Monique, First encounter with `an other` Monique (Part 1)

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Monique, First encounter with `an other` Monique (Part 1)

Post by BlackYucca » April 4th, 2017, 7:56 pm

About this story:

Dear reader,

You're reading this part since there were enough votes of support to continue the story line about Monique. Or at least, the rainwear part of that story line.
The original story line had much more on the `me` person and how his life was turned upside down after becoming incontinent. An inconvenience that can be so embarrassing and can humiliating for they who suffer from it. Notice that I write: can. But which can indeed turn people off massively. Hence why I feared had given too much attention within the introduction chapter of this new version after all.
I kept it in however because I felt that, in doing so, I could prove even better what in interesting person Monique was and how a first impression someone makes can put you at the wrong foot entirely. Her share within the story has become much larger in this (Rainwearforum) version then it was in the original version. So that's why I retained the parts that I felt are needed in order to give Monique the credits she deserves.

This story had to be split up in two pieces due to the maximum amount of characters that a post can contain. So there will be a continuation of this story. I can promise that. This one will be finished. Promise. But.....
As mentioned within the introduction part: There is a second rainwear adventure Monique and `me` shared. The more response I get here and in the contination of this part to work that second story out (it needs to be edited for publication within this forum) the sooner I might take that job up.
BTW, please feel free to react as well if you (for whatever reason) think `don't bother please`. Always good to know if I can use my time better.....



Getting to know `an other` Monique (part one)

In my first piece about my experiences with Monique I have already told how I dealt with her at work and how I got myself into having an appointment with her at her place, Not that I was really looking forward to it. But I had not been able to put up enough resistance against her and so I went to her place and kept my appointment.
After a fairly innocent start and doing for what I was believed I was invited for we had a lunch and decided to go out for a walk outside. In order to hide my incontinence I had asked to go to the restroom before going out with Monique.
And from then on all the surprising and confronting moments started.

Once I entered her bathroom I saw a rack for drying cloths but the rack was full with at least a dozen or so plastic pants of all kinds, including some of a kind I had never seen before. I also saw several what appeared to be very thick underpants and other diaper-ish kind of underwear hanging on the rack as well. All these pants were of a massive, giant size. I almost instantly realized they could be for Monique. I was a fairly small man, in need for small and occasionally medium size clothing. But the sheer size of my plastic pants still scared me all the time, despite the fact that I knew that they fitted fine and were OK. But the pants I saw on the rack were nothing but shocking for me to see so big.
With her figure Monique certainly needed way larger than XL size underwear, which these pants had to be. I did not dare to check the size. The fact that she lived here alone probably meant that all these pants and diapers were used by her. Or were they for a house mate or someone she looked after and did the laundry for? Not that she had mentioned living in this house with someone else. In fact, I couldn’t recall having seen any sign of someone else living in this house with her as well.
I nearly panicked because of seeing all this incontinence material. If these pants were indeed used by Monique, what intention did she have with showing it so openly?
Eventually I could no longer remain in the restroom any longer and I realized I had to confront Monique again. And would find out what all this meant and what she was up to.
I left the rest room, uncertain and with some kind of fear about what was going to happen.

What followed was one of the toughest experiences I ever had in my live. At least that's how it felt then. When I looked back on it later on and nowadays, I still feel embarrassed about a number of things that happened. But in the long term it was indeed for the better and I must admit that it yielded a number of good things for me eventually.
Monique instantly asked me in a friendly manner what I thought about what I had seen in the bathroom and that's how the talking between us started. In short, she told me that she had noticed a few little signs that told her that recently I had started to wear plastic pants and diapers. Clues and signals other people would never notice according her but since she was incontinent herself as well she had recognized them. I tried to tell her she was wrong but then she raised the right side of her skirt and thus showed me a part of the plastic pant she wore at that moment. She followed that with opening her skirt on the top in order to lower the upper edge of her plastic pant to reveal that she was wearing a diaper within the pant. Then she challenged me to show her whatever I wore for underwear to prove that I did not wear a diaper and plastic pant.
What followed then was that I broke down, I collapsed entirely. Monique however took care for me, talked with me and comforted me. Much to my shame and embarrassment I had several spells in which I could do nothing else but cry my heart out. On one occasion it felt to me as if I simply couldn't stop crying. Most embarrassing of that spell was that Monique was holding me in her arms and I was laying with my head against her breasts. But it appeared as if Monique didn't care about that at all because she kept caressing me over my back and head and softly pushed my head against her breasts. Maybe it was because of that comforting she did that I couldn't bring myself to stop crying and making myself free from her. This despite my embarrassment about what I was doing.
Between the spells of me loosing my self control she asked me about my incontinence troubles but also told about those of herself. And she revealed to me that she had been incontinent all her life long and how she had lived with that. She explained to me that though she liked the leather-like skirts that she always wore, she also wore them because the sounds these skirts made also hid something of the noise made by the plastic pants. She told me that only very few of the skirts she wore were of genuine leather and that most of them were of synthetic fabrics. This in case of a leaking plastic pant not ruining an expensive leather skirt. When I commented that I had been thinking about her that she liked leather she replied that, despite wearing leather and leather-like clothing, she was no true to the bone leather fetishist. She was OK with the material and kind of liked it too. But she explained to me she used leather and leather-likes primarily as a decoy to hide the fact she wore plastic pants all day long.
She also told me that she never wore long trousers in private life because you could always see she wore diapers then. And as I had assumed rightly, she felt that her butt was too big to show off in trousers, let alone when wearing a diaper over that big butt. The only exception for wearing trousers she used was when being at home and feeling cold, then she wore jogging trousers. Normally when she was at home alone she wore skirts of cotton and other regular fabrics but she also had a few PVC skirts. All of those were also of the wide bell-like shape. But if it was warm enough she simply didn’t wear skirts or trousers at all and just walked around in her protective plastic gear of the moment. But on such moments she always made sure she wore a bloomer style plastic pant.
At one moment I dared to ask her what she would have done after first revealing her incontinence to me in the manner she had done but then finding out she was wrong about me and me not being incontinent after all. She then told me that she knew what to look for to recognize an incontinent person and that she had been certain about me since a day or four. She then explained what she had seen with me proved her that I used diapers and plastic pants nowadays and I was absolutely amazed about that she had noticed those details.
Slowly and gradually I gained back my self control again and allowed the discussion to take place as it happened. But I still had to cry from shame and embarrassment once in a while, mostly after some what I felt to be painful questions. But just about every time I had to cry Monique comforted me, holding me in her arms, allowing me to lay with my head on her shoulder during such moments. Despite the loss of lots of my self control, I tried to avoid to once again lay against her breasts for another time to prevent she might think I did it on purpose.
At the moments when I was calmed down enough to talk and listen, she asked me to trust her and how she had given a sign of faith in me by revealing her own secret to me. And she told me that she wanted to help me on grips to deal with the effects of the incontinence, giving me useful suggestions, helping me to find what kind of materials worked the best of all for me in whatever conditions and so on. According her, there were all kinds of diapers and different types of plastic pants existing that were more convenient in certain circumstances and she wanted to tell me about that and help me to find my way around with all of this. She invited me to stay with her that evening so she could show me some things and tell how and when to use them.
And that is indeed what happened. I did stay with her that evening and she showed me some different kinds of diapers and plastic pants and informed me when which type was the most handy in use.

OK dear reader, I'm sure you're thinking by now that this post is within the wrong forum and should be with a club of plastic pants fetishist and/or diaper dudes because it has nothing to do with rainwear. But there is more to tell about that afternoon I had with Monique. Because I found out much more about her that very same afternoon.

The first talk about our incontinence had taken another one and a half hour or so. Meanwhile my opinion on Monique was changing entirely. I realized what a miserable live she must have had because of her incontinence and all that it caused. But she had opened up to me to in a manner that had been beyond belief. I realized by now what a wonderful, big hearted person she was. I felt so ashamed about all my crying and moments of weakness but she did not mind at all and acted like a mother, a big sister or a good friend as the moment required. She made it clear that she understood how terrible it was for me to go through all of this. And despite my embarrassment about these moments of weakness, I felt grateful to her for her doing so.
But I also felt ashamed about how I had misjudged her, that what I felt to be slutty appearance of her had served such an entirely unexpected purpose. Despite all my shame and embarrassment, somehow it felt to me as if I was learning to know an entirely new Monique and I felt this Monique to be a person I could trust.
After her suggestion to stay that evening so she could help me to become more familiar with incontinence material and all kind of things related with living with incontinence I asked her why not doing that right now. She told me that it was a good idea to do something else right now, set our minds onto something else. She suggested to go outside for a while and have a walk and make some pictures.
I looked to the window and saw the rain droplets on the glass so I asked: "Go out for a walk? Right now?"
Monique expressed her surprise about the fact that obviously without us noticing it, the weather had turned bad. She then appeared to be disappointed and eventually she said: "Is this too wet for you?"
"Certainly for making pictures. I rather won't go out into the rain with my camera."
"And if we only go out for a walk?"
I hesitated for a moment then answered: "I don't know, I didn't bring along a coat to cope with this kind of rain and I rather won't get soaked and risk getting a cold or worse."
It took a few seconds before Monique answered: "Yes I can see your point."
It remained silent for a long time and I could see that Monique appeared to be thinking seriously about something. Eventually, she said with a thoughtful voice: "But if I can provide you some decent clothing for the circumstances, would you come along with me to the beach then?"
"To the beach?" I asked entirely amazed.
"You would be surprised to see how spectacular it can be at the beach in conditions like this. Or do you only go to the beach for sunbathing?"
"I never go to the beach, too far away from my place."
Monique then asked me for my shoe size. I couldn't believe my ears and I asked her why she needed to know that. Before answering anything she stood up and took one of the leather boots of the pair that was standing in the room. She then asked me if she could compare the size of her boot with my shoe. Having no idea what she was up to I asked her what she was up to.
She then looked at me with a sincere expression at her face and she said with a friendly voice: "Please, trust me, you'll see why in a moment I've asked this."
She came up to me, kneeled next to me and put the boot he held next to my foot. They were almost identical in length.
Again Monique looked to me with a sincere look on her face and she said: "I think that what I had in mind might work."
She put a hand on my knee and then she asked: "If I have suitable cloths for you to stay dry and warm, do you want to go to the beach with me?"
I got more and more amazed. What was she up to?
"I think I don't get what you're up to Monique" I said unsure.
She raised up again and once she stood in front of me again she looked down on me and said: "Come with me, please."
I did not raise from my chair immediately so after some seconds Monique said; “Come with me please, I have to show you something. Think you will understand a number of things by then and you will also understand how I could have made certain pictures you admired.”
I really had no clue about what was going on anymore but I stood up and she brought me to the storage room of the house, very much a barn-like structure built onto the rear end of the house.
Against one of the walls of the barn I saw a curtain hanging, hiding something what was behind it. She pulled the curtain away about halfway and another time I couldn’t believe my eyes. The curtain had hidden a cabinet in which I saw hanging no less that three long shiny raincoats, a black, a bright red and a clear white one, all of them had differences in details of finishing touch but they all were of a high glossy material. I also saw a long cape of sky blue vinyl.
I looked to Monique, not knowing what to say. She smiled to me and said: "You thought I was a leather freak, but I'm not. But if I do have a clothing related fetish, one of them is for rainwear made out of shiny material like these."
She smiled to me and then said. "You know, instead of looking leather-like I rather would wear vinyl skirts from materials like this more often it was possible. I do have a few of them but I don't wear them in public because women wearing vinyl clothing other than coats are often rated as sluts and whores. So I only wear them on certain occasions within the company of certain people who know me good enough by now or here at home when I am alone."
"I see" I whispered.
We kept looking to the coats in front of us. I remained silent for a long time before she continued: "As for these coats, the red and white one are not the cheap kind of coats you can find in department stores. I bought the black one in a department store, but the red and white are tailor made and pretty much my own design."
"That must have cost you a fortune" replied slowly.
"Indeed, but I have little choice. In fact, it was nothing short of a miracle I ran into that black one in a department store. A few centimeters longer would have been nice but I can live with that. It was nothing but a miracle that the sleeves were long enough to begin with. And once I found out that I couldn’t leave it hanging there for that prize.”
“Made up a bit for the other two” I suggested.
“Right. But it has one other flaw. The coating is not entirely one hundred percent waterproof fabric. No problem with slight showers and sprinkling but with more serious rain you’ll feel it.”
Monique moved the black coat a bit away from the other two so I could see more of the front part of the red one. Meanwhile she continued: “”But these two are water proof and even in much worse than the current weather you'll remain dry."
"What? Do you want me to wear one of those?" I asked in surprise.
Monique began to laugh and replied: "Of course not, if you would wear the white one, that one is so long that you would look like a bride in a long wedding gown who’s missing her bride maids. That one is even barely above my own ankles."
Monique had another intense look at me and she continued: "No, since I want to go to the beach I think it is better to wear something else instead. I certainly did not have in mind you would wear one of these."
Her looks became serious when she said: "I told you that if I have a clothing related fetish it is for raincoats like these. But I have another one, a fetish that is."
She pulled away the curtain further to open the left over part of the cabinet and again I couldn’t believe my eyes. The other half of the cabinet was filled with a collection of heavy duty rain suits components of all kind of types in different colours. Most of them were in green but fluorescent orange was well represented too and there was also a single yellow coat.
I stared for a while to this sea of rainwear but eventually I looked to Monique again.
“You wondered how I could have made some of the pictures I showed you. Well some of them could only be made when I put on some of that raingear in order to stay dry, warm or protect my cloths against the mud and water. How often I have laid on the ground to take all these macro pictures, or in the grass without worrying that it was still wet or muddy, I’ve lost counting.”
I didn’t know what to say yet. After a pause Monique added: “The green stuff is for daylight time and when I know it's gonna become a dirty mess, the orange stuff is for in the winter or other conditions with bad visibility or in the evening or night time. I often make a walk over the beach, also in case of with bad weather if possible. Beat the elements so to speak. I love that.”
I was in a state of bewilderness. It all became so unreal and totally beyond any expectation about what I had about how this day would proceed.
I did a quick count and saw no less than five different green items, the most unusual one being a pair of high cut trousers with welded on boots. Other then that there were a jacket, a regular pair of trousers and one wit bib and braces that looked much like the kind of trousers fishermen wore on board when at sea. Finally there was a smock in green as well. In orange items the count was the same, only the yellow jacket was a singleton. Under all that rainwear I saw four pair of rubber boots, a black and a green pair but also a dark blue par and a multicolored somewhat childish patterned pair.
Monique continued: "Most people hate this kind of rainwear material but I love it. It give me a more protected feeling against the elements when I go out in stormy conditions."
I could hear she was laughing a little when she continued: "And certainly when it is raining hard it is a nice sound if you hear the rain hitting the suit."
I still had the feeling that I was entirely confused and had lost control of the situation I was in.
Monique then looked at me another time and she said: "Now I think you'll understand why I invited you for a walk at the beach? I can provide you with something to stay dry in."
"This all is way too large for me, way oversized" I replied.
"I think I should give you a bib pant so I can adjust the braces for you."
"Even then, I don't have proper shoes right now."
"That's why I had a look on your shoe size compared with my boots. I think that there is a good chance that one of my pair of rubber boots will fit you."
She took out the pair of black rubber boots and said: "Try these for size."
It did take some persuasion by Monique before I finally gave in to her request to try her boots. Initially I had no intentions at all to go out for a walk to the beach with Monique in the current conditions, let alone in even giving it a try to see if her boots fitted me. But then it occurred that the chance that the boots very likely wouldn't fit me at all and in that case the walk was impossible anyway. So I tried the black and green pairs and both were too large for me. Since, as Monique told, the other two pairs were slightly larger it made no sense for me to try those.
But then, just when I thought that I was off the hook, Monique all of a sudden remembered that she had another what she called wader pants that she did not use anymore because the boots had been a bit too small for her feet. She opened another cabined and took out the thing. It was another such extreme high cut pant with boots welded on. She then begged me to try if the boots on this one were better.
Had it not been for all the support and assistance that Monique already had given me after she had confronted me with my incontinence but also the faith she had expressed in me by revealing her own incontinence to me, then I would have refused to even try that wader. But now, I felt I had at least to give it a try and prove that this wader didn’t fit either. I felt myself looking like an idiot in the thing but I had to admit, the boots of that wader fitted much and much better than the boots I had tried.
Monique persuaded me to try a little walking around if that felt good and much to my surprise it felt indeed good to walk on these boots. But I had no intentions to show that, just the opposite. I simply was not in for a walk in pooring rain and strong wind. But…..
After I had made some steps Monique asked me: “How do they fit? Can you walk on these without problems you think?” and after a little pause she added: “Be honest, please.”
It were the last words that caught me off guard. After all what she had done already and all help she had offered me already to help me dealing with my incontinence, could I really bring myself to be dishonest with her and lying to prevent to have to go out with her and deny her something she was obviously looking forward to?
I sighed and answered: “I can’t say if a few steps alone are enough to decide on that but right now it feels as if it could have been worse.”
"Are they a bit too large or marginal?"
I made a few steps and concluded: "Just a bit on the wide size."
"If I give you a pair of socks you can put on, would that help? Wait, I'll be back in a minute.'
Monique rushed off and there I stood, confused and not knowing what to do. About a minute or so later, Monique was back in the barn room, holding a pair of white tennis socks in her hand.
"What do you think, will that help to have a better feeling within the boots?"
I raised my shoulders and answered: "Likely."
Monique looked at me expectantly and she asked: “Will you give it a try? Shall we try if we can go to the beach? I’m sure you’re gonna be surprised how much more enjoyable it is than you think it to be on first thought.”
Despite the bare fact that I still wasn't willing to go out in that poor weather with her, I saw the expectation within Monique's face and it became ever more difficult to disappoint her after all her help. How uncomfortable I felt with her because of such a fetish and despite that I couldn't see any fun in exposing myself to wind and/or rain, something within me didn't want to disappoint her if possible.
Eventually I sighed and said: "I am a bit concerned that I might develop blisters at my feet after all after a while. And I have to be honest that I can't think about anything enjoyable in getting out right now."
To make a long story short, Monique tried to convince me to give it a try and that we could return instantly when I felt the first signs. Eventually, though I rated myself to be a stupid fool for doing so, I gave in to her requests.

Before we got out however we took a little bit to drink and prepared ourselves. So I first got out of that wader and eventually back into it again. I had put on the extra socks Monique had brought along, they were fitting good enough. I then put on the wader again, made a few steps and indeed, the extra socks made me feel as if the boots were fitting a bit better by now. Monique adjusted the straps on the thing and she gave me the yellow coat to wear over my coat and the wader. Both wader and coat were of course too large, the coat the most of all, I felt as if being lost in it. Monique opted for the green wader and the green coat hanging in the cabinet. She was very enthusiastic about wearing such a wader because, as she explained, it avoided that the trouser bottom ends could get stuck somewhere while strolling through nature. And in case of deeper puddles than expected, the seams of a regular pair of trousers would fill up with water and the insides getting wet after all. No such problems with wader pants so that’s why she preferred them when going out in natural environment and to the beach. And since she had to diaper up all the time, wearing a wader for a longer period of time was no problem for her.
To put on the wader, she had taken off her skirt and put on a pair of jogging trousers. Seeing her in that made me understand what she had told me about why she rarely wore trousers in public. And once fully dressed up within all that wide, roomy green canvas-like material, I could not avoid thinking about the expression `the incredible Hulk`….
When we had suited up Monique made me laugh when she made the comment that both of us certainly had taken maximum effort to keep the trousers we wore dry from moistures coming from both sides....

It turns out that the story is too long to be told within a single post. So I break it up in two pieces after all and continue in another post.

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Re: Monique, First encounter with `an other` Monique (Part 1)

Post by David » April 5th, 2017, 11:29 am

Very detailed story indeed.
Not a huge plastic pants fan myself but the way it is described in very specific details makes me feel as if i am a fly on the wall observing everything that is taking place.
The rain wear part is amazing.
Not only describing colors but materials and makes of rain wear is very important to further engross the readers into the story which is done flawlessly.
Can't wait to see them out into the storm at the beach and see the effects the storm has on them as well as there gear.
Has me glued to the screen every word.
Amazing story indeed thank you for sharing and please do continue.
***** five star author.

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