waders fun

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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waders fun

Post by kinkycumbria » May 24th, 2017, 7:58 am

well not much rainwear dressing fun in this story but hope you enjoy
it was the last night of my four nights home alone,a nd i needed one last meet to conclude the weekend.
from the fabguys site i message Rick a long term friend of mineto see of he wanted some fun, he messaged back yes and would be there at mine in 20 mins for kinky fetish fun.
i then changed into my gloss thigh boots, latex bra, hood, thong and gloves, finished with my short black PVC mac then sat waiting.
Rick let himself in and admired me, rubbing his hands over my shiny encased body and boots, before stripping naked and opening his holdall.
He produced a pair or thick green rubber waders with braces with matching rubber apron with a cut out in the crotch area and long black gauntlet gloves industrial type made of thick shiny rubber.
He sat on the setteE and then produced his short type gasmask and his poppers, as he sat there inhaling through the ventilator his gloved hand pawed at my pvc thong releasing my cock, he wanked it until it was stiff and then i leant forward and rubbed my cock on the gasmask eye openings, gripping my cock he forced me down kneeling infront of him. His then revealed his own cock through the hole in his apron, i took it in my gloved hand and began wanking him, while my spare hand rubber caressed his gasmask, as he became fully hard and erect, so i leant forward and kissed his purple head teasing it with tongue. Rick then stood, pulled my head away from his cock looked at me inhaled more poppers them took my rubber hooded head in both of his gloved hands and held me firm and rammed his cock into mouth and began forcefully facefucking me, slow at first but slowly gtetting harder faster and deeper. i rubber him all over with my gloved hands and then reached under hsis apron, Rick parted his legs a little but still continued my face fucking, my rubber gloved finger found his hole lubricated and i slippled a shiny rubber finger in and started working him anally.
30 seconds later with loud moans of pleasure Rick exploded his orgasm into my eager mouth a full load of cum. holding me firm as he pumped every drop into my mouth , then exhausted Rick collapsed back onto the settee. Panting he ordered me to stand, he then pulled my thong aside aside and his thick rubber gloved hand furiously started wanking my cock while the other hand was held infront of my cock like a cup waiting.
It wasn't long before my cock twitched and spurted forth, globules of cum spurting into rick's waiting hand, my legs buckled and i fell down to my thighbooted knees again, Rick then forced his cum covered gloved hand over my hood and mouth mouth while his other hand held head still. I licked my own cum up as ordered.
our session was over both satified from our latex lust
this was a true account of Sunday March 12th 10PM

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Re: waders fun

Post by hotwilly » May 25th, 2017, 8:30 pm

Sounds fun
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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