Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Been a long time coming, but here it is. Hope you enjoy.

Part 3

Greg let the rain wash the creamy product from his face and the tightly drawn folds of his hood as they stood gazing at each other sheepishly in the torrential rain.

They said nothing, but after a few minutes each with their personal thoughts inside their respective nylon cocoons, they set off together back to the office. They said nothing. Back at the office by the rubbish under the stilts of the building, they stopped. David looked nervously about him as he undid the sopping drawstrings to his hood and pulled it back, shaking his fashionably long hair free. He unzipped the neck gusset, reached to the hem of the anorak and pulled it up over his head and freed his arms. The wet mountain standard pu proofed nylon had kept his clothes dry, though the inside of the cagoule was wet with condensation. He pulled off his boots and climbed out of his overtrousers, watched by Greg, still clad in his blue suit.

“You staying in your gear?”

“I’m sorry. Yes……well probably……still raining” stammered Greg

“Not in the office it isn’t!!!”

“I’m……I’m not….I can’t….”


“I can’t go back to the office. Not now. Not after what we’ve done. I don’t know what to do.” Tears were streaming down Greg’s face mixing with the rainwater on his still tightly pulled hood.
David felt the bottom of his stomach disappear into a really deep abyss. He was about to be discovered. This is what he had feared for years as he considered his sexuality and love of hooded gear. If he could not bring Greg back from the place he’d arrived at now, he was in deep trouble, as clearly Greg had been led on by him. He had to get back to the office, make up some story about Greg’s absence, and get back to Greg to convince him that what they’d done…..and, most importantly, enjoyed……did nobody any harm. It was unusual, yes, but not harmful.

“Greg – Just stay right here. I’ll make some excuse about you being taken short with a dodgy tummy, and me needing to get you home, and then we’ll go somewhere and talk this through. Just stay here OK? Look after my stuff? OK?”

Greg remained just as he was, tears silently coursing onto the already shiny wet nylon of his cagoule, staring at nothing, saying nothing.

David went into the building and found his manager, explaining the “problem”. The manager suggested that if it was that bad Greg would be better at the office while they called for a doctor, but David managed to convince him that he could get him home to his bed, he’d keep an eye on him and they’d take it from there. David promised to call the office and update the manager, either from a nearby phonebox to Greg’s digs or from his home.

He rushed off down the stairs to find Greg standing just as he was.

“Can we go back to your digs, get out of this rain, and just talk about what has happened?” David asked.

“How can we?” Greg murmured “I have tried and tried and tried, but have finally given in to temptation. How can I look anyone in the eye again?”

David, grabbed Greg’s arm and spun him round so they were face to face.

“Just help me into my cag, pull my hood up again for me and tie it tight, and we’ll get started home.”

Greg did as he was asked, and David started to march him off in the direction, he hoped, of Greg’s digs, the rain still pounding down, bashing on their cagoules. They both tramped on in silence until Greg turned left into a suburban street of Edwardian houses quite close to where David lived with his parents. They were substantial houses, mostly converted into small flats. Greg led the way down an alleyway between two of the houses and into a side door leading straight into a staircase. David untied his hood, and followed the still-hooded Greg up the stairs until at what must have been the top floor, Greg opened a door and went into a largish room that was obviously a bed-sitting room. He threw himself face down onto the bed, still in his sopping gear.

“Hey come on, let’s get you out of your gear – you don’t want to soak your bed” David said, easing his cag off over his head.

David got is wellingtons off and his overtrousers, and let them lie of the floor while he went to help his friend out of his gear.

Greg’s hood was still tightly fastened, and his eyes were full of tears. He looked utterly miserable. David untied the neat bow that held the hood drawstrings tight round Greg’s face, gently loosening the hood. Greg didn’t move.

“Come on, you can’t stay like that, let’s at least put this wet clobber somewhere – maybe hang them up in the bathroom. Have you got something we can put them on to drip over the bath?”

Greg finally and slowly got up off the bed, and pulled the anorak over his head. “I’m sorry, I just feel incredibly guilty and weak for being unable to hold back my instincts”, he said as he got out of his boots and overtrousers.
“There’s a clothes horse I use for drying washing we can use if you are staying with me for a bit?”

“Come on, Greg, this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this – though I’ll bet you’ve done it before, you were so fabulous. So I don’t understand why you are so upset?” Anyway, I’ll need to find a phonebox to ring Mum and let her know that I’ll not be in to eat as we really need to sort this out– maybe we could go to the pub and grab a sandwich or something – though probably not the best way of discussing our intimate thoughts!?”

“There’s a phonebox on the corner, but you’ll need to get back into your sopping gear as it’s still pissing down. I’m really sorry, but there was an event at school which led to some pretty horrible times with my folks, and I made some promises then I’ve now broken” said Greg, clearly beginning to take notice again of his surroundings, “When you are back I’ll try and explain my confused feelings” he said, opening a freestanding wardrobe by the bed, and pulling out the clothes horse. It wasn’t the clothes horse that caught David’s eye, though, it was what was in the cupboard. Hanging up were a number of different styles of waterproof gear, a couple of quilted padded anoraks which David knew would have come from Marks and Spencer, a henri-lloyd one-piece sailing suit, a couple of snorkel parkas and amazingly a huge Canadian style parka with a massive fur ruff round it’s matchingly massive hood. David was speechless, as he took the clothes horse Greg was offering, and went through the only door that was not the entry to the place. It was a cramped bathroom and loo with a shower attachment over the bath. He set the clothes horse up on the bath as Greg joined him with the wet gear, and they, in silence, draped the sopping nylon over the clothes horse.

“Your turn to be silent….” said Greg, “you’ve seen my secret collection of gear. That is bad enough, but to be queer as well is just such a huge and horrible secret to bear especially after what happened at school”

“What happened at school?” there was a long silence and as David glanced at Greg he could see he had gone bright red with embarrassment. David went on “Well we should discuss it. We are probably unique in what excites us, so it’s just amazing that we have met and are already friends. That just doesn’t happen, so, please, let’s make the most of it” said David “I just need to phone Mum, and then we can discuss it. Could I borrow something to wear out there while I go to the phonebox my stuff will still be sopping wet and you know that chill feeling of wet-outside nylon?” He rummaged in his pocket for four pennies for the phone.

“Sure, would you like to try some oilies, or there’s a one-piece pu nylon in red like your gear – should fit you we are roughly the same height”

“I’d love to try the one-piece” said David as they went back to the wardrobe. “When I get back so want to look at your collection – and to see how you look in some of it. Please don’t worry, what we have done is not illegal any more, and an interest in waterproof and warm outdoor clothing can’t be regarded as odder than collecting Dinky Toys”.

“Could be”, said Greg sheepishly, pulling the one-piece out of the wardrobe, and handing it to David. David took it, smelling that wonderful pu proofed smell. He unzipped the front of it all the way down, so he could get into the suit, wondering if he could ask Greg for some help without generating another attack of the glums. He decided to risk it; “you going to zip me into this?” as he shrugged into the arms of the suit.

“Sure”, said Greg. He knelt to start the bottom of the zip and his hand inevitably ran over David’s growing penis as he eased the zip up. “you clearly like that” he said standing up, and pulling the hood up guiding it gently round his ears before finishing the run of the zip which went up and over David’s chin. David couldn’t believe how he felt. He was rigid and aware that he would absolutely need relief again that evening. Greg pulled the drawcords of the hood and fastened them tightly so not a drop of rain could push past, and then, amazingly in view of how he had been when they came into his room only half an hour or so previously, gently kissed him. He stood back and said “There – fits perfectly apart from that bulge down there which needs attention – but you’d better ring your Mum first. Let her know you are with me and we’re having some people round for a beer or something. At least the suit is the same colour as your cag and overtrousers, so unless someone looks closely at you, they’ll just think it’s the same as your gear. Go on, off you go!”

“I can hardly walk with this erection! But thanks. I’ll be back soon” and snatched a quick kiss saying “Keep warm and dry while I’m gone!”.

As David went down the stairs, he could not help thinking that the afternoon was developing into something rather extraordinary. He couldn’t quite understand the bounce of extremes in Greg’s mood since the lunch and now at coming up to five o’clock, but he put it from his mind as he checked his hoodcords and opened the door.
It was still raining, but nowhere near as hard – but it was now blowing a gale, or what seemed like a gale, and felt unseasonably chilly, though it was into October. He enjoyed the noise and rush of the wind splatting the rain onto the thin nylon hood over his head, and the rainwater on his face being kept from his hair by the tightness of the hoodcords. How he loved that safe and enclosed feeling, and how odd it was; it was so wonderful for the first time ever to be able to talk about this with someone else who seemed to think the same way. As he splashed through the almost flooded pavements to the phonebox he thought about what he would say to his mother.

He opened the phonebox door and was greeted by that smell of stale urine which seemed to be in every phonebox in every area, undid his drawcords, lowered the zip slightly, and carefully folded back the hood so no rainwater could drip inside the suit. Picking up the receiver to check it was working he dialled home, and his Mother answered.

“Hi Mum, it’s just me. I’m going to Greg’s place for a couple of beers, and we’ll get some food out if that’s okay?”

“That’s alright dear – sure about food? I can always leave something in the fridge for you.”

“Honestly Mum, don’t worry – fact is we’re meeting a mate of his who is in town, so we might be late” he lied “and if this rain continues it might make more sense to kip on Greg’s floor than get a second or third dousing and pop back home to change before work tomorrow, if that’s okay.” Thoughts about staying the night just came out of nowhere, but seemed plausible.

“Well, I’m not sure about that. Don’t want you getting into any mischief” she said.

“Oh Mum, I am eighteen you know. What sort of trouble am I going get into? Honestly!” he bluffed.

“Well just you make sure you behave yourself if you meet a nice girl”

“Mother!” David interrupted, simultaneously wondering how she will react if he ever admits his increasingly homosexual thoughts.

“Ok Darling, we’ll see you in the morning. You okay for money?”

“Yes. Thanks Mum. Yup, see you in the morning if not later tonight. Bye”

“Bye bye, dear” and the pips saved the day – David had no more coppers, so hung up with a repeated “bye-bye”

Carefully pulling his hood back up and closing the zip, he fastened the hoodcords and set off back to Greg’s with a feeling of excitement and anticipation.

To be continued

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Nice build up but hopefully more rubbers and pvc to be involved later?

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Nice story - please continue
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Is it worth me combining all three parts to date as one and re-posting it?

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Looking forward to a part four! Great story so far.

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Thanks - glad you like it!

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