Monique, First encounter with `an other` Monique (Part 2)

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Monique, First encounter with `an other` Monique (Part 2)

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About this story:

Dear reader,

You're reading this part since there were enough votes of support to continue the story line about Monique. Or at least, the rainwear part of that story line.
The original storyline had much more on the `me` person and how his life was turned upside down after becoming incontinent. An inconvenience that can be so embarrassing and can be humiliating for they who suffer from it. Notice that I write: can. But which can indeed turn people off massively. Hence why I feared had given too much attention within the introduction chapter of this new version after all.
I kept it in however because I felt that, in doing so, I could prove even better what in interesting person Monique was and how a first impression someone makes can put you at the wrong foot entirely. Her share within the story has become much larger in this (Rainwearforum) version then it was in the original version. So that's why I retained the parts that I felt are needed in order to give Monique the credits she deserves.
This particular story had to be split up in two pieces due to the maximum amount of characters that a post can contain. And this is the second part thus the promise given in Part1 is kept. But….
As mentioned within the introduction part: There is a second rainwear adventure Monique and `me` shared. The more response I get here and in the continuation of this part to work that second story out (it needs to be edited for publication within this forum) the sooner I might take that job up. As an introduction, I closed off this chapter with what is an abstract of much of the other contents of `Project Monique` to explain how this second adventure could ever take place to begin with.
BTW, react as well if you (for whatever reason) think `don't bother please`.



Getting to know `an other` Monique (Part 2)

What happened before....

In my first (introduction) piece about my experiences with Monique I have already told how I dealt with her at work and how I got myself into having an appointment with her at her place, Not that I was really looking forward to it. But I had not been able to put up enough resistance against her and so I went to her place and kept my appointment.
After a fairly innocent start and doing for what I was believed I was invited for we had a lunch and decided to go out for a walk outside. In order to hide my incontinence I had asked to go to the restroom before going out with Monique.
And from then on all the surprising and confronting moments started.
Within the first part about my first encounter with Monique at her home I have told how she confronted me with the fact that she knew I was incontinent but also revealed that she also suffer from that. And how she offered me her help and assistance with how to deal with that. To change from subject and do something else she then invited me for a walk out but the weather had taken a change for worse when it had started to rain. Monique still had the desire to go out, despite me not having decent clothing for the circumstances. Monique then shared another secret she had with me, that she was a rainwear `fetishiste`. Going through her collection we found something I could borrow from her and eventually I gave in to her request to get out onto the beach. We had dressed up and were ready to go when I had to break up the story and that is where I pick it up to continue.

Dressing up had taken up some time for sure but eventually we were ready to go. Much to my surprise Monique brought along her camera "just in case". She stored the camera under her coat to protect it against the rain. I left my camera at Monique's home, not seeing the need to risk any water damage.
I felt looking like an idiot once out on the street but the nature park and the beach were fairly nearby. It was raining quite hard with a gusty, strong wind. I really couldn't see the fun in getting out in all this. Much to my surprise the boot size of the wader was good enough and my feet did not hurt the least. But the pant part was rather roomy so I felt as if drowning in the wader. But compared with the wader, I felt like near swimming in the jacket which was way too large for me. Monique had initially rolled up my sleeves. But eventually I did discover the one advantage of this oversized jacket. When the raised sleeves didn’t want to remain in place, I just left them as they were. Which had the advantage of having the ends of the sleeves falling over my hands and keep them out of the wet. But I had a feeling that I didn’t drown in the rain because of drowning within the protective rain gear I had put on.
Monique saw how I had the sleeves rolled out again and she asked me why. I answered that they didn't remain in place when rolled up.
"Doesn't it bother you to have them extending so far out?"
"It's goods enough, I don't have to use my hands right now anyway." I said.
Then all of a sudden I wondered: "Why do you have so many green rainwear?"
"Do you really have no idea why that is?" asked Monique, I could hear she appeared to be a bit surprised.
"No, not really, that is why I asked."
"It's rather simple I would think. I told you I like to go out in the nature parks out here, even if the weather isn't as that well. But also then I rather try to wear cloths of a colour that blends in within the nature easier in order not to attract too much attention from other people or animals."
After a little pause she continued: "I agree with you that this kind of green colours are not the most pleasant colours to see. I know more pleasing kinds of green. But it is a more natural colour that bright green and certainly less attention generating than yellow or orange so that's why I still go for this green."
After yet another silence she then said: "That yellow coat you're wearing now is an old one, I used it when I went to school and I've kept it ever since. The pant that belonged to it was damaged so I threw it away."
"OK, I see" I answered thoughtfully.
We walked on and that the boot parts of the wader pants fitted me well certainly was for the better. Because also this walk ended up in an entirely different experience than Monique and I had envisioned. I think it was mainly because the morning and early afternoon had already being an emotional affair for me because of my incontinence being discovered by Monique and all that had happened thereafter. Anyway, I was more sensitive already than I was normally. During the walk there were a string of little things that happened which triggered some of my traumatic experiences of the past. I am certain that it had not been the intention of Monique to let that happen at all but regrettably it did happen. It did caught Monique entirely unexpected but once she realized what was likely the case with me, she put herself once again into the mode of the helpful, ever supporting friend who was there in just about whatever manner was needed. Of course, I had yet another breakdown once I admitted that her analysis of what was going on was correct and as a result of that I was once again crying my heart out, laying in her lap, while she sat on the beach. Once I had started crying she brought us down to the ground, she sat down and had moved me around so I could lay in her lap. Meanwhile the rain was beating down on us. When I think back about that moment, it was an unreal situation, and of course so embarrassing.
Once I finally got myself under control again, Monique invited me to stand up again and walk on along the water and talk about what I dared to talk about. Initially I did not dare to talk about all of that from my past. But after a while, when I got myself together again, we did some talking. I won't go into all details what was said between us but we made a long walk along the waterline and through the water. Yes, through the water.
Monique persuaded me to get as close to the water as possible and let water waves hit our boots and flow over the top of our boots as well. That was according her the fun us wearing a wader. You could remain close to and even within the water without fear for wet feet because of water finding its way into your boots after all. I got to say that once we did that, if felt strange to feel waves hitting my boots and a bit of that water pressure against my legs in the case of higher than average waves. And of course it was a bit more demanding to pull your feet through the water while walking.
I realized that I would never, ever have done anything like this on my own initiative. But this day felt as if I wasn’t living my own live with myself in control about it. It was a matter of “I was lived” with my emotions in control of the situation instead. But Monique was the one who steered and guided my emotions today. And right now, out here at the water line, in the rain and the wind, it felt as I could only put my trust in her and go along with her.
Still I was in a state of confusion in the aftermath of that breakdown while we walked along and through the water. Monique kept a bit of distance between us, not coming too nearby to me. Normally she was already intimidating enough to me once near me. But now, in all of that oversized green PVC, she looked even more formidable than ever and it certainly had an effect on me. I felt overwhelmed, not in the least because of the feeling that the wader and raincoat that I ware were so large and wide, enhancing my feelings as of how little and tiny I was. And then such a massive personality walking beside me. I barely reached the shoulder of Monique and thanks to the rain and wind I did not dare to stretch my neck and look to her head and face. So just about any time I turned my head to look at her I saw that massive upper body of her, wrapped in that green PVC as well as the contours of the camera she kept under the coat.
It made me feel small and insignificant and after all the breakdowns I had had already till that moment, I felt such a weak softie within her presence. But during the walk it became a bit better again, fortunately.

When we finally returned to Monique's house again, the strange thing for me by then was that by that time I really didn't care any longer that we were out in the rain, the wind beating down on us as well. I remembered a phrase Monique had used earlier that day for her walks along the beach in rain suit: "beating the elements." I think that by now I had a bit of that feeling over me as well, in a reaction to compensate for all the moments of weakness that had come over me all day. And I still don't know why or for what reasons, but somehow it felt so good to be with someone who made it clear to me that she wanted to be there for me right now. I simply had difficulties to believe everything that was happening this day. But that wasn't everything yet, there was even more to come.....

By the way: despite the appalling conditions, Monique still spotted the occasional scenes that were worth to make pictures of and she invited me to make pictures with her camera in case I saw something that I wanted to try. I did indeed make a few pictures. But all of that was before I had that trauma re-occurrance that cause me to break down. Anyway, primarily due to the effects that I broke down so big time on the beach as well and needed the time to recover from that, our time outside the home became far longer than I had expected it to become. Yet somehow I didn’t take much notice of that. And eventually I did not felt negative about it. There was so much going on within my mind that I put more attention to other matters than that.
Once we got home, our suits and the boots still had some sand and mud attached, particularly at the boots. Before we entered the barn again, Monique used a garden hose, hanging on the outside wall of the barn to clean our waders. I quickly discovered that this had to the only reason as of why she had that hose hanging on the wall. There were no plants or anything green growing on her little backyard. Nothing that needed water in a dry summer.
Nevertheless, I decided it was something I could use to ask about.
Monique was still cleaning her own boots when I asked her: "Why do you have a garden hose when there are no flowers or plants in your backyard?"
Monique looked at me with an expression that suggested that I had asked something stupid.
"For moments like this of course! How often I have mud and sand still on my suit or boots when getting back from a walk. Then I use the hose to clean my gear. Very handy I tell you."
She continued cleaning her boots again while she continued: "That's another reason why I bought my rain suits with a smooth as possible outer skin. I love glossy, shiny clothing anyway. But the smoother the surface, the easier it is to wash off any mud and sand."
I didn't know what to think about that, let alone what to say.
I looked around and saw that within the house next to that of Monique someone looking to us through a window at the first floor of his house. Softly I whispered: "One of your neighbours is looking at us."
"I know, I've seen hem already. Don't pay attention to him, he's always watching for me when I'm cleaning myself after a walk."
"As long as he doesn't do anything else then that, he can have the fun. Other then that he doesn't cause troubles for me. If he thinks it's interesting to watch me when I'm cleaning up, it doesn't harm me."
"Do more of your neighbours know about this habit of going out for walks in the rain?"
"Oh sure. But I let them think about that what they want. I don't harm anyone with it or cause any problems with it for anybody. While we do have a few people in the street causing more troubles with playing loud music or working on cars and bikes or things like that at unsuitable times of the day. Compared with that I think that my neighbours don't have much reasons to complain about me."
I felt uncomfortable, knowing that this man was watching us. But fortunately Monique was finished shortly after her last words and she unlocked the door of the barn and went in quickly. Though I had remained entirely dry and warm within the wader and rain coat, once I was inside the barn, I was glad that I could get out of all that raingear again. I assisted her in hanging everything up on racks within the barn so the waders and coats could dry again. Needless to say that there were a lot of provisions made within this storage room to make such possible.

There is a lot more to tell about what happened that day once we got back from that walk. Monique felt that there really had been too much for me to deal with in too less time and she begged me to stay with her that evening and night. She did not want me to be alone this evening and night after all I had gone through emotionally. Only after a long time of persuasion I finally gave in after she convinced me everything I could need to stay for the night would be there. So, since it was time for that by now, Monique prepared a nice dinner for us and we had a good meal together during which we talked a bit about work.
After the dinner and the remainder of that evening she gave me a lot more info about all kinds of incontinence material and when to use what kind of diaper, pant and so on, as well as many other practical tips. She kept her own supplies in a cabinet within her bed room and she brought me over there to have a first hand look onto all that. Monique showed me a number of the different types of pants she used and when. But there was a lot more we talked about that evening, looking back on the things that happened that day for example.
We were by then back in the living room by then when Monique confessed that on this day a number of things had gone a lot different than she had planned and anticipated. But also that, as far as it came to revealing things about her own life to me she didn't regret anything. And that as far as she was concerned, she regretted that maybe her doings had caused me to reveal so much more about myself than I likely had in mind to do. She explained that her initial plan had only been to help me to get me more familiar with how to deal with the incontinence because she felt sorry for me it happened and wanted to help a colleague who she appreciated and enjoyed to work with and for. All of a sudden I found out that I was one of Monique's favourite people to work for and with. Maybe not so much because I was such a sweetheart and easy to get along with. But she had the same feeling as I had with her: at least at the workfloor, Monique also felt that somehow there was a `click` between us which made it so easy for us to work with another since we understood another so well.
Monique also confessed that she was impressed with my photographic skills and in that respect we also understood another very well as we had noticed this day, behind the computer as well as out in the field earlier that afternoon.
But she kept surprising me thereafter. She concluded that even it was more or less by accident we finally had taken the opportunity to learn more about another, even if it was caused by something as unpleasant as sharing being incontinent. Nevertheless, she wanted to extend her invitations a bit. Because earlier on that afternoon she had invited me that if I had difficulties or needed some help with incontinence matters then I was always welcome to contact her and ask her for advice or help. But that evening she told me, very carefully that, if we understood another well enough to know that there was no love involved or even the faintest hope for a relation of whatever kind, then if it was up to her, we could make the occasional appointment to spend some time together for a walk somewhere or a trip to make pictures somewhere. Or, if I was up for it, visit her at her place to join her for a walk at the beach on in the nature park close by and which we had entered briefly that afternoon.
I was totally surprised by the invitation but wondered why or what was the meaning behind it. This despite her comments about understanding another, no love involved etcetera. But then Monique dropped another bombshell when very calm and entirely in control about herself she confessed to me that she was a lesbian. And all of a sudden I understood all those comments about her invitation a lot better.
After that confession she gave a few more details about her life as an incontinent lesbian and what kind of reactions she got because of that. And by then I realized even more how miserable Monique's life must have been and maybe still had to be and how she had to cope with all that. I felt so bad about how I had thought about her initially, thinking her to be slutty. After realizing this, and remembering all that she had done today to help me, her trust she put in me, somehow I felt I could not turn her down right now. The fact that she was a lesbian didn't matter to me. The positive feelings I had felt about her all day long had not changed my opinion on her that she was not my type to develop romantic feeling for. But now I knew she was lesbian that almost made things less complicated because I knew by now for certain that nothing was expected from me.
So I told Monique that the fact that she was a lesbian didn't turn me off or made me think negative about her. And that I certainly wanted to take up the offer for her assistance to help me to deal with my incontinence. And as for more than that, it was a matter of wait and see what was possible to do together but that I was willing to give it a try. I also told her that I appreciated her faith and trust in me. The way she reacted on all what I told her made it clear for me that Monique appreciated what I had told her.

Eventually we went to bed, I was given a spare room and just about everything I could need was provided. Monique was just about the perfect host. But again something did happen that caused a lot of embarrassment for me.
After Monique had invited me to stay for the evening and the night I had initially turned that invitation down because I had not brought an extra diaper and pant with me. Monique assured me that she had enough materials available for me that I could borrow and that this would be no problem. It turned out however that she had no disposable diaper for me but intended to give me a fold-it-yourself cotton one so I could try such for the night. Of course I had no experience with such a diaper and Monique told me she would help me with how to put one on. I refused that but soon enough Monique found out that I did not want to undress myself within her company and had myself diapered like a baby. Monique then cured the problem by instantly undress herself bare naked and first put on such a diaper herself, showing me how to do it. By then I did not have the guts anymore to refuse any cooperation any longer so I undressed myself as well and followed her instructions. Right thereafter, Monique took the time to talk with me about my shame for undressing myself within her company and also explained me that, given our incontinence, she didn't feel ashamed about showing herself fully naked to me as long as it served a purpose. Like for example dealing with putting on cloth diapers.
By the way, before she left me she urged me that, if something was the matter and I needed company for whatever reason I was welcome to come to her room. In fact, in case I was still so confused and upside down about all that had happened and would prefer the knowledge I was not alone tonight, she offered me to sleep in her bed so in case of panic or the need to have direct access to someone I could turn to her instantly. But I didn't think that was necessary though I made it clear that I appreciated her offer and the trust in me that was hidden in it.
Once we had wished another goodnight and went to bed, it occurred to me that a number of questions I and some of my male colleagues had about Monique's figure and anatomy were no longer a question for me anymore.....
But if I really wanted to know the answers on those questions? I concluded that, if anything, now I had seen all the `forbidden fruits` of Monique, I felt even less attracted to her because of her looks. And I fell sad for her that she wasn't a very attractive shaped woman. Even the one feature of Monique she couldn’t hide and that for many men could be a turn-on to raise the blood volume and pressure in a certain part of their own anatomy was, once you saw `the naked truth` much less exciting, if not actually a let-down. While, by her own admission `down there` she wasn’t really that good looking either. I can tell you that it is difficult to find the right words in reply on such a comment is a situation like that when you as a man are being told such by a lesbian…..
But I was also certain that the beauty of Monique was not her appearance but what was hidden within that at least for me not that attractive anatomy of her. Her character was so charming and warm, at least for me by now. She was indeed amazing.

Anyway, after a night of surprisingly decent sleep and a good breakfast I left Monique’s house the following morning. Not without yet another moment of embarrassment because I had to borrow a cloth diaper of her to use after getting out of bed to get home. And not after a talk during that breakfast in which Monique made it clear that after a night sleep she still stood behind her doings and not doing of the day before and that all invitations she had brought up yesterday were still valid. I told her that I felt the same and that I certainly wanted to take up her invitation to help me out on incontinence matters. And as for the other invitations I was OK with giving it a try and see what was possible and how it worked out.
After a slight moment of hesitation Monique asked me what I thought about her rainwear fetish now I knew about it. It took me some time to find the decent words for it but I explained to her that I did not rate it against her or felt it to be negative and that it was her own decision in how she expressed that fetish. And that I felt that compared with other things that could have been a hobby of her that I felt it to be an innocent habit that couldn’t harm anyone.
Monique then told me that it had not been her intention to reveal that habit to me and that only due to the circumstances, the rainy weather of the moment, she had decided to share it with me because she felt that I could see it as a sign of trust in me. When I asked her if it ever had been her intention to let me know she told me that there would be a good chance that if we were indeed dealing more with another I might have noticed something eventually. And that she believed that we would have had a walk in weather conditions like yesterday sooner or later anyway. When I told her that I felt her to be very optimistic Monique truly surprised me when she replied that she felt confident that we had definitely not seen the last from another and that there would be some occasions we should spend some time together eventually.
I sat near frozen in my chair after this prediction by Monique. She recognized I was entirely surprised and then, with a lovely smile on her face she explained that she did not expect this because of us developing a romance after all. But she did believe that the two of us could enjoy another’s company occasionally and have a good time with some walking and other kinds of entertainment.
Anyway, she concluded that discussion with the suggestion that, if `beating the elements` yesterday had been not that bad an experience after all I was certainly welcome to join her another time. Promising that I would keep the invitation in mind was all I said on that.
And by then, with going home at last, the string of bewildering events of that weekend finally came to an end.

And then, thereafter, the first 6 or so months....

Where to start? So much happened within that first half year or so since that day at Monique’s place! And so much to tell to explain how I could end up making Monique playing a big part within my life for a while and for what reasons. But so much of all of that is beyond the scope of this forum.
But if the one story I can also share with you can be understood better, then I need to tell you more first about the time up till that particular event.…. So, here we go.

After that for me life shaking weekend, Monique and I did indeed remain in touch. The first weeks I met her regularly, most of the time it was related with finding the most suitable and practical under the circumstances incontinence material.
Monique revealed to me that at work we had two other colleagues at work, both women who were also incontinent and I was introduced to them as well because the three women had organized all kind of precautionary actions and facilities to help another out in case of emergencies.
One of these women was a very good looking attractive younger girl. Her name was Simone and she was befriended with Monique. But soon enough I found out that Simone was really trouble. After she showed something of an interest for me since we both were incontinent, I had a few experiences with her, most of them also related with dealing with incontinence.
I had a difficult start with Simone, a story in itself by the way, also involving Monique. But once that was sorted out she invited me at her place and I went in order to find out if I could learn things from her she did different then Monique and which I might like better. But this was not the case.
It turned out that she was by now single again after being dumped by a friend after a relation of some years. Her incontinence was a result of a surgery some two years ago that had gone wrong and that her friend had dumped her had something to do with the incontinence. Simone told that she and Monique had become good friends once Monique had found out about Simone’s incontinence and had given the helping hand to deal with that. When they found out that there was more that they were sharing they had become friends. What they shared besides being incontinent was an interest for fetish clothing. But Simone was more into rubber. She turned out to prefer using rubber pants over her diapers under certain conditions. Simone also used rainwear as an easy excuse to wear shiny clothing. But while Monique fancied rain suits and other heavy duty rain gear in addition to her liking of stylish long vinyl raincoats, Simone had only a single long blue vinyl coat. Instead she preferred rubber coated fabrics and apart from owning two such coats made in recent times, she was totally into the products of a former German manufacturer of rubber coated rainwear. Those coats and capes had a kind of cult status among rainwear lovers and rubber fetishists according Simone. She owned no less than three such coats, two pristine ones, blue and grey. The third one was also grey but showed more wear and that was the one she used the most often. She also owned a cape made of the same material.
I also got to know that she and Monique occasionally went abroad to do some shopping for both fetish clothing and incontinence material. Monique had already mentioned to me she occasionally did so. Based on my experiences with the plastic pants she had organized for me to try, she had bought a few of such pants that I liked the best of all for me on those trips she made with Simone, saving me the hassle to order them myself.
I had my suspicions as of why Simone showed more interest for me while she had rarely seemed to have noticed me before she knew that I also belonged to the `incontinent club` at the work floor. From being almost ignored to be told about and even on the very first occasion possible shown some of her fetish secrets, something wasn't right with that for me. More worrying, despite the positive comments about Monique that she gave, Simone also made a lot of comments in a rather negative manner. For example, she was very negative on Monique’s fascination with heavy duty raingear. And like me, there were a few things about Monique’s anatomy she did not like either but she was far more negative in expressing that then I ever did to anyone.
Through a few slips of the tongue by Simone herself however, I found out that despite all the negative things she had said about Monique, she nonetheless had sex with Monique! But what she told about that to me made it clear for me that this happened in a manner and for reasons I felt to be an insult for Monique. Simone pretended she did Monique a favour with it while it was primarily to her own benefit.
I had kept Simone at a certain distance on sheer instinct and was proven correct and with that knowledge I kept our contacts limited from then on. But I didn't tell Monique about what I had found out about Simone and her. All together, I can't say that my experiences with Simone remained positive very long. She was a case of what I describe as 'The more beautiful, the more bitch'.
I also got in touch with the other incontinent woman at my work. She was an elderly woman of in her 50's. She had noticed the intensified contacts between Simone and me. Simone and I had been less careful in contacting and seeing another at the workfloor then I was with Monique and the elderly woman. This woman however warned me for Simone being trouble but by that time I was already aware of that. She also told me that she knew from Monique herself that I got help from Monique. She felt it to be a good thing since Monique had so much experience that it would be of great help for me. Nevertheless she begged me to be careful with Monique because as far as she knew Monique had been hurt too often already by others. I promised the woman to be careful and assured her I respected Monique for all she had done for me. I did not show the woman that I was aware of Monique being lesbian.
I could not figure out if there was perhaps something more that Monique, Simone and this woman shared with another other then walk around at the work floor in diapers and protective gear. But if there was something they did with the three of them, or in pairs of two out of the three, it would not surprise me.
All of this happened in those first weeks after my first encounter with Monique, while I still met her as well on a semi-regular base and mostly because of incontinence related matters.
We did however rarely met at work and did not intensify our contacts over there in order to avoid people starting to become suspicious. Did something happen at work, we always were very careful. Even when meeting after work we never left the building at the same time but met another at the meeting point we had decided onto.
Initially, my contacts with Monique were a bit difficult for me, remembering how vulnerable and weak she had seen me. Weak at least in my own opinion. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that such was the case. Monique made it clear that she didn’t held it against me or had any negative thoughts about me. She understood perfectly that I had a terrible day with a lot to cope with which had had its effects on my emotions, feelings and resulting behaviour. On that first day at her home, she had acted like a mother, an elder sister or a good friend as circumstances demanded. I feared that within the first of encounters after that first time she would tread me as a child who had to be educated. Instead, occasionally I felt her acting like the elder sister. Generally however time she behaved like the good friend. And such a manner of dealing with another worked the best for me. And it gradually brought back my confidence within myself and how to get along with her. It certainly helped me that Monique ever so often showed a tremendous confidence in me in her trust towards me as well as capabilities I had. It restored the pride I still had left somewhere quite a bit.
I suppose that one of the reasons why I remained in touch with Monique was that I felt bad for her that she was mislead and kind of abused by Simone as well as feeling some pity for her after what I had been told about her by our other incontinent colleague. And I wanted to offer her at least some kind of a friendship she appeared to be looking for but also: accept the kind of friendship she offered me in grace and honesty, in addition to all the help she gave me related with the incontinence. Looking back on it, as a result of that, as well as the fact that I gradually felt more comfortable and secure when dealing with Monique, I opened up to her to some extend. With a surprising result.
Because once I felt more secure with her it then didn't take long before some of these incontinence related appointments with Monique became part of appointments that served other purposes: seeing another and spend some time together. It was by the way Monique who made most of the invitations to me. Monique’s prediction that we had not seen the last of another and that it would be possible for us to enjoy another’s company with all kind of activities eventually turned out to be correct. We made appointments for going out on photograph missions, both in the free nature as well as in towns and other locations. And there were other things about which we discovered from another that we shared an interest in. And by then our contacts intensified. She also invited me regularly to come by for the weekend and spend time in the park near her home and see it change during the seasons. After some initial hesitations, I eventually accepted those invitations. When staying with her at her place, Monique did her very best to make me feel comfortable with the knowledge that we both were incontinent and she did all kind of things to learn me not to feel ashamed about it. Sometimes she was shockingly direct and open in that but it did help me to learn from her.
How far she went in being shockingly direct and open? Well, remember that on that very first day at her place she had dared to undress herself within my presence without any hesitation for a good cause so anything less radical than that was certainly no problem for Monique when the need arose. So, it is little of a surprise when I tell that on the occasions I visited Monique at her home I didn't see her wearing leather and leather-like skirts anymore but the vinyl and plastic skirts of which she had told me she preferred them. But on occasion I saw her wearing very glossy PVC bloomers too. Personally I preferred seeing her wearing skirts because she looked more elegant in those than in whatever kind of trousers I saw her. Sometimes I wondered if she did show herself in those bloomers to me in purpose in order to make sure I did not get too attracted and interested in her. But on one occasion she mentioned almost as an afterthought that at least at home she still felt entirely at ease within my company to dress up and wear what she felt to be the most pleasant and she was the most comfortable with. So, if it wasn't the kind of clothing I preferred to see her in, by doing so she definitely gave me a sign of her faith and confidence in me. So I accepted it and made sure I didn't make an issue of it. But eventually she must have discovered somehow that I preferred to see her skirted because after a while she wore these more often again.
Something else she did at home and within my presence, that very first evening she had shown me plastic pants of the materials that made the least noise when used which she did use at work. At home however she used other material pants that were more durable yet made more noise. She felt comfortable enough when I was at her home to wear these more noisy pants as well.
Anyway, for Monique our incontinence never was much of an issue when dealing with another. And over time, within her presence I lost much of my shame and embarrassment about it. Though I certainly tried to avoid certain situations happening between us. I think Monique noticed such but she never made much of an issue of it.
Truth to be told, Monique and I got along very well on our, let's call it `dates` by lack of a better word for them. We got to know another real well and we actually became good friends. Even more when Monique eventually found out how she had been abused by our colleague Simone. She realized that I had known more about it but understood why I had kept my mouth and had let it to herself to discover how she had been treated. Once she had discovered the truth, Monique felt she had to fill me in on a few things about Simone that she had not shared with me since she felt it had been none of my business. But now she knew that Simone had not been that discrete about her to me and realized that there were a few things I knew about Monique that could cause questions with me, Monique filled me on a few things regarding Simone and what had happened between the two of them. Once knowing that, it felt even more happy that I had not fallen for the beauty of Simone and had trusted my instincts to keep her at a distance.
Strangely enough, this string of events made the friendship between Monique and me even stronger. I learned so much more about her past that occasionally was shocking to hear her speak about. But I also heard from her in more details that due to her physical appearance and handicaps she indeed had have an occasionally miserable live, being treated bad and very rude because of her not being very attractive looking, which had yielded her many rude comments about her anatomy in general but also on more specific parts of her body.
More important however for us, though for different reasons, we had things in common if it came to our lives as child and young adults. This was probably one of the reasons why Monique also invested time and efforts in our friendship. Not that this took so much efforts anymore after almost half a year. The `click` we had at work was to a large extend also present within our private live. It certainly wasn’t for love and physical attraction to me, I could tell that for certain. I regularly thought about other reasons she might have had for maintaining our friendship. But thought I could come up with a few, mentioning them here would be speculation. I will give you another example why I occasionally wondered about what Monique exactly wanted from me later on.
Intimacy of whatever kind was not taking place initially those first weeks. A bit laughable maybe but despite we had seen another fully naked on our very first appointment, physical contact between us was a rarity those first months. Even a kiss when meeting another or saying goodbye was not done. For a while it appeared as if everything that was ever to happen between us on that front had been that very first day we had spent together. But once Monique had reduced her contacts with Simone as well, small expressions of some intimacy gradually became part of our friendship. But there was another reason as of why that happened too.
Despite that little bit more intimacy between us after little over half a year since our first rainwalk, I never tried to start up something with her, not wanting to lose what I had and what worked perfect for both of us. Besides that, I had two good reasons not to give in to any such desires. The first one was the knowledge that it wasn't appreciated given her lesbian preferences. Secondly, I had never felt attracted to her due to her physical appearance and after having seen her naked I had got enough confirmation that she definitely was not my type of girl. As a friend however, I was very fond of her and that was enough.
I could tell all of you so much more about how my life was turned upside down and what kind of strange experiences I had ever since forced to live with diapers and plastic pants and running into some `fetishiste's` like Monique and Simone. But that is beyond the scope of this forum.
I must make this clear however. Though Simone and Monique went on trips together for looking and buying plastic pants in addition to some fetish clothing, they were not into adult baby matters and things like that at all. They were forced to use plastic pants due to medical reasons and did not wear them for the fun of it. But women as they were, they still wanted to make the best out of that and at least make it as good looking as possible. `Make lemonade out of the lemons` is an expression I’ve heard about that. Both women owned pants of models and with decorations of which I swore about that I would never ever been seen in one of those. Among other things to make the use of plastic pants as fashionable as possible, both Monique and Simone had bought a few PVC bikini tops that matched with some of their plastic pants. Simone had done the same with rubber bikini tops. I found out about this through Simone who revealed this to me. As for telling about what she did herself was up to her but I did not think that Simone had the right to reveal things like that about Monique to me. Monique never told any more specific details about Simone’s fetish habits and preferences to me and was much more reclusive with sharing info about others than Simone had been.
And it was also Simone who did the most with fetish clothing, she had the better figure that allowed her to do much more in that kind of things than Monique could do. Something that Simone made clear to me in a for Monique humiliating manner, had she been with us at that moment. Another reason for me to keep my contacts with Simone restricted to a minimum.
And then of course, they had a fetish for rainwear. Though I must mention here that I never had any kind of experience with Simone in which rainwear had an active part. More than that I saw her collection of coats and cape, and her fetish cloths didn’t happen.
By the way, some lines ago I wrote about `our first rainwalk`. Because as for Monique, her rainwear passion and me...

Initially, I didn’t share Monique’s passion for rainwear and had no intentions to get into that either. This despite her efforts to, to some extend, involve me in it. Because once I eventually got to see her more often and made appointments with her at home for some outdoor activities in the neighbourhood, Monique did try to involve me in her rainwear passion by asking me to join her on all kind of excursions outside that warranted the use of rain wear. Monique had told me that the wader pants I had worn that first day at her place were initially destined to be sold off one way or another. But by now she kept it at her place for me. She even had gone to the dump store where she had bought her green rainwear and bought a similar rain suit in my size. This was one of the things we did have some discussions about because I didn't want her to spend money on me for something of which I had no intentions to make use of. Buying that suit was one of those things she did that made me wonder what she did expect or wanted from me.
But, as seemed to be usual for me when dealing with Monique, things went a bit different then I had in mind. Because eventually I accepted it that on a few occasions when I was at her place and it did rain we `suited up` ourselves for walks in the rain or in stormy weather on the nearby beach. Or that we went out on photo safari in the nature park near her home. She did indeed manage to drag me into her habit of wearing waders and rain suit if the conditions were suitable enough to do so. Given her enthusiasm for putting on one of her rain suits or waders, some of the conditions that warranted the use or rainwear did not necessarily mean it had to rain right then.....
Now I must be honest in this and admit that she taught me quite something about nature photography on such trips that otherwise would have been difficult to practice. And together we made a number of highly spectacular pictures. So to some extend, it did serve a purpose to `suit up` on those occasions because otherwise my cloths would have been ruined or soaked by water and/or even mud. From what I saw of Monique on occasions like these, I would not be surprised at all if taking pictures in extreme conditions, weather-wise or because of other circumstances that warranted the use of wearing a rain suit was indeed used by Monique as the excuse for yet another opportunity to wear some of her raingear. An excuse she actually looked for.
I even went so far that on a weekend that very stormy weather was predicted I accepted her invitation to come over to watch the water waves in a storm with wind force nine and more. Same for a weekend when severe thunderstorms were predicted and we gave it a try to make pictures of the thunder and lightning. Looking back on that particular adventure, that was pretty stupid and dangerous and I kept it to a single time I ever did this.
Apart from that, I had to accept that on the majority of our trips she wore either her silver coat or one of her long shiny raincoats, primarily the black one, with the red one as solid second. I will probably being rated as a softie for just taking that within my stride and never making a comment on that. Well, I must admit that I have much of being a softie. Given my past however, I know how much of being a softie can be traced back to my past.
It was almost half a year after that memorable first weekend we shared that Monique ended her sexual contacts with Simone and cut back on her friendship with Simone. As I already mentioned, the aftermath of that intensified the friendship between Monique and me. And a week or two or thereabout later, Monique and I went out on a trip together and then her rainwear fetish did cause some of the few arguments I ever had with her because of that fetish. On that particular trip we had some experiences which resulted in our friendship entering yet another phase. Her rainwear fetish certainly played a share within these experiences.
I think that within this community this actual rainwear experience itself could be worth telling here. Some of you may have had similar experiences when enjoying expressing your rainwear fetish in normal life. And now I have told you already so much about the non-rainwear related matters you need to know about Monique and me to understand our situation better, you may like that story better than this one, which had the rainwear hidden in a lot of other stories.

So: stay tuned ?????
Any interest from anyone I share that story with you?
Tell me, yes or no, just tell me....
The more opinions given, the better for me to make up my mind what to do.....


And those final four lines could have been written down by myself….....
Nothing to add to those but the following:
Many `reads` but no replies will be taken as: "No interest for more"


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Re: Monique, First encounter with `an other` Monique (Part 2)

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Good story, please continue

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Re: Monique, First encounter with `an other` Monique (Part 2)

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Don't give up on this tale. Let's have some more soon

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Re: Monique, First encounter with `an other` Monique (Part 2)

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I am definitely enjoying this one, I am interested in knowing where it goes.

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Re: Monique, First encounter with `an other` Monique (Part 2)

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I hope this story continues for a long time to come, especially if they get together by the end.

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