wash down. He climbed in with me and gave me a final fuck as the water cascaded over our two macks and filled both pairs of boots.
I gave him breakfast – on a plate before he went off to work. It was still raining and I told him to keep Marco’s coat, boots and sou’wester until it dried up.

It didn’t stop raining at all for two days. Jimmy kept Marco’s rubber gear on and came straight to the house each night. After three nights of his enormous cock I knew that I would have to have it again and again but he couldn’t keep wearing Marco’s things.

On the fourth evening Marco came home. “Where’s my rubber coat and boots?” he demanded to know. I explained that I had lent them to Jimmy as he had got soaked working in the fields in the rain. “Is that all you lent him?” he asked. I guessed that he at least suspected what we had been up to in his absence.

That night I took Marco in my arms on the bed and he slipped into me easily. “You seem very loose” he said. I blushed red. “How big was Jimmy?” he asked and I owned up. “Enormous!” I said “and the fucking was great with him wearing your coat and boots and me wearing mine”
Then came the surprise. “We’d better tell Jimmy to keep the mack, hat and boots and I’ll send off for some new stuff and if you want to fuck him wearing my rubber coat, remember that I need some attention too.

I didn’t want to push my luck too far but I suggested that Jimmy could do with some new clothes too as his were what he managed to get across from Africa when he first arrived.

“It sounds like you are suggesting the Jimmy should become permanent working here” “Yes” I said “He’s a good worker and we could do with somebody like him around all the time”

Marco agreed and told Jimmy that he could have one of the spare bedrooms in the house instead of sleeping out in the store and we started to pay him a better regular wage too.

Jimmy moved in the next day.

Two weeks later a large parcel arrived from the UK. It contained a new rubber mack for Marco together with a matching sou’wester and a pair of thigh high rubber wader boots. Also there was a bright red PVC trenchcoat, with matching sou’wester and red crotch high boots for me.
I keep the red coat etc. for Marco’s pleasuring and it hangs behind our bedroom door. I’ve told Jimmy that if he sees me wearing red it’s just for Marco but that my black coats, boots etc. are for either of them.

Quite often I become a black PVC sandwich between two black clad men. Gorgeous!

What happened when my friend Patricia came to visit from Scunthorpe is another story for later.

Re: It's not all sun on Gran Canaria

Posted: November 11th, 2017, 11:46 am
by blackmacjay
Good story! Keep it cumming. LOL

Re: It's not all sun on Gran Canaria

Posted: November 11th, 2017, 2:08 pm
by hotwilly
Great tale, lucky you and Jimmy
Hope you didn't corrupt an innocent Scunny girl like

Re: It's not all sun on Gran Canaria

Posted: November 11th, 2017, 6:06 pm
by rubbermackintosh
Patricia was at school with me. She didn't take much corrupting!

Re: It's not all sun on Gran Canaria

Posted: November 11th, 2017, 6:52 pm
by hotwilly
rubbermackintosh wrote:
November 11th, 2017, 6:06 pm
Patricia was at school with me. She didn't take much corrupting!
Bet it wasn't the convent