The Meeting Part 2

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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The Meeting Part 2

Post by saxon12343 » November 8th, 2017, 9:04 am

I picked up the phone without noticing the caller i.d.
“Hello, Gerald speaking”
A voice at the other end said, “It’s Mike.”
I was stunned that Mike had made contact so quickly as I thought he had felt guilty about our last meeting.
“Hello Mike, I didn’t expect to hear from you so soon”
He said, “I needed to speak to you again as I’ve done nothing but think about what you did with me yesterday.”
“Oh dear”, I replied.
“No, no,” he said, “Nothing like that. I meant it in a good way, a very good way. I have never had such feelings before and I’ve never had such an orgasm, such a climax as you gave me. Just the whole thing, I mean, the rain, and your pvc outfit, and my mac and then your head under my mac and then what your mouth did. It was just amazing. In fact, I’ve done more than just think about it, as I’ve masturbated so many times just by thinking about it. I loved kissing you as well and I’ve never kissed anyone like that before. I want to meet again, errr, that’s if you want to.”
I could hardly believe my ears. Here was a man who wanted more from me, not a time waster, but someone who enjoyed me pleasuring him. Could this be what I’d fantasised about most of my life?
I said, “Of course I want to meet you again. What you’ve just told me has made me feel warm inside. And I loved the way you kissed me too. I meant what I said that if you always kissed me like that, I would do anything for you.”
He replied, “Just talking on the phone is making me horny again.”
“Good, I’m glad I can do that to you,” I said mischievously. “It’s made me horny too. Where and when do you want to meet up?”
He said, “How about today?”
“I can’t do today but I could do tomorrow?”
“Oh, I can’t,” he said, seemingly genuinely disappointed. “What about Thursday?”
“Now Thursday I can do,” I agreed.
“That’s great news, Gerald. May I ask a favour? That you wear your pvc rainsuit again but this time with nothing on underneath, so it’s next to your skin?”
I didn’t like to say that that was how I was wearing it yesterday but he hadn’t noticed because he got so carried away with his feelings.
I said, “Of course I will, darling, as long as you wear your mac with nothing on underneath too?”
He said, “I certainly will.”
Arrangements were made to meet at the same layby on Thursday.
Thursday seemed to take ages to dawn, but eventually the morning came dull and grey. As we’d arranged to meet in the layby rather a more public place, I got ready at home. I showered and then got out my pvc rainsuit, but first I put on a pair of bright red ladies’ satin panties and hoped that this time he would notice as I wanted to see his reaction to them. I thought this could add another dimension to our fun. I then got in the car and drove to the meeting.
As I pulled into the layby, I saw that Mike’s car was already there and when he saw me, he opened the back door again just like our first meeting.
I ran to the car and climbed in the backseat again alongside Mike. I leaned across towards him and he pulled me closer and took the lead as he kissed me passionately, a kiss like I’d never experienced before and one that aroused me big time. It began by just a brushing of his lips against mine. It continued with those oh so soft lips of his gently applying greater pressure and then his tongue touched my lips, just the merest hint of a touch, until my lips opened slightly and allowed his tongue more progress, until his tongue was fully into my mouth seeking out mine and exploring. It felt electric and arousing. As our mac and pvc crackled and rustled, I realised I could just lie in this guy’s arms forever, even dressed like this. His kiss filled me with many feelings and, yes sexual arousal, but also comfort, relaxation, and security. Wow, a lot to cope with all at once but still…..
When we eventually broke our kiss, he couldn’t keep his hands off me and my pvc. He stroked me all over and then stroked my erection. He said that he realised how unfair he was the other day by not giving me a climax and he wanted to make up for it now. So, he undid my zip fastener and pulled the pvc off my shoulders. His hand caressed my nipples and squeezed gently.
“Ouch”, I said, but it was quite a feeble cry.
“Ooh, you like that do you? A bit of pain?”
“Yes, “I said, “but I don’t like excessive pain, as I’m no masochist”
“I don’t either but just a bit is ok then?”
I answered with a grunt as he caressed my nipples more and then had started to approach my groin. His fingers went down further and then he came across my panties. He caressed the satin slowly, asking if I really liked wearing women’s clothes. I explained that I did, if he was ok with it. His response was that this whole relationship was just getting better and better. I sighed as he grasped my penis through the pvc and satin and started to stroke my erection vigourously. I knew I wouldn’t last long and I didn’t, feeling a bigger orgasm than I had ever had before. My juices flowed into the satin and pvc as he slowly continued moving his hand back and forth until I sighed heavily in contentment. He removed his hand and enfolded me into another deep, but gentle kiss.
After a short while I knew what I wanted – his juices in my mouth, but before that he jumped up and said, “I nearly forgot in the excitement that I’ve got you a present.”
He got out of the car and went to the boot, and came back with a big box which he put on my lap, with the words, “This is for you. I guessed the size so I hope they’re ok.”
I was intrigued but I opened the box carefully and found inside a pair of the shiniest, brightest purple, Hunter wellies. They were an exact match for my rainsuit and I slipped off my trainers and tried them on immediately. They were a perfect fit and looked gorgeous with my rainsuit leggings tucked inside them, and particularly with the straps done up properly, which he insisted on doing for me noting that “one has to have all straps done up properly for a proper waterproof look.”
He stroked my legs outside the wellies as he did that and made sure the straps and buckles were nice and tight. I thanked him profusely, but he said that after what I had done for him, it was the least he could do.
“And anyway,” he said, “just looking at them on you was making me horny.”
I said, “Well, as a big thank you, I’d think we’d better do something about that thing that’s sticking up.” I said this almost coquettishly, and with a dirty grin on my face as I climbed on top of his prone body and gave him a big kiss to say thank you. As I sat astride him, I could feel his erection sticking up between his legs so I clenched my thighs together around it so he could feel the pvc against it tightly. He moaned and began to breathe heavily but I wasn’t going to make this climax easy for him, as I slid gently down his macked up body with a crackle and rustle and squeak from the pvc and rubber. I slid onto my knees between his thighs again and rubbed his erection with the rubber of his mac, which elicited more groans. As I took the head of his erection into my mouth, I felt him wrap the skirts of his mac over my head again. He obviously loved having me on my knees in front of him! I went to work on his stiff, engorged cock slowly sucking, licking, caressing, and when I took him into my mouth fully, he started to pump his body up and down in time with my movements. He held my head in the rubber by that wrapping of the skirts around me tighter, so he was actually fucking my mouth! I loved this as it came spontaneously from him, leading the way. I could feel him start to come as his whole body stiffened and then I felt his juices in my mouth spurting until he finished.
When he was done, he pulled me up from the floorpan, pulling me into a long kiss, sharing his own cum as we played tonsil hockey with our tongues. We crackled and squeaked and rustled but we were both just lost in our passion. We were both lost in our finding someone we could be so relaxed with and to share all our rainwear longings and desires with no fear of ridicule. We were both sticky with each other’s cum and lost in the scents of warm rubber and pvc, and sexuality.
The time came for him to go as he had a business appointment, so we said our goodbyes with long kisses and caresses, but not before he shared with me that he had a thing for women’s fetish, rubber underwear. I was not sure if he meant himself wearing it or me dressing for him in it but the possibilities seemed endless either way, so gave me lots of thought on how to please him next time.
We left our rendezvous point, promising each other flirty, dirty texts and phone calls until we could arrange another meeting.
To be continued…….

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Re: The Meeting Part 2

Post by Mikmac77 » November 8th, 2017, 10:55 am

This just gets better and better! Brokeback Mountain with rainwear set in a lay-by!!

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Re: The Meeting Part 2

Post by hotwilly » November 11th, 2017, 8:39 am

Great story and writing. Certainly aroused me :)
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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