Monique, all kind of introductions first before telling her story (?)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Monique, all kind of introductions first before telling her story (?)

Post by BlackYucca » March 22nd, 2017, 9:15 pm


Dear reader,

This piece is the introduction part of something that was initially much larger and written with other intentions. But that project came to a halt some 12 years ago due to circumstances.
A bit of it could be salvaged here: the rainwear part.
However, the female within the story is such an extra-ordinary person and has some unusual manners of approaching and confronting people in her attempts to getting along with them. Nevertheless, she is a very likeable, warm and good person. I feel that she deserves to have more told about herself, her character and personality as well as the reasons behind all of that. And in doing so, I must tell more about her and tell the story how it could happen that she ended up in revealing her rainwear fetish to the `me` person. It also explains better why the `me` person became more connected with the female, despite some more than obvious reasons that this should have been unlikely to happen.
So, within this introduction chapter I make you more familiar with `Monique` and tell how the `me` person got to deal with her in a different manner than usual for him.
The follow up, (should there be interest for that that is), is about how Monique and `me` found out what this other connection was, how Monique eventually revealed her rainwear fetish to the `me` person and what happened thereafter.
There is a third part too, that is the part in which an event takes place that, small as it is, resembles an experience I had within my own life and that pretty much served as the inspiration for the entire project that eventually came to a standstill. But by then you know Monique and the `me` person well enough by now that introductions and deviation away from rainwear can be reduced compared with part two, let alone compared with this introduction.
That is, if there is enough encouragement coming to continue this project beyond this introduction to begin with…..
Maybe you have read the story about Annabeth or `Maja the bee` as she was nicknamed. And if there was not enough sex in those stories to your liking, then you'll almost certainly will feel the same about this story line.
And maybe you don't like the one thing that is a major part within the original story line but for which the attention has been reduced in the version intended to be released over here, in particular within these two intended follow-ups. But maybe not reduced enough to your liking within this introduction.
Come to think of it, maybe moderators will remove the contents and think this will be still too much heading onto an unwanted direction.
We'll see what happens.
I'll `sit back for a while` and wait for either that, or the responses...



About Monique but also about …..

It is by far and beyond doubt one of the most unusual things that happened within my life. It all happened many years ago, shortly after the new millenium had started. Had anyone told me before all these events happened that I would become befriended in the manner like I did with a woman who was a `fetishisté` for shiny clothing, wore leather clothing on a daily base, loved vinyl clothing and coats and wore heavy duty rainwear almost as if for fun, I would have laughed and proclaimed the person who told me so to be crazy. But so much more happened within that period of time that getting a friend like Monique was almost just something that came along with all of that.
But it required a number of events and circumstances, some of them were rather embarrassing and humiliating. But if it had not been for Monique, I don't know how I would have gone through all of that.
Long story to tell how it all could start to begin with but OK, let's give it a try. I wonder how many of you will have the patience to read this introduction part but I feel that I've got to tell all this, even if it has nothing to do with rainwear yet.

Early in the 2000's I worked at an advertisement agency as a graphic designer. I wasn't one of the major creative minds who had to think up all kind of advertisement campaigns but occasionally I had ideas that the creative minds felt very helpful. So apart from doing the work in visualizing how a campaign would look, I did all kind of other work as well. I wasn't one of the `top dogs`, yet I was a more than respected assistant and I had a lot of freedom. The studio I worked was a fairly large one and I worked for several accounts, from some of the biggest we had but also some very small ones.
I have had a difficult youth, primarily due to my length, I was only 162 cm tall and because of that, life had been hard on me, I think you can make up your ideas about how. Needless to say, I was single, no girl had ever expressed any interest for me and most of my experiences with girls and women at school and thereafter had been negative. So I had remained single and had tried to make my life entertaining on different manners. For a while that had worked good enough. But some years before things had gone not so well anymore and I must admit that I knew there were reasons enough to give why I was not a popular, well liked person. I knew it but I simply was unable to change all of that despite some tries. I can’t make myself look better than I was, there had been circumstances beyond my control, like my length, but there were certainly a lot of things I had to blame myself for.
At work, one of the secretaries I worked with on occasion was Monique and she was something else. A very tall woman, I barely reached her shoulder. But she was quite a burly woman. It was not a matter of her being fat but it was obvious to see that she was too heavy for her length. Still, her figure was fairly well balanced and just about everything was reasonably within proportions. But everything about her was large, wide, sturdy, solid and to some extend massive. Again you could not call her being thick, let alone fat. There were more women at my work of more average length but who were clearly too thick and suffered more from obesitas then Monique did. I already used a lot of words and I still feel that I haven’t described the kind of impression Monique made. But the best comparison I can think of is this. Look at an original Fiat 500 or a Mini passenger car of the past and it looks `small` but well balanced and in proportions. Then put a modern day version of them as they are sold nowadays next to it and you still see the resemblance, the proportions are still there but the modern day version is so much larger. That was also the case with Monique. She was so much taller and larger than the average woman. Forgive me the expression but think up the modern day versions of the mentioned cars in the extra sporty versions with wider fenders, spoilers and so on to get an idea about what I mean to say that apart from Monique being so tall and big that she was also carrying `a bit more` on the skeleton. But if long, tall women were your kind of woman, then she was a kind of attractive to some extend.
She was however not the kind of woman I fancied because of the manner how she presented herself. She always wore wide leather or imitation leather skirts of all kind of colours and appearances, semi gloss, near polished, old worn style. It appeared as if she had at least 10 or so such kind of skirts. And never a narrow pencil style skirt but always wide, bell-like kind of skirts. The shortest skirts she wore ended about the knee but most of the time her skirts were below knee level. I can't recall I ever saw her wearing trousers of any kind. But since the skirts already couldn't hide the fact she had quite a massive bottom, I suppose that she didn't want to show off her `meaty behind` in whatever kind of pant or pair of trousers. There was the occasional talking among us men about Monique always dressing up in leather skirts but none of us ever dared to ask her if there was a special reason for that.
Blouses etcetera that she wore were often of a wide fit as well, probably in an attempt reduce the appearance of her massive breasts. We knew she had massive breasts. Occasionally she wore tight fitting sweaters and then she really showed off a mighty bosom. But when she wore a tight sweater, then there was something else to see that came a bit unexpected. We had several average length women at the work floor who were relatively far more overweight than Monique. And some of these women were that much oversized so that you could see how lingerie like bras and even underpants or regular trousers were causing all kind of fat rolls to be seen on them. But Monique rarely, if ever showed off such a `Michelin Man` effect, her cloths always showed a rather smooth body surface. I had no idea how she achieved that but I suspected that she wore old fashioned corsets or modern day versions of that most of the time.
I am sure that because of her massive breasts she must have had much cleavage to show. But she very rarely wore vee-shape blouses so we saw that cleavage not that often at all and even then very little of it. It was more common to see her wear leather upper clothing matching the skirt she wore that day. As for footware, leather or leather-like shoes but often leather boots was what we saw her standing on most of the time.
I almost forget, one of the things Monique definitely had going for her was that she had a lovely, pretty face. She used little make-up and wasn’t in need for much of all that. She had long dark brown hair, simply hanging around her face, hardly anything being done with it. Simple as it was, she didn’t need to do that much, above the shoulders she was lovely to see.
Anyway I guess the message is clear, if she did appeal to you yes or no, Monique was absolutely something else and a unique woman to look onto.
To some extend, despite she had a number of things going for her to be rated some kind of sexy, she did not do that much at all to deliberately show off her female side other then what I told already. Still, the ever present leather skirts, often with a matching topping, appeared to me as giving her a somewhat sluttish image. Within her presence I always felt rather uncomfortable, not in the least because of her towering well above me and her massive presence.
Despite me being rather intimidated by her presence just about every time, she was always kind and friendly to me. Funny enough, though I also worked with other secretaries and female assistants, colleagues of Monique, often I noticed that working with Monique was the most effective for me. If it came to work, it appeared as if there was a match between us. We often understood another almost instantly. Did I feel intimidated by her and a bit uneasy within her presence, I had no idea how she felt about me and frankly, I didn't care about that. But I must say that she always was kind and friendly to me. I never noticed any annoyance or irritation with her when she was dealing with me.
But I kept my contacts with Monique strictly business and at work. That vague sluttish image I had about her pretty much sealed off any interests I might have had to deal with her outside the walls of our office building. If her massive proportions weren't enough of a turn off for such a little man like me.

It was in 2001 when it all went wrong for me. Somehow I got a massive infection disease which kept me at home for a while. To make a long story short, the infection somehow got hold of my renal and urinary system and I lost the control about my bladder. Eventually, the infections disappeared but to my distress the incontinence didn't disappear. Once the doctor told me I was cured again from the infections I still was wetting my pants and in constant need for diapers and other incontinence material. The doctor told me that maybe it might take some time for this incontinence to heal. But two weeks after I was told that the infection was cured, I still had to use diapers and plastic pants to protect my clothing and bed.
If I didn't feel miserable already, then the desperation really took over when I thought about how my life was to be from now on if I was forced to keep using diapers and plastic pants. As if I had not been humiliated enough in my life now I had to dress up like a baby.
I had been away from work during my period of illness but eventually I simply had to get back to work and then of course this incontinence became a real problem. I had to change diapers over the day somehow. I managed to find a manner to get it done. And as far as I could figure out, nobody at my work had noticed something. But work was not funny anymore, I was so scared about people finding out I wore diapers. Come to think of it, life in general was no fun anymore.

I think it was some two weeks since I had returned to work that I had a very bad period of time and felt awfully depressed about the prospects of a life in diapers and plastic pants. I had a particularly bad spell on a Thursday morning and for a while I went to the coffee room to have a moment for myself. I was there for a few minutes, watching through the windows when I heard someone entering the room.
"Are you OK man?" It was the voice of my boss, the director of the graphic studios.
I turned around and saw him standing.
"I'm fine" I replied quickly.
My boss smiled and said: "Well if how you are looking is doing fine then I have some fears about you how you must be when you're feeling miserable."
I began to laugh a bit. Then I saw Monique stepping into the room as well, but she barely entered the room and kept standing near the entry of the room.
My boss appeared to not take any notice of Monique’s presence within the room and asked if I still was feeling not very well because of the effects of my long illness and I admitted that it had something to do with that. He then told me to take off for the rest of the day and tomorrow as well to get myself together again and have an early start of the weekend. It wasn't held against me, it wouldn't cost me free time, he just send me off. He had remained very friendly and understanding during the talking and told me not to care about the work waiting. Others would finish that for me. He assured me I could go and once I promised him I would be leaving shortly he left.
Meanwhile Monique had remained standing there, not saying a word, but observing me. Once the boss had left the room she came up to me and asked: "How are you?"
I raised my shoulders and answered. "Don't worry, I'll get over it. It just takes some time. What’s up? Were you looking for me?"
It turned out that Monique had something to tell to me about a project I had been working on and she also gave me a written confirmation of all that. I thanked her for handing it over.
"Well you have a long weekend by now I’ve heard. Any plans for what you're gonna do?"
"Oh, taking it easy, maybe I'll gonna do some walking, make some pictures or so."
"Are you in photography?"
This started a conversation between us about photography. Some four months ago, before I got ill, I had bought a digital SLR camera and was still experimenting with getting the most out of it. Till my utter surprise Monique told me she had bought a digital camera just two weeks ago and was still trying to get the hang out of all the supplied software and the actual camera. I told her that the software part by now was not really a problem for me anymore but that I was still was experimenting with the camera. And before I knew it she asked me if, since she had a day off as well next day, if I was willing to come by at her place and help her out a bit with all that software and perhaps go out with her to make some pictures. She told me where she lived which was definitely a nice environment, beautiful nature, a beach close by.
But I instantly had to think about how to hide my incontinence and all what that would cause so I turned down the invitation. Monique however didn't give up and she was so persuasive and insisting that eventually I had enough of it and decided that I could probably make it for an hour or two or three without giving my incontinence away to her. So at long last I told her that I would come by tomorrow morning for some time. She gave me her address and told me she looked forward to welcome me at her place. Somehow I had a feeling that something was going on because it appeared to me as if Monique was very enthused about the thought that I would come over, a bit too enthused. And I could not figure out why. After checking a few little details she went back to work, again telling me she looked forward to meet me the next day.
With an uncertain feeling if I had done the right thing I went back to my office where my colleagues welcomed me. The told me they had heard from our boss that I needed some time for myself and everyone told me to take it easy and wished me the best and a nice weekend. I cleaned my desk, took up my belongings and left.

Once at home I took care for myself, ate a little, gathered the things I expected to need that afternoon and tried to get a bit of rest. I had an easy afternoon.
But the following day, the more I thought about it, the more stupid I felt myself for having taken up the invitation of Monique. But by now I did not know a good excuse to cancel it somehow. So by 9:30 that afternoon I left my home again and drove to the town where Monique lived. I was not very familiar over there but I managed to find her house without problems. She lived in a nice environment, close to the coast.
And then it really and truly started, one surprise after another, it just didn't stop.....

I'll try to make things brief here. Monique welcomed me and we drank a little coffee before we went down to business behind the computer. Something else that surprised me a bit was that even here at home she once again wore a wide leather skirt. But this time her upper body was covered in a sweater with a little collar, made out of a very soft-to-the touch looking fabric. But anything positive about her upper clothing not being seductive because of not showing any cleavage was instantly eliminated because the sweater was so tight that it was as if she was shrinkwrapped in it. This shrinkwrapping of her upper body did succeed in making her upper body a bit less wide and massive. At the same time however it did put a lot of focus on her breasts, revealing, if not enhancing how curvaceous her bosom was and the sweater showed off her breasts in, forgive me the expression, full glory.
I felt Monique’s looks being near ordinary, confirming the sluttish image I had about her. The man in me couldn't help to notice all this and that to some extend it was a kind of attractive too though definitely not my liking. But the truth had to be said, tall and wide as she was, in a certain manner it still made Monique gather the attention and look a kind of attractive.
When I had entered the house, I had noticed a short dark brown leather coat as well as a much longer black leather coat hanging on the coat rack at the wall. But I had also spotted a short coat that was made of a silver coloured vinyl-like fabric. But the leather coats, in combination with even here at home yet another leather skirt being worn, I categorized Monique for once and for all as being a leather girl, period. More correct, it confirmed my suspicions I had about her given what I had seen from her at work.
I put all those opinions and thoughts aside and focussed on what I had come for: make her more familiar with her digital camera and the computer software.
It didn't take that long at all for me to find out that Monique was quite the photographer, she was really good in nature photography and showed me some spectacular pictures. Not that strange since within the environment she lived there was more than enough inspiration. I almost envied her for that. In fact there were a few pictures hanging in the living room that defied belief and I sometimes wondered how in the world she could have made certain pictures. Something I mentioned to her too but she did not tell anything about it. Only once after I had expressed my admiration for a very tricky difficult natural scene picture she showed me she told me that if I only knew what that would take that I probably would be surprised. I gave a comment that hinted I was interested to hear that story but she changed the subject instead.
After some one and a half hours behind the computer she suggested to quit for now and have a light lunch. She prepared one for both of us that was really good. Up to that time the atmosphere between us had been good. Monique was a good host and she certainly managed to make me feel at ease within her company, maybe even more at ease than she had ever managed to do at work.
After the lunch she suggested to go outside for a little walk and make some pictures. I agreed on that. But in an attempt to cover up my incontinence I told her I needed to go to the restroom. That wasn't necessary at all because I had put on a fresh diaper at the very latest moment before I had left home and I knew that I was still safe and not in need for a change. But going to the restroom before going out had been a normal habit for me and still for other men so I had to act up a little. But nothing, absolutely nothing could have warned me for what everything that happened from then on.

OK, I guess all of you by now think what all of this has to do with a woman enjoying wearing rainwear. I can't help it but I have to tell all this so you will have a better understanding about her personality as well as that of my own. And explain how we got into the events of which I can tell you more first. Besides that, Monique certainly had a special manner of letting something known to me that day.
The manner in which rainwear was introduced and became a part of that experience is worth telling if you ask me.
Tell me if you want me to tell you.....

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Re: Monique, all kind of introductions first before telling her story (?)

Post by mrbassman101 » March 23rd, 2017, 12:51 am

@ BlackYucca
A very interesting beginning ........please continue to the rainwear !

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Re: Monique, all kind of introductions first before telling her story (?)

Post by saxon12343 » March 23rd, 2017, 12:21 pm


Well written - I prefer the type of writing which sets an atmosphere rather then straight into "wham bam thank you ma'am" - well done you and thank you.....but more please!

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Re: Monique, all kind of introductions first before telling her story (?)

Post by hotwilly » March 24th, 2017, 1:37 pm

Read and enjoyed Annabeth, the introduction to this story leads me to think think this story will be the same
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: Monique, all kind of introductions first before telling her story (?)

Post by TheHazmatPixie » March 25th, 2017, 11:49 pm

Yes, definitely write more. I agree with saxon12343, it's nice to have a story that takes a bit to get into. Like a locomotive leaving its station- building its intensity. Keep up the good work.

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Re: Monique, all kind of introductions first before telling her story (?)

Post by Jennifer987 » March 26th, 2017, 11:04 am

Well done BlackYucca, I am enjoying this story very much, please continue.

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Re: Monique, all kind of introductions first before telling her story (?)

Post by sissy_sofi » March 30th, 2017, 10:27 pm

I am liking the potential for this story.

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