The Pondskippers PART 3

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The Pondskippers PART 3

Post by swish87 » October 17th, 2017, 9:49 pm

“Let's go up here a bit.” I pointed to a bend in the river a little way up, just as the river left a wooded area. The low pines clung to each side of the river and created a sort of tunnel as they formed a darkened ceiling against the warm mid-day sun. Eiofe needed no explanation, she eagerly took my hand and we waded further through the mud until we reached the forest entrance.

Ducking below the tree cover I helped her over some particularly deep patches until we reached a clearing in the woods where the river had taken a large 'U’ bend and the area between was a perfectly flat, deep, mud pool. Rainwater had gathered on the surface but I tested the depth with a stick and found the bog to be about a meter deep. I couldn't contain myself any longer and I turned to find Eiofe and was immediately faced with the mud-covered girl in front of me, her deep-set blue eyes begging me to kiss her.

Our lips met like magnets and we pulled each other together until we felt like one noisy, muddy, horny mess. Her hand reached down between our writhing bodies and slid to my crotch, dragging a handful of dark mud with it. She massaged the filth around and around, over and over the front of cagoule and my crotch as I groaned with the delight of feeling it slide over my waterproofs.

We had unconsciously moved closer to the bog and as I felt the ground become soft I stopped and suggested we jump in.
“Let's take a run up…! ” I said with sheer enthusiasm. She laughed at the complete absurdity of the situation and simply said “Fuck it.”

I pulled my 'inside’ raincoat hood up and then drew the zipper of my 'outer’ cagoule all the way up so the collar came up to my nose. I pulled Eiofe's hood toggles tight and fastened up her collar. All we left exposed was our nose and eyes. When I had finished we had one last hug,smearing more and more mud between us the we walked away from the bog and across the forest floor to take our run up.

Giggling Eiofe began to count down “One….Two…..Three…...GO!!” and with that we both ran, clomping in our heavy waders and layers upon layers of rainwear, straight for the deep, oozing bog in front of us. As we reached the edge she grabbed my hand and we launched ourselves forward.

We jumped clear into the middle of the mire, both landing belly first, arms and legs outstretched. For a few glorious seconds everything was dark as we broke the surface of the pond and were flung deep into the soft, peaty bog. The welcoming mud pushed against every surface of my body, compressing the layers of pvc, neoprene, nylon against my naked skin. I almost came right then. Wrapped, enclosed, safe and clean beneath my waterproofs yet I could feel the thick, clumpy gunge hang heavy over every part of my body

As I rose out, spluttering, from the muck, I pulled myself into my knees and found I could sit comfortably while still chest deep in the disturbed slime. A muffled sigh of pleasure made me turn to behind me. Eiofe was lying on her back, covered head to toe in the beautiful mud, her mouth and nose nuzzled down into her overall collar and the fleecy, rubberised neck gaiter of her Aquafleece had ridden up almost to her eyes. The material rose and fell as she gasped and wriggled farther into her very own rainwear cocoon.

She frantically ran her hands up and down her body, sliding the mud over her coveralls, trying to hide any inch of the bright yellow PVC left showing through. Her legs were quivering now as she writhed deeper into the softening bog. Water was rushing in to fill the two deep trenches we had carved with our dives and mixed with the newly disturbed mud to create a bubbling, viscous mix. The heels of her wader boots began twitching and digging in deeper as she grabbed handfuls of mud from her sides and drove them over her body and down to her thrusting crotch.

I couldn't cope with the sight of the gorgeous, crazy, kinky goddess lying there whimpering with ecstasy. So I rolled over onto her began to fuck. Sliding up and down her was a whole-body experience. She let out a loud gasp as my thick erection, managed to catch between her legs as I thrust into the mud between us. Even though we were both wearing at least two layers of waterproofs, we felt unbelievably close and connected. As I began to rut faster and faster I held her shoulders as she laid her hooded head back, deep into the sludge. I felt her grasp my back ferociously as she screamed in blissful agony. Her orgasm shuddered in waves beneath me, her legs kicked and jerked uncontrollably sending splashes of mud across us both. This was too much for me. I had to come now!

After she began to relax and the last ebbs of her climax receded, I jumped up and clawed at my mud-covered outer jacket, flinging it off into the bog. I ripped of the rain bibs below and tore at my waders straps until I was standing naked in my relatively clean 'inner’ raincoat above her, layers of rainwear in various stages of cleanliness around my knees and ankles.

Lastly I peeled of my filthy rubber gloves and Eiofe's eyes grew wide with joy as she watched me come closer, stroking my throbbing cock.

Eagerly she wriggled backwards until she was looking upwards at me inches from the tip of my twitching cock. Sinking her gloved hands deep into the mire she propped herself herself up and took me into her mouth hungrily. With her tongue circling my head she pushed back and forth, picking up in speed until I now was gasping uncontrollably. I looked down at her hooded head bobbing back and forth into my crotch, the mud just starting to clump and drop on top of her rainwear. I enjoyed the rustle of her overalls as she sucked faster and faster. I enjoyed the wet, sloppy sounds as she pushed her rubber gloves deeper into the mud.

I pulled out of her mouth and took a clumsy step backwards so I could see her completely. She took the hint and sat upright moving her hands over her tits and down between her legs seductively. This show was for me. I took myself in my hands and began to rub furiously to the sight of her sitting there, rainwear-clad, dripping with mud, flushed from her recent orgasm, looking up at me with expectation. I began to twitch and straightened my back. I planted my feet apart and aimed for Eiofe's beautiful, grinning face.

She closed her eyes and stretched out her tongue just in time for the first string of hot cum to splash across her cheek and nose. She giggled and licked blindly trying to catch the next spurt. I moved closer and erupted again spraying thick streaks across her forehead and the sides of her hood. They hit her hood with gloriously satisfying hollow thuds like rain on tent. After that I began covering her wherever I could, as I kept cumming my loads were flung up and down her until the mud was completely mixed with my glistening cum.

I fell down to my knees panting. “Holy. Fucking.Shit.” I breathlessly said as she lay playing with the thickening cum covering her face.

“Holy shit indeed.” She replied, too preoccupied to hold a conversation.

Needless to say we began to see a lot of each other after that.

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Re: The Pondskippers PART 3

Post by hotwilly » October 18th, 2017, 6:35 pm

Sounds wonderful
Well written
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: The Pondskippers PART 3

Post by Agu-Fan » October 27th, 2017, 7:30 pm

Great story, really enjoyed reading it!

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