Testing Out My Hi-Vis Jacket

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Testing Out My Hi-Vis Jacket

Post by HarlequinKing96 » July 1st, 2017, 12:27 pm

Recently my dad gave me a yellow hi-vis coat, similar to what are worn by cyclists. He had far too many coats and decided to give me one for the rainy days, which were approaching. Not long after getting it there was an absolute lashing of rain. I knew as the rain poured down that I had to test out my new jacket and see how it held up to getting a bit dirty!

So the next morning I pulled on my dungarees and a checked shirt and over the top went my lovely yellow hi-vis coat - it was a bit big but still felt great anyway! Obviously my wellies went on too - if you're gonna play in mud you must wear your boots! So off I went stamping down the wet and dirty country lanes by my house, splashing around and having fun!

Then I found a field that was filled with mud so I decided to wander in - my boots made amazing squelchy noises as I walked through and I was loving every moment of it! Then they suddenly got stuck - I tried to pull them out but yanked myself too quickly and fell over, spattering my dungarees and the lovely yellow coat in mud! I was completely and utterly shocked at my predicament and picked myself back up - before falling over deliberately again and beginning to have a very noisy wallow in the mud! I rolled around and kicked my wellied legs around, laughing and shouting all the way! I was just getting covered with the wet sticky mud from head to toe, slathering my new jacket all over!

Tired out, I stopped to catch my breath, observing that there was scarcely any yellow remaining on my coat, only brown remained! I rolled out of the field and set off for home, dripping mud off me as I walked! This led to me picking up the garden hose and spraying myself all over - mud fell off and the yellow of my coat returned! With the worst off I stripped off and went in for a nice hot shower and a hot chocolate afterwards. Such fun!
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Re: Testing Out My Hi-Vis Jacket

Post by Muddy Sandra » September 29th, 2017, 6:55 pm

Go for it. There is nothing like being totally covered.

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