the Short cut

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the Short cut

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The Short Cut

Monday 24th April, Weather wet, getting worse, strong westerlies, gusting 65mph in places, outlook stormy

Another drive to work, it’s raining, the traffic is going to be hell getting past the Birdlip Roundabout and I can tell its going to be a typical Monday morning hour and half drive in. Still my business partner will get there before me today and most likely open up, that’s one thing going good this morning.

I sit in my car and radio 4 gives out the weather, rain for the next 5 days, worst storms for 10 years, flooding…good job I put on my cagoule this morning then, well, I do that everyday, but I guess today it will keep my dry on the dash from the car as well as comforting that feeling that lives inside of me that give me the shear joy of wearing these thin nylon waterproofs on a daily basis.

The traffic is crawling now and I think, if I take that short cut over the old road I bet I can save a few minutes, what the hell. I indicate, pull slightly left and floor the throttle as I turn off the A417 , the feeling of speed is always exciting and I cut the bends a little. As you come into the village of Birdlip there is a 90 degree right corner which means you have to slow down to at least 20 mph, as I approach something catches my eye, is it? Yes it is, fantastic! A long blonde haired girl is walking her Labrador dog wearing blue hunter wellies and a Green 1980’s Peter Storm zip up cagoule. I slow down. Try not to make it obvious that I am about to have a good look at her cagoule as I drive by. She flicks her hair, talks to the dog that raises an ear, I cannot hear through the car windows. But I guess it's a word of praise for the dog.

As I pass by, driving very ‘properly’ as If I were on my driving test again and I steal a glance at her and smile as she looks my way briefly for a split second. She doesn’t respond and is back to looking at the ground and flicking the dogs lead over its back.

I am just another car on the way to work in her world, but in mine? She is heaven and has brightened a soggy Monday morning drive to work. I love seeing a good looking girl in a peter storm cagoule.

Friday 28th April over cast, dying showers, sun later if we are lucky. Wind south west loosing strength.

The days have come and gone and of the last few of them I have taken that road to work, most of the time it has not paid off and it has added time to my drive. But I was curious to see if I could spot her again. After all dogs like to be walked at the same time each day, the rain hasn’t stopped, although it has lessened and I might just see her again. So far I haven’t.

I wonder if she is just a tourist staying locally, maybe she was home from somewhere to visit family who live near by, who knows. I thank her quietly in my head for my one look at her in her cagoule and go back to my drive to work, thinking about the day ahead and what I need to get done.

The days is done. I am free, lock up the shop, load some paperwork in my car, slip into my black over the head kag in a bag cagoule that is my current choice of rainwear and set the alarm. The car is low on fuel and I muse on how far I can push the needle into the E and where to get the cheapest fuel.

Through Gloucester and I am thinking about the big hill, do I have enough? Tescos or the Texico at the bottom of the old road… Stuff it Tesco’s win out and I pull off and head towards the business park. It is its usual self, mums hurrying home to feed the kids, young guns off to the gym, business men with open collars and no ties grabbing some wine to take home for the wife.

I stroll around pick up a few bits myself and head past the clothing section towards the self serve check outs. As I pass a nice flowery bra catches my eye, blue and pale green flowers on a white back ground on special offer with matching knickers. I stop, pretend to check my basket contents and while no one is noticing, select a size 36 c and slip them into my basket under the bread all the while heart beating out of my chest with excitement and nervousness.

Once through the seld serve check out and back into the car I slip my shopping into the boot and drive to the pumps, fill up, ‘pay at pump’ and turn back out towards the round about. I hesitate and decide, what the hell, I fancy a different way home and switch from indication right to left. I pass the Texico at the bottom of the hill and check the price, ok so I saved 12.7 pence in total on my filling up, but I couldn’t have treated myself to a new bra in a Texico station I chuckle to myself.

On driving up the old road it starts to rain again, a few spots on the windscreen. A passing shower maybe? The clouds look dark though and the wind picks up! The car starts to loose revs on the steep incline and I drop a gear, it pulls away and we are back up to a steady pace as we crest the hill and have to slow again at the entrance to the village. As I steer the car the black fabric of my cag swishes slightly and snaps me out of my day dream of what I will wear that night with my new purchase, maybe my green cord A line pinefor dress with black leggings and a grey roll neck longsleeve top?

Then there she is.

That girl in the green cagoule with the yellow dog, blue hunter wellies, blue slim fit jeans that show off the shape of her legs and make the cuffs of the wellies slap the back of her legs gently as she walks.

Her back is to me as she walks the same direction I am going, same Green Peter Storm, hood billowing slightly with the wind, I can practically hear the swishing of her arms against the fabric and see the elastic cuffs biting slightly into her wrists. As I draw level with her, She turns, looks at me, waiting for me to pass by as she pulls her dog close to her side. She wants to cross the road.

The Crisp white cords on her hoods draw strings gently whip against the chest of her jacket where the shape of her breasts push against the soft coated nylon of the cagoule, my ears imagine the slight slap of the toggles as they connect with the slightly taut fabric.

I stop, it's my right of way but i want to look at her a little longer in that cagoule of hers. I give that little permissive smile and nod that’s says ‘it’s ok, go ahead ’ and wait for her to cross. She takes a look down, tugs the yellow Labrador dogs lead and steps into the road. Her long blonde hair whips back and forth as she checks the road both ways and as she turns my way again she flashes me a smile and whispers a thank you. I smile again back and I can’t help myself looking her up and down, that cagoule is practically new looking!


Then she is walking away from me again, dog to heel as i let the clutch out and pull away slowly. I glance to the side to see her look across at me, smile and raise her hand in a slight thank you wave, the elastic is tight on her wrist and the waterproof fabric looks clean and crisp. Not bad for a 30 year old jacket!

Then I am down the road, heart beating fast and all sorts of things spring to mind. That’s the second time this week, is she local or visiting, I wonder how she feel about wearing a cagoule, she obviously doesn’t mind, I wonder if she likes it? It looks like new maybe she has just never worn it, maybe it was the one I was watching on ebay, she looks fit and obviously does a lot of walking in the country with those blue hunters…. How can I see her again, her smile, did she clock my black cagoule? So many questions…

Brake!!! I was day dreaming and nearly clipped a car on the bend… i wave an apology, change gear and pull off. As I do I check the rear view mirror and I can see the girl turning into the hotel car park. Damn. I bet she is on holiday and going back to her husband. Well, it was nice while it lasted and at least I know now she isn’t local.

Wednesday 3rd May, Weather dry, over cast, moderate South West wind.

Have to rush home this evening, an old friend is staying locally and wants to meet up. We climbed together at uni and spent many wet weekends in North Wales trying to find some dry rock and I my case, spot some rainwear. He has been a good friend for the past 20 years and has had some hard times of late, his girlfriend was diagnosed with a brain tumor, they operated and was successful but her mood has changed. She is not the bubbly girl we knew, she is withdrawn and prone to bouts of head aches and depression. It’s hard on my friend, he loves her and would do anything for her but he relishes the times he has to go away on business for a restbite for himself. It is rare he finds himself in Gloucester. He works as a civil engineer and spends a lot of time up north, but this weekend he is down to prepare for a site visit to Cirencester Hospital.

That’s his thing, hospitals. He designs the sewage systems. Ok not glamours but the pay is good and his boss has given him an expenses account that I would envy. He suggests we meet near his hotel at a pub as he is in the premier inn, We arrange to meet at the Royal George hotel car park thinking we might head leave a car there and then head to the Butchers arms at Sheepscombe, a short 20 minute drive away. On arriving we greet each other warmly and change plans. ‘We can’t leave the car here’ Ian says, ‘I popped in to ask if it was ok and the barmaid got right pissy with me’.

‘No probs, lets eat here then, or at least by a drink’ I reply. We lock the cars and walk towards the hotel. I have on a navy blue repro Peter Storm by Size?. Ian glances at it and says ‘old school!’ and I chuckle, yeah I said, its actually new issue, you know how it is, it all comes around and I am not a brand snob like you in your posh North Face Gore-Tex. Its retro cool now you know, the original old ones fetch a tidy sum on ebay!’ . The heavy door opens and we step inside, the usual mix of older couples having pre dinner drink, a business man checking in, young guys and girls working an evening shift in matching white shirts and blouses scurry by, one stops and offers to seat a posh looking elderly couple as we head towards the sign saying bar.
It’s an old building, usual old hunting prints, some decorations of china and photos from the pre war years. A soft voice offers a ‘good evening’ and ‘can I take your coats gentlemen?’.

I start to slip off my cagoule and turn half expecting to see a teenager waiting but instead I am cut short in my expectations. There she is, again when I least expect it, the girl in the green cagoule!

I am shocked, stumble out a ‘sure yes thanks’ feel my face drop in shock and turn a bright red as my heart skips a beat. She takes Ian’s out stretched coat and glances to the side towards me ‘ seen a ghost?’ she giggles ‘ you have gone all white!’ I snap out of my semi trance and apologise. ‘sorry, er… yeah, I mean no, um sorry, I didn’t expect to see you there’.

She gives me a half curious, half ‘I recognise’ you kind look, tilting her head to the side as her memory catches up with her brain. ‘oh, yes you’re the guy in the blue car!’, ‘ the car?’ I reply, ‘yes you stopped for me and Toby today to cross the road this evening?’. I smile , blimey she recognised me. ‘that’s a good memory you have there’ I mention and notice I have instinctively given her my cagoule which she is holding across her arm, while sub consciously, Ian's is dangling from her other hand, letting it carelessly brush the floor.

‘yes I did, sorry I didn’t know you worked here?’ , ‘ I don’t’ she replied adding ‘ my folks own the place and I came up to give them a hand for a few days, they have just taken it on and they needed the help, I live in Reading so not too far away. I am guessing you are local?. Before I could answer Ian returned with some drinks and butted in asking for the menu, ‘ we might as well eat here then mate’.

‘Heidi’ the girl says cheerily, ‘my names Heidi, oh and thanks for stopping for me, maybe I’ll catch you a bit later, find me before you go and I’ll grab your coats’ and with that she has turned and disappeared into a side room.

The evening passes slowly, Ian and I catch up on work, family and all the time I am distracted by fleeting glimpses of Heidi as she serves drinks, takes food to customers and instructs the young staff, she is efficient, quick on her feet and has a natural air of authority about her. All too soon Ian says he needs to get going, ‘ work in the morning, need to be at the shit pit for 8’ , his term for the sewerage system and probably the aging hospital. We ask for our coats and a young girl fetches them for us. We head to the car park and stand chatting for a few minutes, plan meeting up soon when Ian is next down and he gets in his car. I stand to see him off and turn to find mine, damn, I ve lost my car keys! ‘Shit!’ I think to myself ‘where the hell have I left those’.

I walk back to the hotel entrance furious that I had again lost my keys, not the first time when suddenly Heidi comes running out , we nearly bump into each other, ‘ you dropped your keys when you put your cagoule on’ she says ‘ I thought you might need them to get home’ , ‘thanks Heidi’ I said, these pockets can be a bit crap if they aren’t done up. ‘I know, I have the same problem with mine too, although those Size? ones are better than the originals, stiffer fabric’, I nod and offer up ‘yup, you’re right there’.
Hang on a minute, she recognised mine as a Size? reproduction, not an original, If I were not mistaken, only the true Peter Storm fan would realise that.
I give her a quirky smile and say ‘so, how did you know this isn’t an original then?’ I question her. Heidi quite nonchalantly replies that she studied fashion at university and was given the assignment to take an item of fashion from the 70’s and renew it for the modern day. ‘ I decided to go for the cagoule, it’s a standard of fashion, is timeless and is understated as a piece of clothing, practically every fashion house has one in their collection. So I chose them.’ Wow, that’s unusual, a fashion girl taking the one piece of clothing seen my most as a boring train spotter piece of fashion, yet here is this stunning girl who chose to study them. ‘of course the more I studied them it came apparent that Peter Storm was the king of them all, well, apart from K-Way, I personally think they do better colour palette’ .

I was gobsmacked! And I admit, was getting slightly aroused and very curious to how far we could take this conversation. ‘Wow Heidi, that’s really interesting. So, do you have many cagoules still or did you just have your green Peter Storm?’ Heidi looked at me with a raised eyebrow and said ‘you noticed my green Peter Storm?’ a little sheepishly I shuffled, smiled, looked at the ground and said I had, I had in fact noticed her first a few weeks ago walking Toby her dog and thought her Cagoule looked brand new and as I owned one as well it caught my attention. Heidi was a little surprised at first that that was the first thing I had noticed it but she mentioned it with a hint of excitement and teasing that had I not noticed her good looks first? Her figure? her hair? I admitted that I hadn’t, I was sorry but the fact was I noticed her cagoule first. She laughed and turned and headed back inside the hotel, ‘come on lets grab a coffee’ she chuckled.

Once back in the bar I followed her through to a room the other side of the bar, she ordered us both a coffee and we sat and chatted for hours. ‘so you didn’t answer my question of earlier’ I asked her, ‘ how many do you have in your collection?’ ‘a few’ she said, ‘ you?’, ‘a few’ I laughed back, it was pretty obvious we both owned more than a few cagoules each but were not saying just yet. ‘ Heidi, I have to say I was not expecting to meet you this evening, it’s been an amazing evening but sadly, it’s getting late and I have to open my shop tomorrow morning as my business partner is away, do you fancy meeting up one evening this week? ‘. Heidi said she had to head back to Reading in the morning but would be back the following weekend to help her folks out. She said if I was free for a few hours on the Saturday afternoon maybe I would like to join her and Toby for a walk, grab a drink before they opened the restaurant for the evening.

Saturday 6th May, Sunny at first, clouds coming in late evening cool overnight but dry.

4pm and I have got out of the shop early, have driven to Birdlip and arrived at the Royal George. Heidi’s Audi TT is parked in the car park as I slide my car in along side and pull up, turn the engine off and climb out. I have a Red Peter Storm Smock and original one, I picked up in a charity shop for £3 last summer. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it hanging there and grabbed it before walking around the store.

Heidi walks out with a Toby dog bouncing around like a puppy despite his 10 years. During the week Heidi text to ask if I fancied some food before her shift started and suggested we meet around 5pm, I was bang on time. She was wearing a blue K-Way over the head cagoule, Pink K-Way over trousers and her Blue hunter wellies. She greeted me with a hand on my shoulder that might just have lingered a brief second long enough to feel the fabric of my jacket, similarly I put my hand on her waist and gave her a hello kiss on the cheek. She gave Toby a little hurry up as he was sniffing a flower pot and clipped on his lead. We waited, let some cars pass and quickly crossed the road and walked off the foot path up a little wooded track and slowed our pace to allow Toby to pee. ‘So, had a good week?’ I asked ‘ like the K-Way number’ Heidi smiled looked me up and down and said, ‘hmm red.’. ‘ What does that mean?’ I asked poking a little fun at her comment, ‘ well you know, racey red!’ she laughed, ‘ it’s the colour of passion, apparently!’, I laughed and tripped over a tree route, it broke the ice and we both laughed hard, she gave me a little shove and asked if I enjoyed my trip? Her hand made the fabric on my cagoule swish as she reached down and slid her fingers in between mine. They were warm and I could feel the cuff of her cagoule against my own wrist.

We walked for a mile or so, Toby running ahead when she suddenly stopped and turned towards me. ‘So, come on then, spill!’, ‘Spill what?’ I replied? ‘how many cagoules and what brands, come on tell me’ ‘ the obvious answer from me being ‘you first’.

‘ I asked first last weekend’, she laughed, flicked her hair back, put her hands on her nylon clad hips and swished her legs together a few times in mock discomfort / deep thought. Finally Looking back up at me she said ok ‘ don’t think this weird, I was studying them for Uni… shit, well here goes… Peter Storms? I have around 15, all the colours mainly zip up but a few over the head ones too. Kway’s around 30 in all the colours you can imagine right mix of stuff but mainly the claude, TKO’s a couple, regatta Stormbreaks 2 and a couple of their early ones with the stripes on the arms all in navy, ponchos around 5 all red, all kway and one fluro Sorry Surf Cagoule. Oh and a couple Jeantex… now your going to run a mile thinking I am either a closet train spotter or a right wierdo ’.

Bloody hell! She had as many as me!

‘well, firstly, I don’t see the train spotter bit, you haven’t pulled out a note pad yet, but holy moly! That’s a lot, you really do like your cagoules don’t you!’ I laughed. ‘Ok so I guess it is my turn. So, random 80’s cagoules, around 20ish all nylon, all sorts BHS, ManAlive, etc etc, Peter Storms one of every colour in originals with a couple over the heads and the navy and an orange from size? Re issues. Kway I have about 10, mainly navy and red over the head but also have a neon yellow one. Kag in a bag’s? I have about 20ish…I think…and some other bits and bobs, a kway poncho, clear plastic cycling jacket some over trousers and a regatta or 6…maybe 8, or is it 10, so whos the wierdo running for the hills in her cagoule and over trousers now then?’

Heidi wasn’t phased, she hummed little sign of appraisal and nodded a little, so, you are not an amateur then, that’s good, if you had said you only had 2 or 3 I might have to reconsider whether we carry on our friendship’. ‘Shallow!’ I joked back and we laughed.

What were the chances of that! meeting another cagoule collector just by taking a short cut in the traffic.

We headed back to the George and Heidi fed Toby, she still had her pink Kway over trouser on and they swished and tightened across her cute bottom as she bent to put his bowl down and give him a fuss. ‘So, you going to work in those tonight then Heidi?’ I joked, ‘No of course not idiot’ she replied, but if you fancy hanging around for the evening I could always pop them on to give Toby his late night walk? It be a bit boring so if you don’t want to hang on for me then I totally understand. It is Saturday night after all and I am sure you have lots of other women to chat up in their cagoules!’.
‘Of course we have loads of those around here’ I chuckled at her, ‘ but you’re the only one with a serious cagoule fetish, those other girls, they just wear superdry cagoules for fashion! I think I will take my chances and hang out at the bar’.

During the evening I sat at the bar and smiled as Heidi brushed past me on purpose more than a few times, whilst barking orders at the waiting staff, smiling and chatting up the old guys sat with their wives enjoying a drink before dinner and hurrying around making sure everyone was looked after.
Shortly before 11 o’clock she came over, took off her barmaids apron and teased the band out of her hair, gave it a shake and said asked if I was ok to wait 5 minutes while she went on got changed and collected Toby from the Bar room fire where he had snoozed and begged for scraps all night. On Arriving back she had on her Pink Kway over trousers on and her navy blue over the head kway from earlier, ‘shall we go?’ she asked and threw my own kway at me. I slid out of the chair and said as it was about to start raining I wanted to put something on to keep my legs dry. Outside it was a bit chilly. Not cold but the evening air was damp, bit of drizzle in the air and the fresh smell of springtime. She leant against my car as I pulled on some blue regatta over trousers on and slammed the back door shut. I clicked the lock and we turned to walk out of the gateway, quickly crossed the empty road outside and headed towards the woods.

‘It’s chilly’ she said, looking down to the front of her cagoule, her nipples were starting to harden and push against the thin waterproof nylon, she chuckled and gave me a wry smile, ‘well, it would help If I had more on underneath wouldn’t it’ she said. ‘you will be if all you have is your work blouse on’ . ‘nope!’ she replied. ‘what do you mean nope?’,’ I mean nope I don’t have my blouse on’ and she gave me a cheeky smile.

‘So let me get this right, it’s drizzling and the temps are dropping, its cold and you have nothing on underneath your cag? Your nuts!’ I said. ‘spot on!’ Heidi replied ‘in fact if you want to know a secret? I have nothing on underneath my over trousers either!’. Now I thought, she really is nuts! It’s cold and she is naked underneather her waterproofs. ‘but there is away to keep warm’ she blurted out and stopped to face me, ‘we can always share body warmth…’ she put her hands behind her back and swayed slightly at the hips whilst giving me some of the most alluring puppy dog eyes I’d ever seen!

‘Oh really?’ I said, ‘and you can stop giving me those puppy dog eyes, poor old Toby will think he is out of a job! Haha’. With that she grabbed me, pulled me off balance towards her and promptly stood on poor old Toby’s paw! He yelped with fright and Heidi and I immediately bent to give him a I am sorry cuddle.

Once waggy tailed again and happy sniffing a post, we turned to look at each other, ‘|Did you want to try that again without stepping on the dog?’ I asked and put my hands on Heidi’s nylon clad hips. The fabric was damp and clung to her hips, but not cold as her warm skin could be felt through the waterproofs. Heidi slid her arms around my neck and her breasts pushed into mine as she pulled me close to kiss me.

I could feel those hard nipples of hers protesting the cold as she tiptoed her feet in closer so her hips were pushing against mine. More than a little aroused and excited started to swell and tried to pull slightly away to avoid poking into her and making it a bit too obvious that I was getting harder. Heidi giggled, looked down and in a mock soothing voice said ‘awww, is your little fella getting excited by all these cagoules or is he feeling cold too, maybe I need to give him a little rub to warm him up’. Her hand slid down the front of my waterproofs and she slid the palm down the front of my groin. As she kissed me her hand moved slowly up and down and instinctively I got harder still. ‘oh dear ‘ she said as she stopped kissing and looked down to my overtrosuers, ‘it looks like it’s got bigger not smaller now its warmed up! How did that happen?’ she looked back up at me and leaned to kiss me once again, her breaths quickened every so slightly to indicate she was getting turned on too and her hand gripped by groin tighter and pulled playfully at fabric.

The kissing got a little more intense, our hands now exploring the outside of each others cagoules, breaths got deeper and hung in the air around us in a humid mist. Slowly her hand got lower and lower and started to pull at the front of the elastic of my over trousers, she was moving the front down until she could slide her hand in the front, the fabric slightly damp with condensation on the non breathable fabric. Her hand started fumbling the front of my jeans undone and before I could stop it my cock sprung out of the top of my knickers.

Shit! In the moment I had totally forgotten I had on my girly knickers that I tended to wear everyday under my jeans. Never in my wildest dream had I thought we would be here in this situation and hadn’t expected to be having to take my jeans off this evening. Usually on times when there was a remote chance of being seen or having to get changed in public I would wear my ordinary boring blokey cotton briefs, but as I had come straight from work where this morning I had put on a pair of white lacey briefs, I hadn’t even thought to change them. I know she liked cagoules but had no idea what she would think to finding out I also like to present as female in my own time.

This could be a game changer, how could I have been so stupid to have not made sure I was wearing Bob Mode pants. I could have just stuffed everything up, I just hoped in the moment she wouldn’t notice.

Heidi was now gripping me tightly and moving her hand up and down the shaft making sure I was getting as hard as possible, all the time whilst kissing her other hand feeling the fabric of the back of my Kway. She sensed me tense and broke off from kissing to look at me. ‘Whats wrong ? she asked, ‘nervous or don’t you like me holding your cock? Am I being to presumptuous?’ she looked a bit worried but kept hold of me. ‘No, no far from it’ I replied ‘ I love what we ae doing, I just had a bit of a sudden realisation that you might not approve of my underwear’. I nervously laughed as I spoke. ‘Oh, is that all?’ Heidi smiled ‘ I thought I was doing something wrong. Why what are you wearing?’ she pulled the front of my over trousers and jeans forward and looked at my knickers ‘what’s wrong with those? Ok so white is a bit sweet and innocent, I would have expected red or blue at least, maybe a black pair or something…’ I laughed, ‘your ok with them?’. Heidi smiled, why wouldn’t I be? Loads of guys wear girls pants, nothing I haven’t come across before in the fashion industry! after all there are a lot of gay guys who wear them and more straight guys then them! At least you have bought ones for guys and not squeezed into a pair of girls skimpy ones! What are they Bum Chums?’. She was right, they were. I had discovered the brand a few years earlier, they are girls pants made for gay guys. I am not gay, well maybe a bit bi curious where other Trans girls are involved if convincing enough, but they fit great and mean I am not hiking them up during the day and risking exposing the lace tops.

With that out of the way and Heidi obviously not bothered by me wearing girls knickers, she went back to stroking me, although I had gone a bit soft from the worry. Not to worry, Heidi soon made sure we were back on track and was now caressing my cagoules front, playing with the draw string with her fingers and giving me some sweet smiles and kisses.

It wasn’t long before I had manoeuvred by hand down the front of her own over trousers, the fabric smooth on the back of my hand, slightly damp from her moist groin touching the fabric and the perspiration from her skin. I slipped my fingers through her short hair and felt the coated nylon rub against the back of my hand, the feeling was warm and smooth and Heidi let out some soft murmurs of pleasure as my fingers moved inside of her. In return she was now rhythmically tugging at my cock as the head rubbed against the slightly rubbery feeling fabric of her cagoule. We continued until the inevitable happened and pulling her overtrousers to one side I slipped deep inside her. Our cagoules were almost as one, swishing and sliding together in that sweet sound pu coated nylon makes when it rubs against itself or another.

The swishing noise of the fabric was getting me more and more excited and I could tell Heidi was feeling the same, gripping the fabric around the hood of my cagoule with one hand moving it between her fingers to feel the shiny lining of the cagoules coating on her skin whilst tugging the back of my cagoule down to tighten it as I pushed myself in and out of her waterproofed clad mound, the taping of the seems of her trousers feeling slightly stiffer than the fabric around it against my manhood as I withdrew before burying myself deeper and deeper.

With her sweet little moans muffled by her face buried into the shoulder of my damp cagoule she lifted her towards me with each push from my groin. Her breathing got deeper, quicker and her voice began to get high pitched as I pushed faster in and out, the elastic of the waist of her over trousers rubbing the underside of my cock making the feeling even more intense, pushing in on the base to hold me back just enough until the tingling built and built as we both reached our climax’s and we both let out a joint gasp of pleasure. I couldn’t stop twitching inside her pumping out everything my body could muster into her and with each twitch Heidi gasped, gripped my cagoule tighter around the back of my neck, the fabric biting into my skin.

She relaxed, sighed a big sigh of contentment and kissed my lips ever so sweetly with a happy almost purring noise, reach around the back of my head and pulled up my hood, before pulling her own up so we were almost in a little cave of waterproof nylon. She snuggled into me and our cagoules felt like they were melted into one. As I slipped out of her she giggled and then let out a little ‘ops!’ as my cum started to leak out of her. She gripped the groin of her waterproofs to her and giggled ‘well, I think we best head back, I think I need to clean up a little’ almost embarrassed I agreed and tucked myself back inside my own rainwear.

We walked back to the George, Toby more than ready to head back to the fire. The bar was empty as Heidi snuck a look to check the coast was clear. Letting Toby wander back to the fire to warm up and dry out, we shared a quick kiss before Heidi grabbed my hand and put a finger to her lips’ ‘shhhhhh we need to be quiet…’ and lead me towards the hotel door, gently pushed it closed with a soft click before turning me around and still holding my hand lead me towards the big staircase. We tiptoed up the steps and made our way down a long corridor to a room with a number 5 on it. She gingerly opened the heavy oak door twisting the round Bakelite handle until it cracked open and we slid inside the room.

Once inside Heidi moved to close the door and turn the thick key in the lock. Then leaning towards be she rested her head on my shoulder, pulled up my hood once again and let out a contented giggle. ‘ I think we need a shower, I am a bit cold and I think my waterproofs and a bit wet in the wrong places’, she wiggled her legs together and said ‘not that I mind the feeling of you inside the legs of my trousers, but I think we should clean up a bit before bed, do you fancy spending the night here? It’s late and I’d worry about your driving home, it’s not far I know but I’d still worry about you’.
I have to admit I was surprised to be spending the night so soon after meeting Heidi but the big double bed looked inviting and the thought of spending more time with her was exciting. She had moved into the bathroom and turned the shower on. On the bed were her work clothes judging by the way they were scattered I’d say she undressed in a hurry. A large holdall and a big bag was resting at the foot of the bed and I could see some of her clothes in the wardrobe, on the back of the door was her green Peter Storm cagoule and a fleece scalf.

‘Come on in’ Heidi quietly shouted through, I could hear she was already in the shower and I walked in to see her stood still fully clothed in her waterproofs under the shower smiling. ‘ the waters hot! Get your clothes off and jump in’ shedding my own cagoule and trousers, followed by my jeans and fleece jumper I stepped in. Heidi’s waterproofs clung tightly to her, showing every inch of her curves and by now saturated, were almost see through one the bottom half of the pink nylon bottoms, the dark navy of the top half was tightly sealed onto her breast. She giggled, opened the zip of her cagoule and let the water rush inside from the shower head. ‘Could you peel this off my please darling?’ she asked and lifted her arms up. Gripping the wet nylon I undid the waist draw cord and pealed the soaking cagoule up and over her head. She looks incredible, top half shining naked in the flow of the water, hair wet and matted against her back, she turned away and wiggled her bottom indicating she wanted me to strip the bottom half of her waterproof s off too, the elastic waist band felt thick in my fingers as I pulled if away from her skin and started to peal them downwards over her legs. I noticed she had a small tattoo on her upper right thigh of small flower, a Edelweiss. Her freshly shaved legs gave up no resistance as I tugged down the wet nylon over trousers and the poppers at the bottom came undone of their own accord. Stomping on the fabric she turned towards me and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me gently.

‘Well I didn’t expect that tonight!’ I said ‘I have only just met you really and don’t know anything about you other than your name, your folks own this hotel, you live in reading when not helping them out, your dogs called Toby, you own a shit load of cagoules, you went to fashion college and you like leading innocent guys like me astray in the woods at night!’ she laughed and teased back ‘and all I know about you is you like wearing women’s lacy panties, you have more rainwear than me, you own your own business, your friends called Ian and you are more than happy to join in with a girl you hardly know’. We laughed and I guess like me she was thinking what am I doing and also I can’t believe my luck!

We stepped out of the shower and I handed Heidi a towel, we dried each others backs and she wrapped a towel round her long blonde hair to dry. Walking into the bedroom she sat flicked the kettle on and went towards her big holdall. You know she said. If you are staying the night with me, we should make sure we are both appropriately dressed. She lifted the bag onto the bed and unzipped the top, pulled out a Navy blue over the head cagoule and threw it at me before pulling out another the same. Lets get ready for bed she said with a smile and pulled the cagoule over her head, ‘ever slept in one before?’ she enquired, ‘well, lets say it wouldn’t be the first time’ I replied pulling the cool shiny backed fabric over my own head and wriggling my arms slowly towards the cuffs so I could feel the fabric against the skin above my thumbs. I tugged it down as she did the same, jumped onto the big old fashioned bed and beckoned me in.

Snuggled down under the duvet, wrapped in each other arms and in matching cagoules, the cool nylon waterproof fabric warming between us, Heidi put her head on my shoulder and looked up into my eyes, whispered ‘ who’d of thought, if you hadn’t had taken that short cut we might never have met!’ before giving me a kiss on the cheek. Contentedly I smiled and let out a little giggle, ‘ yeah jus think, if you hadn’t have been wearing a cagoule I wouldn’t have looked twice!’ , ‘Oi!’ she said and gave me a playful shove, before once again turning her head into my shoulder to feel the smooth fabric of my cagoule against her cheek and reached over to flick off the table lamp.

Falling asleep, feeling the smooth fabric against my skin, the weight of Heidi’s head on my shoulder I still couldn’t believe my luck. How had I gotten so lucky? Thank god I took that short cut, I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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Re: the Short cut

Post by irishcagoule » May 17th, 2017, 10:37 pm

Great story
Peter Storm made the best nylon

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Re: the Short cut

Post by Sophie-Cagoule » May 18th, 2017, 6:18 am

The first day really did happen, the rest i have been waiting for lol. Never seen her again after the first day. Maybe i will,so i drive the road to work when its raining in case :)

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Re: the Short cut

Post by Winterboots » May 18th, 2017, 1:01 pm

Great story. I would have spotted the hunter wellies first and then the cagole. Great spot shame never again but that's normally the way!!

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Re: the Short cut

Post by HeatherluvsPVC » May 18th, 2017, 1:39 pm

Great story, never really been a fan of cagol's ..... until now :?
Guess what my next e-bay purchase will be, only problem now is to choose a colour :roll:

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Re: the Short cut

Post by Sophie-Cagoule » May 18th, 2017, 4:46 pm

Glad you like it.

Heather, well navy blue is a classic colour, or red if your feeling racey :)

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Re: the Short cut

Post by HarlequinKing96 » May 18th, 2017, 5:13 pm

Haha, wouldn't mind finding that girl in her Hunters and having a good stamp about with her in the puddles!
Beth xxx

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Re: the Short cut

Post by HeatherluvsPVC » May 23rd, 2017, 5:21 pm

Sophie-Cagoule wrote:
May 18th, 2017, 4:46 pm
Glad you like it.

Heather, well navy blue is a classic colour, or red if your feeling racey :)
Red sounds good or maybe yellow mmmmmm don't know just have to wait and see what comes up :roll:

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Re: the Short cut

Post by rubbermackintosh » May 23rd, 2017, 8:35 pm

I think that we all know what comes up!!!

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Re: the Short cut

Post by Sophie-Cagoule » May 25th, 2017, 4:02 am


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