My bestfriend Oliver and me (Part 2)

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My bestfriend Oliver and me (Part 2)

Post by RainwearMax » April 20th, 2017, 11:54 am

Part 2 of the story about my new best friend Oliver, if you haven't read part 1 I would strongly advice you to do so.

About 1 year was gone now since Oliver and me told each other about our passion, and we have spent endless ours in rainwear, no matter if at home, at school or in the extensive forrest behind our houses - we just couldn't take our fingers off each other, although we were hetero.

It was about April and Oliver and me were in 11th grade and we wore rubber boots now on daily basis, no matter where we went and no matter what weather we had, on those rainy days we obviously wore our gear, even indoors in our house.
So on a usual family dinner I would sit in my beloved, yellow, rubbery appearing, PU rain bibs and my knee high shiny navy blue rubber boots - wearing nothing underneath.
Our parents were used to us wearing our gear each individually since we where very young and our parents obviously knew that we really loved rain wear in a special way, and they absolutely didn't mind it.
Same with our school mates, since we lived in such a small village there were just a few people at our school and those who were on our school didn't care or some wore rubber boots themselves, just because of practical uses. (Our village was pretty far away from other civilization so there were no fashion trends or something like that.)

This April we were about to go on a one week school trip to a youth hostel in an area about 4 hours away in Austria and Oliver and me were extremely excited for this trip because we knew how much fun we would have.
So the day of the start of the trip was there, I looked out of the window in the morning and was the happiest person on earth - it was pouring!
So I took my favorite gear and took my, the night before packed, suitcase with all my stuff and some more gear.
I decided to again where my favorite yellow, rubbery appealing PU rainbibs with
my knee high glossy, navy blue, rain boots and on top I wore a navy blue coat made out of the same PU material as my rainbibs. I went outside to meet Oliver next door so we could walk to the bus together in our gear. I got a huge boner in my pants the second I saw Oliver - he also wore navy blue and yellow, rubbery looking, PU, rainwear. He wore a yellow hooded coat, navy blue rainbibs and yellow, knee high shiny yellow rubber boots - so basically the same outfit just the colors were switched.
We greeted each other with a long passionate kiss while intensely hugging each other in the pouring rain, and we realized we both wore nothing underneath our rainwear. Then we walked arm in arm to the bus and he whispered me he has something special for us once we arrive and I was extremely excited, knowing he has bought some new gear.
We finally arrived at the bus, put our suitcases in the trunk and sat on the seats in the last row, in the right corner.
The bus filled up slowly but the rows infront of us were empty, so me and Oliver had a bunch of free room in our sexy rain wear with nothing underneath.
After 5 minutes of driving he sat on my lap, facing towards me and we passionately kissed for about an our, in our rainwear, in the back of the bus - not giving a shit if anyone of the classmates saw us, which I think, they didn't.
After a extremely passionate hour we felt asleep arm in arm till we reached our destination.
Arriving at the youth hostel Oliver and me freaked out because of excitement - it was surrounded by extensive woods and we already heard that there must be a river in the forrest, other than that the building was pretty modern and each room had his own bath room.
First Oliver and me thought we have to share our room with 2 other people but they had 1 room for just 2 people, with bathroom and Oliver immediately reserved it at the teacher and we went upstairs to check out our room.
Wow we were so happy - we had 2 beds, obviously we knew we would only need one, and a own bathroom with our own bathtop, which can be used as a shower too.
It was still pouring and it was about 12:00 at noon. The teacher said we are free to do whatever we want till dinner at 18:00.
So Oliver and me went outside to explore the forrest and the river.
We felt like we were in heaven! It must have rained the day before too, it was so extremely muddy and messy and we absolutely loved it and it didn't take much time till we were from head to toe covered in mud and we passionately played and cuddled in the mud, wearing nothing underneath our rainwear, leading to climaxing about 4 times each basically in a row - we were exhausted then he layed on
top of me and we just chilled like that for a good amount of time, while I was constantly massaging his nice in mud and rainwear covered ass.
Hours flew by and it soon was 17:00 o clock. We searched for the river in the woods and went there to clean ourselves with the water.
Completely soaked we went back to the youth hostel and sprinted into our room so nobody would see us like that.
It was time to check out the bath tub and we took a passionate bath in hot water in our raingear.
We then had to go to dinner and because our gear was way too wet to wear it, we both put on a pair of black rubberized rainbibs, with a t shirt and fresh new black, shiny wellies.
So we went to have dinner and went straight into our room after that. We then put on our soaked rainwear, it was still really wet but because we bathed in hot water the gear was awesome to wear and had a great temperature. We then cuddled in our rainwear and dried each other with towels for, what felt like, forever. We finally were dry and we layed down in one bed and just cuddled for another while.
Then suddenly Oliver mentioned that its time to show what he has brought for us, I completely forget about this because of all the fun we had but then got highly excited to see what he has brought.
I couldn't believe my eyes as he pulled out a huge 4x4m black latex sheet, and elbow length, black latex gloves.
I instantly felt a giant errection underneath my rainbibs, because I always fantasized about latex but never got the chance to try it.
We put on the latex gloves and now wore rubber boots, rainbibs, and a hooded raincoat. We pulled the strings on the hood very tight, making a knot underneath our chin. We then began to play with each other and it felt amazing touching his gear with the latex gloves.
We then wrapped the huge latex sheet completely around us and layed down on the bed, he was laying on top of me, and we were covered by the latex from head to toe, massaging each other's gear with the latex gloves. - Probably the most erotic experience in my life as I was squeezing his ,rainwear covered, ass with my latex gloves, while he was laying on top of me, hearing these insanely erotic sounds made by the rainwear and the latex sheet around us, I felt like in a different world and everything seemed so unreal, like in a dream.
The night went on and after some extremely passionate hours we fell asleep arm in arm, in gear, under the latex sheet.

The next morning we stood up, put off the latex gloves and went to breakfast in our rainwear.
The teacher explained that we are going into the nearby town today and we will have the opportunity to do some shopping and Oliver and me weren't too happy about that, the trip went on and soon Oliver and me were standing in a second hand shop and found two vinyl trench coats with belts around the waist, one of them was black and the other one was red.
I had never seen anything like this and couldn't keep my eyes of these coats, I've never seen anything this shiny. Although they were obviously women's coats we had to try them on so we went into one changing cabin and put the coats on top of our gear and we were hypnotized. I already loved these coats and me and Oliver started to make out in changing cabin.
Leading to both of us climaxing into our rain bibs with nothing underneath, it felt great feeling the cum running down our legs into our rain boots.
We then went to buy the coat, the women at the counter gave us weird looks but we simply didn't care.
We kept the vinyl trenchcoats in our backpacks and didn't put them on till we were back in the youth hostel.

We had a unbelievably awesome week and I never even dreamed about experiencing something this amazing...

[To be continued?]

I didn't explain the other days of the week, because it was just basically us playing in rainwear for one week and I wanted to keep the story relatively short.

I have a lot more stories about Oliver and me ,if you want I'll upload another extremely hot story where we found another person for a few days during vacation, who joined us in our rainwear fun.

Best greetings from Germany


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Re: My bestfriend Oliver and me (Part 2)

Post by rubbermac » April 20th, 2017, 2:34 pm

Wow,the Vinyl Raincoats,now that does bring back memories of Grammar School in the 70s......Many thanks for another excellent chapter

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Re: My bestfriend Oliver and me (Part 2)

Post by hotwilly » April 21st, 2017, 7:27 pm

You two obviously had a great time - nice
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: My bestfriend Oliver and me (Part 2)

Post by RainwearMax » April 22nd, 2017, 12:56 am

Thanks for your feedback.. part 3 will come soon.

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Re: My bestfriend Oliver and me (Part 2)

Post by plasticmacboy » April 30th, 2017, 9:56 am

you sound like very lucky boys and only wish i lived near you both when i was that age and discovering the joy of rubber boots, gloves and rainwear :)

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Re: My bestfriend Oliver and me (Part 2)

Post by hoodtight » March 6th, 2018, 8:32 am

:roll: :roll: So love and identify with both these stories, as with my own David and Greg stories (based on fact). I long to read more, especially when wearing full mountain waterproofs with my hood fastened tight!

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Re: My bestfriend Oliver and me (Part 2)

Post by KlepperGuy » March 31st, 2018, 8:32 am

I enjoyed both parts of this conjured up some happy memories and pleasures.

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