Monique (pV): Wrong colour, wrong image nonetheless (Part 2)

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Monique (pV): Wrong colour, wrong image nonetheless (Part 2)

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Dear reader,

This is Part Two of two that together make the closing chapter of what is left of the `Project Monique` , "suitable" for publication in this forum. The second adventure Monique and `me` had in which rainwear plays an important role, though not a prominent one. But still: very important.
It was my intention to tell the story in one, single post. But the number of characters within a post at this forum is limited to a smaller number than the total amount of characters of the finished story eventually will have, hence why I must break it up in two posts.
`Project Monique` had more chapters but the rainwear share in those chapters, if any, is too less in those to bring them in here.
Neither Monique, nor `me` are autobiographic or have much, if anything in common with me, save Monique's interest for long shiny vinyl raincoats, something I share with Monique.
The complete story does however contains a few little things, inspired on events that took place within my own life. I wonder if anyone who reads this story can find out what piece within the story is dealing with that `piece of my life`.

If you have read the other chapters about Monique and were disappointed about the lack of sex and instead of that the abundance of attention onto `something else`?
Then there is bad news and good news. The bad news is that there is still no sex in this chapter either, but way less focus on what was a major item within the previous chapters.
Already in the original manuscripts, Monique and `me`, though having become good friends, did not have sex thanks to anything vaguely related with her rainwear fetish. Since I only present the chapters in which rainwear played a part are told over here. I leave it up to your own imagination to decide if they ever had sex yes or no.
Or if other chapters of `Project Monique`, in which rainwear had no place whatsoever perhaps had seen some sex.
Keep in mind: Monique is a lesbian…..

Now, enjoy (????)



Wrong colour, wrong image nonetheless.... (Part Two)

Introduction (previously told in Part One)

Earlier on, I have already told what an unusual string of circumstances had caused that I build up a friendship with my colleague Monique. How I found out about her being a lesbian rainwear `fetishiste` and how far she went into that, I've told about that already. Despite the fact I did not `have anything` with that rainwear thing of her, I had other reasons to build up a friendship with her after our first close encounter.
The first month we met another more frequently because of her helping me out finding my way around in dealing with my incontinence. After that first month, we didn't met another very regularly anymore for a while and pretty much on an on-off base. But still, I think it's safe to say we spoke and saw another about at least twice a month on average. Then a few things had happened with each of us and as a result of that, my contacts with Monique intensified. We did spend more time together and our friendship became closer from then on. Romance however wasn’t part of it. With her being lesbian, I was of the wrong gender. And any attraction I felt for Monique was not based because of her looks being so good and to my liking.
I have already told we shared a lot of things and some interests with another but her passion for rainwear wasn't one of those. But I had to deal with it often enough when we got out together because ever so often she wore her long raincoats on such occasions.
One weekend however that we spend time together her affection for shiny rainwear really caused us a lot of troubles. The kind of troubles that you may have heard about and some women out here may be familiar with as well.
The two of us had gone to an exposition way up in the country and Monique had decided on wearing an extreme long white shiny raincoat. We had gone to that town with my car had seen the exposition and went back home. Barely out of town we ran into a very think fog and circumstances became so dangerous that Monique suggested we should rent a room in a motel. Once we got there we were refused a room by the desk assistant. I found out however that another couple of people arriving shortly after us could rent a room. I suspected that Monique looked too much like a sex worker on duty with me as her customer and the two of us looking to a room to do business. When I got back at the desk I pretty much got this suspicion all but confirmed. I then had asked for someone of the management to speak with to talk things out and indeed someone involved with the management had come to the desk to find out what was going on......
Part One had ended after the manager and I had introduced ourselves and he had asked me what was the matter. And that is where we pick up the story.

Wrong colour, wrong image nonetheless.... (Part Two)

Keeping myself under control and as reasonable as possible I told the manager where we came from, what we had done today and how the fog had forced us to look for a place to stay for the night instead of making such a long tour back to our home. I then explained how the desk assistant had treated us and how I found out that she had rented a room to a couple that had arrived after us. The manager told that this could have been a reservation and I told that this wasn't the case and that I knew that. When he asked me how I could know this I told him about the talks I had heard between the couple when they walked up in our direction. I then told that the desk assistant had confirmed so much that she was following instructions. I then added that I pretty much knew for certain what kind of instructions the desk assistant was following, that I realized she was doing her job but that I just wanted a chance to make her and him see that we were not what we appeared to be on first sight. And prove him that we were travellers, stranded in the fog and that I could prove that my story about what I could tell about what Monique and I had done today was indeed the truth.
The manager asked me what kind of travelling we had done and I told him where I came from and where I lived.
The man looked at me for a moment and said: "One moment please."
He went to the desk assistant and asked her on which ground she had refused the room. The woman replied with a soft voice that according what was told to her Monique complied to the dress code for suspect guests to who no rooms should be rented. The man once again looked in the direction of Monique who was still sitting in the chair, softly crying with her hands before her face.
The man raised his hand and waived me to come over to the counter. Once I arrived there he asked if I could at least show something of what I had told to be correct. So I dug up my wallet and took out my driver's licence, released in the town where I lived. I also dug up the ticket of the exposition I had seen with Monique as for approval where we had been that day and how we could end up here between that town and our home town. He looked at the items while I told him that I wanted to be honest and open with him and that Monique was not my partner or even my girl friend but that we were just good friends and nothing else. And that we had got into the situation we were in right now because of circumstances beyond our control: the fog.
The man looked at me another time and said: "I understand your situation sir. But I must point out to you that my staff is only doing what they are told to do. And I don't want to offend any of you but can you understand that someone from my staff on first sight can have the suspicion that the two of you appear possibly to be here for something else?"
"I do understand that. But I can assure you that I know from person she is not what she appears to be on first sight right now at a place like this. And neither am I someone who could be with her because of she being what she appears to be on first sight for that matter."
The man smiled a bit and I continued: "But I regret that we didn't get the opportunity to explain the situation as it was and that your staff member did not want to come to our aid with giving us a second chance."
"Well, she did what she is told to do. You would be surprised to know how often it happens when we give people the benefit of the doubt and rent them a room how much work we have to clean everything up and make it look decent again the next day."
"I can understand that."
"OK. Anyway sir, I believe your story, I see what I can do for you."
He turned his attention to the desk assistant again and asked her: "Do we still have rooms left?" and the assistant confirmed such.
He then looked at me another time and said: "You told me that you and the miss don't belong to another? Do you need two rooms or will one room do?"
I was about to say that we needed two but then it occurred to me that maybe Monique would want to have some company after all. So I answered: "I don't know, I don't know what my friend wants right now given what happened."
He looked at me and said: "Well, then let's talk with the miss first."
We walked to Monique who was still sitting in the chair. She had stopped crying but it was clear to see she that she could start cry again within an instant.
The man approached Monique carefully and introduced himself. He then told Monique that he wanted to apologize for the current situation. Monique answered outrageously that she felt it to be very unfair to be judged a whore just on first sight because of her clothing. The manager apologized for the entire affair and tried to explain that it was a matter of her having everything against her. Monique appeared to become ever more angry but I tried to calm her down and the manager explained to her that the people of the motel having had their experiences. Anyway, it took us some time before Monique became more at ease with the situation and then the manager asked her if she still wanted to stay the night over here if possible. Before she could answer I quickly told Monique to remain calm and that I was willing to stay here if possible. Still somewhat angry, Monique answered that if possible, despite she felt insulted, that given the circumstances she also preferred to stay for the night. The manager again apologized and asked Monique not to blame his staff for following the rules and their instincts because there had been enough cases of people having been given the benefits of the doubt but making a mess of the rooms. And how by now he was convinced that we were travellers stranded due to the fog and that there was no reason to refuse us a room. He then explained that I had told already that we were no partners and if we wanted separate rooms or a double room.
Monique looked at me and asked: "What do you want?"
"I don't mind, I'm glad with whatever bed I can sleep in tonight. I'll leave it up to you but there is one thought I can bring up to keep in mind."
Monique looked to me with an expression of being surprised when she replied: "Being?"
"If we take a double room then at least we offer someone else to be able to get a room later this evening. I won't be surprised if more people still out on the road will do the same as we do."
I had barely said these words when I saw a man walking in, heading for the info desk. I had a feeling what he came for.
Monique looked at me another time and said: "Are you sure you won't mind my presence tonight?"
"I was more thinking about you. If you prefer to be alone I'm OK with that as well. But given the situation, I'll let you decide."
Monique gave me one of those lovely smiles she could give and in a friendly voice she said: "That is sweet, but I wonder if you may have more difficulties with sharing a room with me then I have with you, even in the given circumstances."
I felt I started to blush because I knew deep within my heart that Monique could be right.
"Well, what do you want?" the manager asked.
I looked onto Monique another time.
"For the sake of at least one other highway traveller, shall we take a double then?" I asked carefully.
"If that is OK with you, well let's do that."
"OK, please follow me" I heard the manager say.
Monique and I followed the man to the counter again. She was dealing with the man who I had seen entering the building, as I expected, he was renting a room.
The manager asked the woman behind the desk if there were double rooms left and the woman answered there were some left. He then informed if these were two single beds or one double bed. It turned out that all rooms left were double beds. The man asked us if that was a problem for us. Before I could say something Monique answered that she felt that any bed was good right now. I felt the same, though maybe with less confidence than Monique.
When the customer in front of us was filling in some paper work the manager told the woman behind the desk that she could rent one of the left double rooms to us and that all was OK. I heard a sigh from Monique. The manager then turned to me another time and asked if there was anything we might need right now.
Monique looked at me and then she asked: "Is there a mall or a shopping center in the neighbourhood that is still open by now?"
The manager named a town in the neighbourhood but he told us that he was not sure if there were still shops open at this time of the day. He then asked if Monique was needing something in particular. Monique hesitated but then she said that she was thinking about some materials for the night. The manager said that the rooms offered several aids and otherwise that there was a little shop within the lobby that also offered some goodies. Monique thanked him. The manager once again asked if there was anything we needed and he could do for us. I could not think about anything I dared to ask. I did not want to ask for anything that could give away that both Monique and I were incontinent and in need for some materials and I was hoping Monique would do the same. I was sure that she was also thinking about how to get additional material to get us through the night. And I simply was not sure on what we had to do for all that.
I was thinking about that the desk assistant had wanted to refuse us based on the fact that she rated us as a whore and her customer but maybe the truth was that because of our incontinence we may cause an even larger mess, even if it wasn’t our intention or were in a position to prevent a mess occurring.
The manager told us he had to get back to work again and we said goodbye to him with a handshake. Once again he apologized for what happened and asked us not to hold it against his staff for following the rules in which they were asked to follow their instincts. I answered that I fully understood why and what had happened but that I surely regretted that the rules were obviously that strict that there was no room for the staff to use some initiative in case of doubts it things were indeed what they looked at first sight.
We then waited until the man at the desk was finished and headed off. The desk assistant then helped us but it was obvious that she was doing so on request of her manager and that she was angry at us for whatever reason. She did say little more than absolutely necessary but checking us in and so on, she did it quickly and without any comments. Monique was also still very angry at the woman and she didn't say anything unless asked.
When all paperwork was done and we got our key card I thanked her for her assistance.
"You're welcome" she replied flatly.
Monique's voice was full of sarcasm when she spoke the word.
Before it could get into an argument I quickly said to Monique: "Please Monique, she only did her work, the manager explained that didn't he?"
"You have your room by now miss, isn't that enough approval that by now you are indeed welcome after all?" the desk assistant asked with a voice loaded with sarcasm as well.
Monique sighed and said: "Yes, but you could have made it less hard on me if after all the questioning you did first then had called for the manager yourself. Do you have any idea how it feels when someone rates you being a whore and acts accordingly? And that of first sight only and not having spoken one word yet?"
The desk assistant didn't answer on that and it remained silent for a while. I then said: "Well I am sorry if you're gonna have problems with the management because of this. That was certainly not our intention."
"Have a good night sir, miss." the woman replied.
By then I knew it was time to go. So I said: "Thanks and the same to you. I would not be surprised if you're gonna have a busy evening from now on. Once you're off duty, have a safe trip home and be careful. We want to stay here for the night for good reasons."
"I do believe you" she replied very undercooled.
I turned to Monique and said "Well, let's sort out the room first, OK?"
"Fine" she answered with a gruff voice.
We went out of the lobby and I wandered what would happen from now on and how Monique would deal with the fact that she had been rated as a whore. But for the time being she held back herself in that.
The silence almost got me and I asked: "Did you really wanted us to go to a nearby mall for some shopping?"
"Only if one had been here nearby. Though I have to admit it would have been shaking in the car another time for me."
"Same for me" I admitted.
"Well, we see what we can do and what we'll find over here." Monique said with a voice that expressed some confidence but it also appeared to me that for her the subject was closed at the same time. So we walked on in silence tot the wing where our room was located. But something told me that there would follow one or two things this evening that I wasn't sure of to have to deal with it. But then, remembering what would be the alternative, being on the road again, I changed my mind. Whatever could follow this evening could not be as dangerous as driving a car in the conditions we came out.

We had no difficulties in finding our room. Once we got in we had a quick look but on first sight, it all looked very clean and neat. Monique put down her bag on the bed and then took of her coat. Meanwhile she asked: “You had a feeling about all this?”
I wasn’t sure I understood her so I asked: “Exactly what are you referring to? So much happened today.”
“About having to stay for the night in a motel.”
I smiled and gave a quick laugh before I answered: “Believe me, had I anticipated this to happen I would have suggested both of us to bring a few things with us we’re missing right now and will cause some problems.”
“If you were thinking about diapers and so on, don’t worry too much, we'll work out something for that and I have some ideas for that” Monique replied with a confident voice. After a brief pause she continued: "I've been in more situations like this, having to stay the night at an unexpected place."
I had no clue what she had meant with her comment about me having a feeling about, yes about what? But I wondered if I should pursue the matter yes or no. But my curiosity took over gradually.
“In that case, why do you suggest I anticipated anything like this?” I asked eventually.
“Because of your comments on the manner how I was dressed earlier this morning” replied Monique with a cool voice.
I concluded that she had been hinting on the fact if I had anticipated something like what we eventually had to deal with at the registration desk.
I sighed and after a while I answered: “No I didn’t expect us having to stay for the night at a motel or whatever place for that matter.”
“So your comments about my clothing was based on other reasons.”
Again I sighed and answered: “Monique, please can we leave that behind us? I have told you already what I had to think about with regards to your coat this morning. But I also made it clear that I brought it under your attention but that it was entirely up to yourself to do anything with that yes or no and that it was your own choice what you wanted to wear or not. And I still stand behind that opinion."
"Yes, really."
A silence fell and I remembered how when driving in the car early that morning I had that feeling that this white coat of Monique would eventually cause us some kind of problems. Well, by now I could say that this feeling had been justified after all.
I sighed another time and continued. "Allright. If you insist on knowing everything. What I have told you is the truth and nothing else. But I will admit this. Shortly after we had left I had an uncertain feeling for a while that your coat would cause some kind of problems somehow today for at least you and maybe both of us. I don’t know why but somehow I simply felt as if there was something like what we had with that desk assistant coming up. But when I had that feeling this morning I had not the slightest idea for what, why or when or who, whatever. It was something of a feeling but I had no reasons or whatever to go by why it should happen. But it was just a feeling and because I couldn't explain it or pinpoint out what that trouble could be I did not speak about it. The more while I had the feeling you were already so touchy because of what I had said about your coat before we left. Looking back on it, I should not have said anything about it. It was your choice and it is your decision to wear what you want.”
Monique looked at me and with a firm voice she said: “So you think I’m looking like a whore too.”
"What?" I said in utter disbelief.
A long silence fell. I was about to become very angry on Monique and how she reacted all of a sudden and this only because of a coat. But before I could burst out in anger I dawned onto me that perhaps she felt very offended and angry because of being seen as a whore by someone and that her anger wasn't directed at me personally but at the person with her right now. It instantly took away my own anger. Besides that, we were supposed to stay her for the night and if that wasn't as challenging enough as at was without an argument, imagine what it would be if we did have a major disagreement. I was not willing to let it come that far.
I swallows some saliva which had built up within my mouth and then said: "I didn't and don't think you look like a whore. If I had thought so and anticipated any problems because of the way you were dressed and looked, then I certainly would have asked you to consider to wear other cloths."
"Which you did, remember?"
I looked up in surprise.
"Did I?"
"What other intention could you have had for all your comments on my coat?" Monique asked with something of bitterness within her voice.
I couldn't believe my ears. This was the first time that Monique was so outspoken against me. And the bad thing about it was that it wasn't justified in my opinion.
To express my amazement I said: "Sorry?"
"What sorry?"
"Monique, I never asked you to change from coat, that is not true."
"Then why all those questions and hesitations about my coat?"
I was at the point of loosing my self control yet again but realized in time that it would bring us nothing. But at the same time I wondered what caused her to be so touchy about me having expressed my thoughts about the practical aspects of her coat. I never had seen her like this yet.
"Monique, you are not fair to me this time. I never asked you to wear something else than this coat."
"But you did keep bringing up all kind of negative comments about it if I wore it."
"That is indeed true and I already explained what I was thinking about when we were still at your place. I had my reservations about wearing such an extremely long coat like this. But that had nothing to do with colour or whatever. But all I did was bring it under your attention because I am not gonna tell you what to wear. I have always left that up to yourself."
I took another breath and continued: "Be honest, Monique, I never asked you to change your coat. I admit that it would not have been my first choice had I been in your place but I have not done anything more that trying to make it clear to you why I should have worn something else. But it was your choice and I have not made a problem of it once you made it clear you preferred this one."
A long silence followed. I could see Monique was thinking about what I had said. But eventually she answered: "OK, you are right, you did not asked for it in direct words. But you still wanted me to wear another coat than this one."
"That is not true. I didn't want you to. I only suggested that there were some reasons why, had I been in your position, I would have taken another coat. But I never asked you to change for another coat. And whatever the reasons were that I felt that another coat was more appropriate, it was not because of I was thinking you looked like a whore. But you decided on this being good enough and what you wanted to wear. And since I had no other arguments left to make you change your mind anymore I accepted that and didn't tried to talk you into another coat anymore. If all I could bring up against it was not enough reason for you to change your mind and you still want to wear this coat then it is OK with me and then I'll stop discussing it any longer. That's what happened this morning and nothing else."
I sighed and looked Monique in the face. There was nothing said between us for a while. But after a few seconds of silence I continued: “I haven’t said that you are a whore and I know you are not a whore so I know you’re not looking like one. And I don't think you look like one.”
Remembering how for such a long time I had the feeling that Monique acted somewhat sluttish with all that leather clothing of her, I did not dare to say that I never ever had thought her to be a whore. But what to say then and what to say right now?
Again I sighed, thinking about what to say now. But then the words came to me. And they were the truth thus I could speak them out safely.
“Monique, I’ve worked in a motel like this myself in the past and I know what happened in the rooms over there and when couples came by and urgently needed a room was often for certain reasons. The two of us simply filled the bill perfectly to be seen like an escort on assignment with her customer.”
I took a deep breath and continued: “Look at us. With your figure and how you present yourself right now and then there’s little me. I won’t be surprised at all if there were people looking at us with the thought of the big woman finding her toy boy or the little man finding a mother-ish type. We’ve talked about this before and you know that I don’t think you are a whore or anything like that because I see you wearing leather and vinyl. But you know as well as I do that others can think like that if we present ourselves in certain circumstances. And if there ever has been a moment that I can think about when we were together and you wore a leather skirts and a long vinyl coat and the two of us could be seen as an escort girl with her customer, well it is right now when we get into a motel to look for a place to stay for the night. It's not how I look on us but I know others might do so."
While I said all of this, Monique had taken off her coat but she hold it while listening to me and looking me straight in the face. Once I was finished she turned around to the wardrobe, took a cloth hanger of the rack and put her coat onto it and hung it back onto the rack. Then she turned around into my direction and looked at me with an almost intimidating expression on her face.
"Do you think yourself to be my toy boy or something like that?" she said softly.

What followed then was a lot of talking. I did my very best to explain to Monique that I knew about the opinions people had about vinyl clothing and that she had learned me by now that a preference for vinyl coats did not make a woman a slut or a whore at work. And how I never had made any advances to her in the hope for any sex, and that this was not only because of her being lesbian but because we had made agreements on that in the past. And how I was OK with those agreements and how I appreciated all she had done for me to learn me to deal with my incontinence by sharing her experience and knowledge on the subject. And that in the past months that we had seen another for all kind of other appointments that I had enjoyed my time with her and enjoyed her company and her friendship.
Monique then asked me all kind of things about what I thought about her but I asked her to not go into details of that because I saw her as a friend to who I was very grateful for being there for me on a day in a period of time that I really needed a unselfish friend who had been there for me in a manner I could not have expected of her. And that whatever hesitations I might have had initially before I got to know her better, I had put them aside because either understood her better by now or it was none of my business and I had to leave it all to herself.
It became a talk that lasted about an hour or thereabout but when we closed it off, I had the feeling that she understood where I stood and how I thought about her. I also asked her very carefully if she had never been in a position like this before when she wore her long black coat and people giving all kind of indications that she was thought to be a sex worker. She answered me that she had the suspicion that such had happened in the past a few times but that no-one ever had denied her anything or made any comment or had done something to support the thought they might have had about her. This was actually the first ever time that somehow, someone made it clear what she suspected without saying a thing but with doing something. I kept it for myself but I thought within myself that she had been lucky.
She did apologize for her touchy behaviour and admitted that she had overreacted early on this morning as well as once we arrived in the room. I asked her if she perhaps felt more uncomfortable by the thought of having to share a room with me. She told me that this was not the case and that she was confident within my company. Besides that, she added with a smile, should I make troubles of some kind after all she was sure that she was more than strong enough to hurt me more then I could hurt her. Smiling she added to that that though I did wear a diaper for some protection she still knew enough manners to let me feel a lot of pain in that area of my body to regret any uncalled for actions. It was the first ever time she had make any such comments to me and I knew she was serious with them.
I couldn't help smiling a bit and in a friendly tone Monique then told me that she wasn't afraid of me doing anything uncalled for and that she trusted me a lot more than she indicated she did. But the willingness to share a room and a bed with me was something I could see as an approval as of how secure she felt in my company.
By then it truly got time to direct our attention to our common problem. Monique told me that she had hoped that there would have been a mall nearby we could have gone to in order to buy towels we could use the upcoming night and morning and how she had been on the edge of asking the manager for additional towels we could buy. But like me, she had thought the better of it in order to avoid problems of being denied the room after all once he found out that we were incontinent. I agreed with her. We made up a quick plan to prepare for the night. I had a look at the shop in the lobby of the motel and to my luck I found three towels of which I bought two. I also saw a fairly cheap T-shirt hanging which I also took with me. I also bought a magazine so I had something to read before going to sleep this evening. I had to pay to the same woman behind the service desk another time and she was looking to me with a very suspicious look. I told her that I knew what she was thinking about but that I there was another reason why I needed the towels. The woman answered me that it was none of her business. She still acted very cool and I wondered if she felt embarrassed towards us or was angry with us because of having forced her to deal with her manager.
Apart from the shop I also went to the restroom another time to check out the kind of system used for how to dry your hands after washing them. I was lucky, apart from an air dryer there were disposable paper towels too and I took a fair amount out of the holder.
When I got out of the restroom I saw Monique in the shop, standing in front of the cabinet where I had found the towels. I walked up to her and said softly that I had bought two already. She told me that she wanted to buy the last one but I told her that I had got some suspicious thoughts already for buying two. I also told her about how I had found some paper towels. After I had told her so Monique looked at me with a lovely smile and told me I was a quick learner in improvising. She told me that she was going to buy the towel nonetheless and had the perfect excuse for it: that large body of her which she needed to dry after a shower.
I didn't follow her to the desk but went to the room on my own.
Monique arrived some five minutes after me. By then we devoted our attention on making sure how we would get through the night without one or both of us wetting the bed. I felt very tired all of a sudden and eventually I asked Monique if she didn't mind if I went to bed already but that it was fine with me if she watched some TV or do whatever she wanted to do.
That is what eventually did happen but it was not very straightforward. But eventually Monique helped me out with how to use one of the towels I had bought for emergency diaper. It turned out that she had brought along a brand new plastic pant for me as a gift because of having gone to the exposition with her, thus providing the `ride`. She had wanted to give it to me once I had brought her home but by now she felt I might be in need of it. It was of a kind that was suitable for the night so I instantly used it.
Once I laid in the bed, it didn't take very long before Monique decided to go to bed as well after all. She had first watched some TV. I couldn’t sleep yet, despite being tired but laying in bed did feel quite well though I wished I was a little warmer.
Once Monique had joined me in bed we talked briefly about the unusual situation we were in right now but Monique made it clear to me that she felt OK and secure within my company. She then thanked me for everything I had done this day to try to make it an enjoyable day and how I had managed to get us in the motel after all.
To my utter surprise, she then asked me if it was OK with me if she came laying with me for a while. Before I could say anything, surprised as I was, she told me that after all what happened this evening she longed to a pair of arms around her to hold her for a while and these arms had to be of someone she trusted and felt secure with. And that right at this moment I fitted the bill perfectly.
I could tell a lot about what happened then before it actually happened. But let me make the long story short and let's leave it with the comment that I allowed her to lay within my arms and that I hold her for a while, caressing her over the back and head. But this did not happen instantly and without a little discussion before. It was not that I didn't want to do this but Monique had to make a few things clear to me about how the two of us could deal with another in circumstances like this. Once I told her that I understood her I began to caress her a bit.
Monique finally told a bit about how she had felt to be rated as a sex worker on duty and how painful that had been for her. She remained with me for something like half an hour or thereabout before returning to her half of the bed. But not after thanking me thoroughly for my support to her and a warm, tender kiss on my lips. Which was another first.
After that kiss I tried to get to sleep but sleep didn't come. Though I had put on the T-shirt I had bought in the shop, I still felt cold without a pyjama and eventually I made a slight shivering.
"Is something wrong?" I heard Monique ask softly.
We had a very quick discussion about not being asleep yet but Monique once again convinced me that she was not still awake because of fear related with the fact that I was laying next to her. I then told what was my problem. Monique got out of bed instantly and said that she would look for another blanket. I told her I had taken a look already and hadn't found one. Which was indeed true, I had looked for an extra blanket before I went to bed.
I didn't look at Monique, not wanting to look onto her sparsely dressed body. Unlike me, she didn't wear upper clothing and nothing else but her plastic pant filled up with a towel and additional paper towels too.
After a while I heard her say: "I have a solution for you."
I heard her walking through the room and then I heard she was doing something with her coat. Then she walked into my direction and I felt how she laid something onto my part of the bed, covering me, it was her coat. I could feel the added weight onto me.
"That will help you a bit I think."
"Isn't it better to keep your coat hanging?"
"No problem, spreading it out wide is no problem. And when it gets too warm for you, just put it aside on the ground. No problem, it can take that.”
"Are you sure you want to have that done with your coat?"
"Don't worry, just let it drop on the ground if it gets too warm for you."
I heard how Monique walked around the bed and noticed she went under the blankets again.
Despite I felt I got a little warmer it still took some time before I finally fell asleep. The noise Monique her coat made when I moved was something to get used to, in addition to the noise of our plastic pants.

The following morning I awoke when I picked up some noises and other approval that Monique was awake by now. So I also made some noises and movements to indicate that I was no longer sleeping. After wishing another a good morning Monique switched on her bed light and asked how I had slept. I answered that it had been good enough given the fact I had been so tired yesterday evening. She told me that she had had a very good night of sleep.
She noticed that I was still laying under her coat and made a comment on that if I had been warm enough the past night, something I confirmed. She then got out of bed and said that she would dry the coat.
"Dry the coat? What do you mean with that?"
Monique didn't answer initially because she was in the bathroom but I heard her entering the room again and then she said: "No idea why?"
I kept my eyes closed but I felt how Monique took the coat off from me and while I kept listening it appeared to me that she had spread out the coat on her half of the bed.
"Have a look, then you'll understand" Monique said.
I hesitated. After a short pause I hear Monique say: "No, I am not decently clothed right now but you have seen me topless before and you've seen much more of me as well. So there is no reason to try to hide something I don't want to be seen on any condition anymore. You’ve seen it all already and even more than what I am showing off right now. Nothing new."
Another little pause before she said: "Don't worry, you won't see something dirty or so but I'll show you something about yourself you probably were never aware off."
Slowly I turned around in the bed, but opened my eyes once I knew I was looking to the part of the bed where Monique had slept. I saw her coat, shiny as I remembered it.
"Touch the coat, you'll be surprised" I heard Monique say.
From the corner of my right eye I could see the lower part of her body. I laid my right hand on the surface of the coat and was instantly surprised, the surface felt cold but also wet.
In surprise I looked up to Monique, first got an initial shock because of seeing her topless looking at me and then, when I had found back my concentration I asked: "It's wet? how can that happen?"
"Easy. Have you never heard about how much fluid the human body looses during the night? Most of this goes down through the mattress but there is also some loss of perspiration fluid through the blankets. I've found that out long time ago already. So when I put my coat onto you as a blanket I had the inner side up, to make sure it remained dry. To be honest I had expected it would be warm enough for you to take it of but somehow that seemed not to have happened. So the coat caught a lot of your perspiration fluid. And you would be surprised how much that can be. "
"I see" I said slowly.
After this lesson about my own body functionality it became time to prepare for going home. Showering and all of that took some time, needless to say we also had to improvise with our protection against the incontinence another time. But after some time we were ready to go out. We decided on going to the restaurant for breakfast first and maybe run into some things like plastic bags to discard some of the things we did not want to leave behind in the room.
Walking through the hall of the Motel we could see that it was still quite foggy outside. I was hoping that things would improve in the time we had before we were to leave.
Again Monique had put on her coat and while we walked through the building I tried to ignore some of the looks we got from other people we ran into. I wondered why I did felt awkward about it this time while yesterday I had not such thoughts and feelings when we had that dinner. As soon as I asked myself the question I knew the answer. The distance from entry to table had been much shorter and once at the table Monique had instantly taken off her coat and put it very much out of sight on a chair next to her. This time she took it off once we had made our selection of food from the buffet tables.
But while we were taking some food from the buffet table I noticed people in the room looking to us. My attempts to keep a low profile by trying to be on my own and stay out of her neighbourhood failed entirely when she came up to me and kept me company while we walked along the table and made our choices. There simply was no avoiding to be looked at like I was.
I promised myself, I would not allow myself to end up another time in circumstances like this.

Breakfast itself was good and the room was filled with lots of people. Another time for me to feel looked upon as something special. I knew that it was Monique who drew the attention but I didn't feel comfortable with being the one in her company. Being with her in a restaurant was one thing, but in a restaurant of a motel early in the morning? I knew what kind of thoughts people had about us. Because there was something else I saw as well. Sitting in her chair with that blouse of her and her figure, Monique was showing off herself in one of the nicest manners possible for her, though also looking very, very sexy. Something I knew from many experiences with her. Sitting behind a table, with her figure but also her nice face and haircut, Monique was a lovely sight to behold for many a men.
After we had breakfast we went back to the room and cleaned it up. Then we undertook the last preparations for the trip back home before picked up our belongings and went to the lobby to check out. Before I could prevent it Monique took over the lead and insisted on paying the bill. I protested but she made it clear to me that since she had insisted first on staying here for the night then she wanted to pay for the room. Only after I told her that I had been just as happy to have found a place to stay for the night and get out of the fog, as well as reminding her about the fact she had treated me on a nice dinner yesterday evening Monique finally gave in and agreed on splitting the bill.
Out of curiosity I asked to the desk assistant, another woman than the one we had yesterday evening, if it had been busy yesterday evening. The woman told me that the motel was full and that she understood that a number of potential customers had to be disappointed later in the evening. A number of people had checked in due to the sudden fog weather. I asked if anything had happened in the area because of the fog and the woman told that there had been a few accidents on the highway but also on the secondary roads and that there had been fatalities in two of these accidents.
I looked to Monique and told her that we had been lucky. The woman behind the desk acknowledged that. I mentioned that I had seen it was still very foggy and asked if she knew anything more about the current conditions. She answered that in the direct area of the motel it was still foggy but in the direction we had to go things cleared up and the fog was nowhere near as thick. I sighed with relief.
When the desk assistant made up the bill she asked if all had been according our liking. Monique answered that everything had been fine. She used her credit card to pay for the room. She then asked me for a moment to have another look at the shop. I joined her in doing so. After some minutes of looking around we then went back to our motel room. We packed up our belongings, had a quick decision about a few matters but then decided on taking everything with us and discard all garbage at home in order to leave as little traces as possible for the cleaning staff. We decided on me bringing everything to the car while Monique would drop off the key at the desk and then meet me at the car.
Once I had arrived at the car I put everything in the trunk and took the seat, waiting for Monique to show up. Which, once it happened was a spooky experience.
I had parked the car at a distance from the building and the fog was still so thick that you could barely see anything ore of the motel than a vague shadow with some light spots within the shadow. I took some time before within the fog ahead of me, I could vaguely see a white figure, more bright white than the fog surrounding it coming up to me. It appeared as if the white ghostly figure was wrestling itself free from that surrounding white fog.
I shivered, concentrated myself and told myself that what I had seen was very normal in the circumstances and nothing strange or scary. It was just a matter of circumstances.
A little later Monique opened the door of the car and sat down in the chair.
"All set. let's go" she said happily.
I didn't react instantly and after a few seconds she put a hand on my arm and asked me: "Hey, what's wrong with you?"
I got myself together again and answered: "It's okay, I'm OK, don't worry. It was only that how you appeared out of the mist. Can you imagine how strange a sight it is to something white making itself loose out of all that fog and heading into your direction?"
Monique looked at me with an expression of being puzzled and after a few seconds she said: "Well, in case it is of comfort to you to know, you look as if you've seen a ghost or so but don't worry. It was me. Long, big sturdy built and anything but a near transparent Monique."
"I know" I said and then added: "But believe me, it was a very unusual sight to see."
After a short pause Monique answered: "I can image that."
More serious of tone she asked: "But are you sure you are OK?"
"Yes I'm fine. Let's go."
I started up the car and we went on our way.

Our trip home was rather uncomplicated, little to no problems whatsoever. Initially it was taking things very easy in the short spell we still were in the thick fog but very rapidly the fog lessened and after a few minutes driving the conditions were of little to no problem anymore and I could increase the speeds.
But while the fog had still been dense, we remained silent while I concentrated on the driving, once conditions were good enough we didn't say much against another. I suppose because of each of us had his thoughts about some of the events this weekend. I certainly had them.
I brought Monique home and she invited me in to have at least a cup of coffee, an invitation I accepted. But I didn't stay for much longer after that. But when I finally left, Monique thanked me extensively and said good-bye in a most heartfelt manner, hugging and kissing me in a for me most confusing manner. I had no idea if this was inspired by the chain of events of this weekend and would be for only a single time, or if something had changed between us.

Well, it turned out that something indeed had changed between us.
My first action based on lessons learned this weekend was that I made sure that within my car I stored an emergency package of some diapers and extra plastic pants so I always could fall back on something if things went different then expected when away from home.
It was obvious ever since that weekend that Monique had upgraded me on her list of friends even further than had happened in the recent months preceding this trip to that exposition. Almost literally within days after this trip and all our experiences, she opened up even more and as a result of that, the two of us got even closer. I got to learn Monique even better and over time she confessed a number of things about her past and there were some things that were truly shocking to hear. If it wasn't clear for me already, I discovered that in the past she had done some things she dearly regretted because it had brought her in a lot of troubles. The lovely, warm hearted person I had come to learn over the past months had paid big time in the past and learned many lessons the hard way. For a few of her secrets she revealed to me I really had to keep in mind that it had happened in the past when she was so much younger and not fully aware of what the consequences of her deeds were or could be. I also had to remind myself that none of the events of then had any results or direct effects for or on me. That it didn't truly make any difference for me if I knew about it or not for how to get along with her. Not that it had to do with criminal acts but Monique had done things in her life of which I wondered how she ever could have let that happen.
It was in some way, a reversal of how our friendship had started. That very first day and the direct aftermath it was me who had the weak period in which some of my weaknesses were exposed and Monique rising to the occasion to get my act together. But after this weekend in the motel it more and more became the other way around with Monique running into hard times. Not only because of that I felt I owed it to her to do something back for her, I did my best of be there for her. And fortunately also that worked well between us.
Monique confessed on one occasion that in a number of things in live I had by now become one of her best friends and most trusted persons. And had I been a women then she could have fallen in love with me. And, despite all that I learned about her past by now, there were indeed a few times that I regretted that it was impossible for me to start up more with her. Not because I fell for her because of her `physical appearance`. She was not my type of woman in lookingBesides that, there were still the occasional moments that her massive proportions had such an intimidating effect on me, something I just couldn't help. And that she still was involved with things I had no interest in and was unwilling to share with her. . But the more I learned about her personality and how we got along, the more I liked and appreciated about her. And I realized more than once that had Monique not been a lesbian, despite the fact she was in a number of things not my first choice, she offered me a lot that could make her a good choice if it had only been possible. But for sure that Monique turned out to be a fantastic friend for me and somehow I turned out to be a worthy friend for her.
But I did not try to start up something with her, not wanting to lose what I had and what worked perfect for both of us. In all honesty, I will confess however that, eventually we did went very far in our friendship and we did things that even to this day surprise me that it ever came so far. But somehow it happened and it felt OK for both of us.
A major change in our friendship came some five years after it had started. By that time I had given all hope that my incontinence would disappear. In fact, I had lost all that hope a long time ago, already before I had this trip with Monique to that exposition. But then, some 5 years after it had started, a little miracle did happen. Slowly and gradually I regained some control about my bladder and urinary system. Up to an extend that during the daytime and in the neighbourhood of a restroom nearby I dared to reduce on the size of my incontinence material. I did not dare to take any chances during the nights however. But given how it had been since the start of my incontinence, I was already happy with at least some control regained during the time of the day when it was the most convenient. The improvements with my incontinence had no effect for my friendship with Monique. In fact, she was very happy for me that things had improved at least as much as it had.
As for her expressing her rainwear passion in my presence after that weekend....

Monique appeared to have learned a lesson or two and instead of wearing one of her vinyl coats on just about every outing we had, she started to wear a short leather jacket occasionally instead. It would be too much for her to give up on wearing her beloved long raincoats. But at least within my company at certain occasions, she did so less frequent. But like she had done before that weekend, it were primarily the red and black one, I rarely got to see the white one anymore, either hanging in her wardrobe, let alone that she wore it.
The leather and leather-like skirts, well, they were worn for good reasons so I had to remain familiar with those. As for wearing all her heavy duty rain wear, I have no idea how often she kept doing that, but I can confirm that I was a witness of that on several occasions since we still kept making all kind of appointments for photo safari's or walks along the beach and the natural environment near her place. On a number of those occasions I dressed up myself within rain gear as well since circumstances required such. In fact, on one occasion she confirmed me that I was her only occasional company on such a `heavy duty rain wear trip`. Our colleague Simone had been company for Monique on outings in long raincoats which she had used to show off her German vintage rubber coats. But after the break-up with Simone in the weeks before we had our exposition and motel adventure Monique had also quit those trips. Both Monique and I occasionally had to deal with Simone at work due to our incontinence.
As for my promise that I would not allow myself to end up another time in circumstances like what happened in that motel because of Monique wearing one of her long rain coats at what eventually appeared to be unsuitable times, make up your own thoughts if I had any success with that....

To some extend it was a truly bizarre friendship I had with her, certainly after that trip to the exposition and the night we had thereafter. But it served both of us well so I despite the unusual circumstances and the occasional complications as a result of our being such entirely different persons, I had enough reasons to continuing it and let it evolve as it did.
Yes, so much to tell about when dealing with Monique. But since just about everything left to tell involves no rainwear anymore, this is what it's gonna be for me over here. Maybe if there is something I remember that might be worth telling over here, I might return. But given what I can remember right now about events I had with Monique which one way or another did involve rainwear, don't count on that to happen.

And so....
Thanks for your attention and I hope that at least some of you have somehow enjoyed some of my memories about Monique I shared with all of you over here...

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