The Pondskippers

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The Pondskippers

Post by swish87 » August 15th, 2017, 10:50 pm

Hi, I’ve been a long time lurker here and always enjoyed reading the stories posted here but never actually had the courage to post. I’m beginning to write a story about a group rainwear enthusiasts and their adventures both as a group and individually. I’m a little obsessive with naming and describing every piece of rainwear or clothing so please excuse this needless attention to detail as I’m sure everyone would like to see characters wearing gear that suits your own proclivities but I’m just trying to organise and tie together my own personal fantasies, and a few references to some other well know members of our community for now. Saying that though, I’d love for all your feedback and ideas for scenes, characters and possible plots for each. Anyway here we go with chapter one:


“What's the gig today then Cole?” Ashley asked turning round in her seat to speak to me. The thick plastic groundsheet covering the seat under her squeaked and rustled as she maneuvered herself to be heard over the low din of the minibus engine.

“Drainage ditch today love. The forestry commission guy rang last week to complain about all the rain they've had recently. I think it might be a tough one.” We all enjoyed playing this game, where we all affected very professional tones of voice and spent the often long journeys discussing the minutae of the current job. Ever careful not to sound overly eager or excited. We would discuss tools, plans, sediment distribution, drainage systems...this was our foreplay.

“Well, I’m glad I brought these beauties! Still need to test them out in some real conditions.” She wiggled her knees to show off her thick, bottle green, PVC chest waders, rolled down to her knees whilst in the bus. The straps were rolled up and slid inside her boots. The rest of us preferred to 'gear up’ when we stopped but Ashley enjoyed “being prepared for anything” as she had once tactfully put it when we had discovered each other three years ago.

“I’m sure we’ll have a chance! We’ll have to do thorough testing…” We grinned at each other for a moment and she turned back to speak to our driver, Jakob. I was itching to get there as I had recently received a grant from the local council for extra equipment, and being a charity, I had to spend it within 30 days. Naturally, I ordered our group new uniforms, new personal protective equipment (PPE) and some equipment I'm sure would delight our very niche party.

There were 9 of us in total. Myself, the Chairperson, my partner Eiofe, our Treasurer, her ex-partner Hanna, a couple called Rob and Talli, Kate, our Biologist who had brought along her friend Jess for her ‘initiation’, the “ever prepared” Ashley and our driver / engineer Jakob. We called ourselves the Pondskippers. This weekend was our fourth year as a group and this weekend everyone had made time to come along.

As we turned off the main road our faithful minbus bumped along the loose gravel tracks, veined with small streams of rainwater. Gone were the open fields and rolling hills and slowly our surrounding became thick with forcefully tall pines and thickets of wet, tangled undergrowth. Our equipment and bags rattled and shook with each shuddering lurch the old bus tackled, eventually falling silent as we found ourselves at the forest gate.

“No Admittance - Felling Under Way” the sign read, hanging lopsided from the large metal gate that straddled the track. I knew that there was no felling going on anywhere near where we were going today because Brian the Forrester had asked us to clear out the old drainage ditches in preparation for new trees to be planted. The past years cutting had allowed the ground to become horribly boggy without the trees to drain the water and the drainage ditches have been clogged with all the rainfall over past month. These were the best jobs. Completely private. No nosey residents keeping an eye on our work. No groundskeeper rushing us on. We had all day, and I planned to enjoy every minute of it.

We continued past the gate, shutting it securely behind us. We arrived at a clearing soon after and parked up. Jakob had removed the back two rows of seats to allow more space for equipment and it also served as a changing room if needed. Rob and I lifted the gear out the back and I gathered everyone around for a brief.

“Welcome gang! This will be our fourth year of the Pondskippers and I'd very much like to welcome our newest recruit Jess!” I gestured towards the beautiful, shy-looking girl who stood beside Kate, her vivid ginger hair pleated into two long, tight plaits that ran down her shoulders. She smiled at the group, embarrassed, as we clapped and greeted her. Her fingers fidgeted with the straps of a small rucksack she held, I was curious what it contained.

I wondered then how much Kate had told her about our 'outings’. She had at least followed my email instructions on suitable clothing ; “Please bring with you the following: a COMPLETE change of clothes, you WILL get wet, Wellington boots, Thick socks (two pairs), Cotton t-shirt, Trousers (NOT DENIM), a large towel. All other clothing and full waterproofs can be provided if needed. Please tie long hair back as this can get caught in machinery.”

Jess had dutifully ticked every box, as she was wearing a pair of skin tight, figure-hugging base layer leggings, a simple grey sweatshirt, a scarf and a pair of tall, matte black Hunter wellingtons. She looked almost fashionable amongst our bizarre group.

Of course the clause: “waterproofs can be provided if needed”, in my email instructions, was mostly forgotten as almost all of our members brought along their own eclectic mix of rainwear, and a lot of it. Laughably ironic actually, the degree to which we all competed to protect ourselves completely from getting dirty, in a group who's very purpose was just that. This thought brought me to my next point. Our new equipment.

“As we grow in numbers I took the opportunity to invest in some new equipment and protective gear.” I opened the nearest plastic box and pulled out a black PVC drybag with Jess printed on the side in large white lettering. “Each set of protective equipment will be your own responsibility to maintain, clean and keep hold of.” I opened the zip and laid each item of clothing on the grass in front of the eager group.

“Layering is key, and as you all know, this job can get very, very messy.” a few chuckles erupted at this, “and the worst thing we want is for you to be cold and wet. The more comfortable we are, the quicker we get our jobs done and the more time we have for ... play.” I turned to Jess here gauging her reaction. Her face showed no indication of confusion. She had seemed to relax actually, now the focus wasn't on her, she looked intently at the thick black neoprene wetsuit I held up.

“I'm sure you've all worn a wetsuit before. Please make sure to keep this as close to the skin as possible, so don't wear much clothing under it.”

“Or none at all!” Jakob chimed from the back of the group raising a laugh and a poke in the ribs from Ashley.

“Next up we have the lovely Pondskippers fleece.” I held up the black fleece to the group and showed off the Pondskippers logo emblazoned on the back like a magician's glamorous assistant. “Then I also have new pond gloves for everyone, a set of waders and oversuits.”

These items drew a lot of interest as I passed them round. I spread the oversuit on the ground to show off the bright red, neoprene coated nylon. Each one had our small logo on the chest, was elasticated at the waist, had a hood and a two-way zipper. I had added some additional features such as the hidden neoprene storm cuffs, elasticated ankle stirrups, internal braces (so it they could be worn opened at the waist) and each member’s name printed in white on the back. Kate reached forward and immediately held it up against Jess.

“Jesus, it fits her perfectly!” As she held it up to her friend she didn't bother to hide her relish at the feel of the thick, noisy material against Jess’s body.

“Everyone should have been fitted correctly. The waders may be a bit big but just double up your socks.” I knew every current member’s sizes by heart and I had sized Jess based on her application photos. The men’s were ordered in royal blue and the women’s in bright crimson red. I had to have each suit custom made at a huge cost but I wasn't going to tell them that. The thigh waders, fleeces and gauntlets I managed to order in bulk.

“This will also be Jess’s initiation into our very close group so I'd like to remind everyone to make her feel at home.” I put the gear back into the drybag and handed it to Jess, “Take whatever you would like and Kate can help you get changed on the bus.”

The rest of the group picked out their own bag and began to get changed there in the clearing. Most, like Ashley, had worn at least a base layer (in her case, her favourite chest waders, that I suspected she was usually completely naked beneath) to avoid completely changing when we got there.

I loved to watch the variety of gear on display here as everyone brought out their old waterproofs and compared them to the new offerings. Ashley pulled on her new fleece and zipping it all the way up to her neck, fastened her chest waders tightly over it. She then pulled a long matching green oilskin smock over her head. She threw a cheeky, teasing look at me and then Jakob as she held up her bright new coveralls pretending to be unsure whether or not to bother with them. Deciding she could, based on our eager nodding, she unzipped them and pulled her booted feet through the legs, making a show of doing it very slowly. Finally she wriggled the bright red suit all the way up and found it fit her perfectly too, even with another layer of rainwear beneath.

She did a spin purely for our benefit and then moved to help Jakob who around the side of the bus, far behind the main group and was sliding himself, naked of course, into his wetsuit, not making any attempt to hide his growing erection. Partially obscured by the bus and the throng of people getting ready in the clearing, I watched Ashley move behind Jakob and help him roll the thick, black neoprene up his legs and groin. She stopped for a moment, leaving Jakob, dick-to-the-wind, standing with his wetsuit pulled up to just below his crotch. She rummaged in her new bag, returning with her shining, arm-length black rubber gauntlets. She slid her layered arms into each and then reached around and began stuffing Jakob’s cock into the wetsuit. By now I had my own erection to worry about and I turned to find Eiofe.

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Re: The Pondskippers

Post by David » August 16th, 2017, 11:46 am

Very good attention to detail. I find it helps with immersing the reader into the story making them feel like they are actually there.
Can't wait to see where this leads.
Five stars across the board.

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Re: The Pondskippers

Post by Izzitpvc » August 16th, 2017, 12:39 pm

So far so good, looks promising, I too like the detail, now waiting on part 2, hope you do not keep us hanging on too long

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Re: The Pondskippers

Post by Cagoule » August 17th, 2017, 11:17 am

Hi swish87 - What a great story already! I'm really looking forward to see how it develops. Thanks for writing and posting - Peter

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Re: The Pondskippers

Post by latexstorm » August 19th, 2017, 3:12 am

I'm impressed. You're setting up an interesting story that feels almost plausible(!) and stays away from cliches. Nice job!

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