My life and love at the rubber mill

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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My life and love at the rubber mill

Post by Mikmac77 » May 16th, 2017, 5:54 pm

My introduction to the working Mill and beyond!

We stepped out of the back door of the house, and across a neatly paved yard was the mill. It was a large stone 3 story building, with windows on the upper 2 floors. I asked Megan if this was an actual water mill, and still operational. Just wait for the tour to begin before asking any questions, she said with a smile. We walked towards a large open doorway on the ground floor; on entering I could see this was the dispatch area. At the moment it was deserted, but large cardboard boxes lined the loading bay ready to be sent off. We walked though this area into a large open room, which was a hive of industry with about 15 people working. This said Megan is where the different types of material are produced that is used in our garments. The air smelt of hot rubber, and I could see many types of cloth being impregnated with liquid rubber. When the sheet was covered another layer was laid on top and then both squeezed between large rotating steel rollers. The cloth in this instance was heavy cotton, fawn on one side and yellow on the other. Do you recognise it said Megan, I nodded excitedly, it’s for traditional riding Macintoshes.
We toured around this floor, and Megan explained what the different processes were for. She didn’t introduce me to any of the workforce, explaining they were all people from the village who spoke only welsh. At the end of the room, was a small door, as we approached I could hear the sound of water. Megan opened the door and we went out onto a small balcony which overlooked the millwheel itself. The small fast flowing river had been channelled to drive this huge wheel. It was explained to me that this was the source of most of the energy use in the factory. The shaft from the wheel was going into a gearbox to achieve the speed to drive a generator. Megan said enough of the technical stuff, let’s continue upstairs.
We climbed the stairs to the next floor, to find ourselves in the first of the tailoring workshops. In this room the material from downstairs was being cut and stitched together to make traditional riding Macintoshes. Megan explained that these coats were still made to the original specification of her grandfather who started the business. These garments were all beautifully made by hand, and very expensive to buy, said Megan.
We continued into a second room, here the material was shiny black rubber. As the room before, all garments were cut and stitched by hand. The difference being the design of the coats were many and various, from capes to long ankle length coats. Megan suggested that we should stop and she would explain to me how the business started, and where it was going.
She took me into a small room looking out on this workshop, where the history of the Mill was displayed on the wall. The business was started two generations ago, by Megan’s grandfather. He converted the old woollen mill into a factory for making heavy duty rubber garments for the shepherds of this area. The word soon spread and orders for mackintoshes came in from all over Wales and the English border counties. The era was the 1930’s and war had not been declared yet, the coats provided a steady income for the family. When the Second World War started, then the mill was required to make waterproof coats and gas masks for the services. The workforce was trebled and production soared to meet the wartime demand. This frantic pace continued until the end of 1945, when peace finally was declared. By this time the family were considered very wealthy by local standards. Production slowed, and the workforce returned to local people only being employed. By this time Megan’s father and mother were involved in running the business. They could see that nationwide people needed good waterproof mackintoshes, especially the riding fraternity. Production was changed into producing heavy duty rubberized cotton again, business again prospered. During the 50s, 60s and seventies, these Macs were still popular with the older generation. However, the market changed towards younger people, who wanted shiny black rubber coats, capes, and short Macs for use with a car. Megan explained in 2007, together with her brother, they researched the market and found that, fetish clothes and S & M toys would be a useful addition to the company portfolio. Today this business represents 60% of the mill’s production, and is an expanding global market.
I know this is boring stuff for your first day Nigel, said Megan, but you need to know the full picture, before making your mine up. You will not be only joining our company, but also our family, she explained. I knew already what my answer would be, and I think from the excitement she saw in my eyes she knew it too.
The mill was closing for the day now, so we walked back to the house. As we removed our overalls and hoods, Megan suggested she prepare me for the evening ahead. She led me into a room full of fetish clothing, both male and female. With the sight and smell of the racks of clothes I soon became fully erect stood before her naked and very excited, not yet; she said sternly, and stung my penis with a small whip she had picked up. The pain only aroused me more, lashed me again which had the desired effect of limpness. I think you should drink something to calm you down Nigel, she said. She went out of the room for a moment, returning with a glass of cloudy liquid. Drink this all down in one go Nigel; it will curtail your excitement until later. Within a couple of minutes whatever she had put in the glass worked Better she said I think it’s time for your bathe and shave and pulled me by the penis into the room she had just come from, a bathroom. Cleanliness is next to godliness she said, as she filled the bathtub with hot antiseptic scented soapy water.
Megan pulled on a pair of long rubber gloves, as she made me bent over a low heavy wooden chair. My bottom was pointing towards the ceiling; my head was fastened between the legs of the chair. I felt her insert a small flexible tube into my anus, after a couple of seconds a warm fluid coursed into my bladder. This seemed to go on forever as my bladder filled beyond capacity, I pleaded with her to stop as the pain was intense at this point. Leaving the tube in, she released my head and led me to a shower, once underneath she withdrew the tube. I seemed to explode with force of the fluid exiting my anus; the feeling was one of total inner cleanliness. The shower was turned on and I was cascaded with a cold deluge of water, which felt like a slap in the face.
I was now led to the bath, and thankfully climbed in, the hot water felt delightful after the shock of the cold. Megan washed every part of me with a special interest in the parts of my body with hair. Being young, this was my head, armpits and pubic hair, with little or no hair elsewhere. After being rinsed down, I got out of the tub and she handed me a towelling bathrobe which completely enveloped me. Now time to get rid of that dirty hair she said, in the corner of the bathroom was a sink and couch, this was my destination. I lay out on the couch with my head over the back, lay still I was told or you will be restrained, said Megan. A pair of electric clippers was used to remove the hair on my head and armpits, leaving slight stubble. My head again was lathered and using a safety razor she carefully shaved me as bald as an egg. The operation was repeated under my arms and with a very steady hand she shaved off my pubic hair. It felt weird, my skin was so white and I had a strong feeling of being powerless to resist... Where was I going? What was I doing with my life? All I know was I wanted it to continue down the road, it felt like coming home!

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Re: My life and love at the rubber mill

Post by hotwilly » May 17th, 2017, 8:40 pm

Nice continuation of this story
It had a similar effect on me that her nakedness had on you
Thank you
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: My life and love at the rubber mill

Post by HeatherluvsPVC » May 18th, 2017, 1:14 pm

Getting very interesting, love the thought of being totally devoid of hair.
Please continue

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