The Pondskippers PART 2

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The Pondskippers PART 2

Post by swish87 » August 24th, 2017, 10:47 pm

My Eiofe. She was as much a founder of the Pondskippers as I was. We had met about 5 years ago at a charity beach clean, this was before the Pondskippers, and I was asked to organise it and she was one of the volunteers. I remember picking the teams to cover different areas of the coastline and I, shamefully, picked her straight away to be on my team. My team, of course, being the team to cover clearing the litter from the muddiest part of the riverbank. I had not expected anyone to be that prepared, so when I saw Eiofe arriving in a bright yellow waterproof coverall and green wellies, I was beginning to look forward to our little bit of charity work.

I gathered my team and introduced myself but I couldn't for the life of me keep my eyes of this gorgeous woman in the yellow overalls. She had long, wild straw blonde hair and piercingly blue eyes. She had her overalls tied around her waist at that point and as she came close I noticed, with quite possibly visual shock, that she wasn't wearing wellies...they were chest waders. Busy explains the plan to the group, my eyes darted across her chest where under a figure-hugging pink and black aquafleece I could make out the top of the chest waders just covering her nipples. The shape of the straps could just about be made out too. After she caught me obviously watching her every move like an idiot, I risked it and complemented her outfit. I can't remember exactly what I said but it probably was something about being “Well prepared” … and then something like, “You're definitely not going to get too dirty!”.

What I do remember was her comment next. She turned and in mock distress and a soft Northern Irish accent she said, “Well, I hope I didn't get dressed up for nothing.”

I was speechless. A wittier man would have immediately laughed handsomely and said, “We’ll see what we can do about that then!” and taken her by the hand. All I managed was an awkward mumble and another stupid glance at her chest. I wasn’t so much looking at her breasts, although they were extraordinary, as I was captivated by the sight of the wader straps under the rubbery, black material of her aquafleece. I literally couldn’t look away and she waited for a few seconds before crossing her arms across her chest and asking, “Would you like to take a picture?”.

She was now walking beside me along the cliff path towards the beach we were heading for. She chuckled at my awkward silence and began to whistle as she skipped, making sure to step in every puddle on the track. After a few minute I became convinced she was trying to splash me as I hurried to keep pace with her.

Our group began at the river mouth as it cut through the sandbanks and out onto the beach. There were four or five of us and I had explained that we were going to clear the riverbanks of any rubbish. It was late into spring and the river, though low now, had been swollen with April rain in the past weeks. The banks were a thick mire of green weeds and buzzing insects.

We began moving back up the river each with a black bag and a stick to collect any litter. I was of course wearing my own waders and a very long red 80’s style goretex nylon hiking jacket. This hid the bib pants and second raincoat I wore over the waders. To everyone else it looked like I was wearing a socially acceptable waterproof jacket and overtrousers.

Eiofe knew though. The other members of our group began tripping over as the mud grew deeper and most of their wellies were being sucked off with each wobbly step. They tentatively moved back towards the riverbank grass. Eiofe and I had no such trouble, moving side by side we waded straight into the deepest, stickiest parts of the riverbank to retrieve shopping trollies, bike wheels, old ropes. We began doing all the 'dirty’ work and passing the spoils to our group on dry land to bag up and take to the beach.

As we worked we both caught each other’s eye from time to time in a knowing glance. We grinned as each step into the mud became a jump, as each gloved hand thrust into the mud became a whole arm, as each walk back to the riverbank became a race. We laughed as we began to fling handfuls of mud at each other when we thought the others weren't watching.

Before long, I moved around behind Eiofe as she struggled with pulling a log out from under the thick ooze. Taking a moment to drink in the glorious view of her curving, rainwear-clad ass straining against the weight of the log, I reached up and tucked her hair into her hood and lifted it over her head. With a strange courage that was totally out of character I moved closer and closer until I was laid up against her back, knee deep in the liquid mud, and whispered in her ear through her clean, bright yellow hood.

“Be careful, Don't fall now.” I whispered. And I could feel her moving her weight away from pulling on the log and pushing herself into me. She very gently swayed against me, feeling my quite obvious bulge when pressed this close. Then, like a shot I jumped to my right and she was thrown backwards into the deep mud.

She flailed and wheeled her legs as she lay stuck in the churned, dark mud. This only served to spread and splash the sludge until all that I could make out was her beaming face. Once free she jumped up and down on the spot with child-like excitement, stamping her feet further, deeper into the mud bath she had risen, dripping and covered from. Eiofe fixed me with a feral, animalistic stare and for a moment I was a little scared. I walked as calmly as I could back to the group sitting, bored no doubt, on the bank and told them to head back to the beach with the equipment and the rubbish bags.

“We’re just going to head a little farther up the river. I need to take some water samples and then I'll meet you all on the beach for lunch.” The group headed of along the river towards the beach and I almost sprinted back to Eiofe who was sitting impatiently on the half submerged log fidgeting with the toggles of her overalls.

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Re: The Pondskippers PART 2

Post by hotwilly » August 25th, 2017, 7:23 am

Well written with good detail
Sounds like you two "hit it off" straight away - two kindred souls
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: The Pondskippers PART 2

Post by wimplastic » September 11th, 2017, 7:41 pm

Looking forward to the next part, really like it so far!

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Re: The Pondskippers PART 2

Post by Rainwearmad » September 16th, 2017, 5:50 am

Great story, really well crafted and exactly in line with my interests! Look forward to reading more! Thank you!

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