The Black PVC Mac

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The Black PVC Mac

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It was a Friday evening in late April when Steve was in his car on his way to Birmingham New Street station. Moving his way through the traffic he was about a mile away from the station when he heard his phone receive a message. Not being able to look or answer the message he stopped at traffic light and took a quick look.

It was from his girlfriend Sarah. Saying that she was waiting for him outside her station. By now he was about five minutes away from there.
Pulling away from the traffic lights He had to put his windscreen wipers on as it had started to rain. Drops at first then heavier. As he pulled into the station he was looking to see where Sarah was. Having to go round the station carpark twice as there was a traffic warden standing around before he spotted her. Standing to one side of the main entrance. Her umbrella in her hand covering her from the rain.

Steve saw she was wearing her black knee length shiny PVC Mac, the one he had bought her a few weeks before.
This was the first time he had seen her wear it. As he stopped Sarah opened the car door, closed her umbrella and got in. Closing the door she leaned over to Steve and kissed him. A long Probing French kiss as her tongue met his. As he pulled away from the station Sarah put her hand onto his, her hand was cold from where she had been holding her umbrella. She chatted to him as he moved the car through the traffic. Making his way slowly to his flat that was a few miles away.

When they had gone a few hundred yards Steve moved his hand onto her Mac just below her thigh. Slowly running his hand down towards her knee of the shiny coat, then retracing where he had just stroked. Higher up her thigh till he found a taut suspender strap that was under her Mac. Rubbing her thigh Steve heard her give a little moan as his fingers caressed her thigh through her Mac.
Her hand had move onto the jeans Steve was wearing. She was tempted to run her hand over the material that was covering his groin, but thought better of it as he was still driving and she didn’t want to arouse him too much. Though she was slowly becoming aroused as he rubbed her own thigh over the PVC.

As Steve stopped at yet another set of traffic lights he slowly slid his hand under her coat, stroking her nylon-clad knee. Letting his hand slide higher under her coat he again found the suspender strap that was holding up her stocking. Caressing her bare thigh above her stocking top before he had to pull away from the lights. Sarah had given a little groan as she felt his hand on her thigh. He was teasing her with his fingers. Slowly tempting her with things that were yet to come.
As the travelled close to his flat Sarah again stroked Steve’s jeans. The jeans covering his legs and pulling tight as he changed gears. Steve pulled into the road where he lived and stopped. It was still raining, as he was about to get out of the car. Sarah took hold of his hand before they got out, and whispered in his ear.

“Let’s go somewhere else baby”
Steve looked at her questioningly.
“Lets go somewhere quiet”
Sarah replied to his look.
“Have you anywhere in mind?
Steve asked.
With that Sarah leaned over again and gave him another lingering probing kiss.
“Of course babes!”
she smiled!

Giving him directions she took him through the streets and out of the city centre. Again her hand on his thigh. Stroking and caressing his thigh over the jeans. As they pulled into the local country park Sarah had taken them to she smiled once again. As Steve stopped the engine he saw that the park was deserted. As he got out, he pulled on his own coat. Going round to open the car door for Sarah to get out. She gracefully swung her legs out and stood up. Opening her umbrella she sheltered Steve and herself from the still pouring rain. The rain hitting the cover and rolling onto floor.
As Sarah and Steve walked up a deserted path Steve was squeezing her sexy bottom though her Mac. He had already thought that she hadn’t got a dress or a skirt on under the PVC Mac. He couldn’t feel it as he stroked her bottom. Her bottom swaying in time as she walked, the four inch high heeled knee boots thrusting her hips from side to side as she put one foot in front of the other.

Sarah seemed to know where she was taking them. After about a five-minute walk down the path she stopped in front of a small concrete building. Sarah bent down to enter the low door; closing her umbrella once more she entered. Steve very close behind her. The building was isolated and not used for anything now. It was once a military building but now just empty. When they were both inside Sarah turned to Steve and pulled him close to her. Kissing him again as she held him and caressed his bottom over the tight jeans.

As she did he started to fondle her bottom through her coat. Sarah knew he was getting aroused as the bulge in his trousers grew and started to press against her groin. Sliding her hand from off his bottom Sarah slid it round onto his groin. Slowly holding his arousal in her fingers, feeling it begin to throb.

Steve moved his own hand from off her bottom and round her waist. Feeling her suspender belt under her coat as he did. Slightly bend down he slid his hand under the coat and up her stocking. Going higher onto the taut suspender, and bare thigh above her stocking top. Probing higher still his fingers found the vee between her thighs, the secret place that he knew. Her pussy moist to his touch as he stroked her gently.
Her love lips getting wetter and hotter as he moved his fingers up and down her slit. Sarah gave a little shudder and moan of anticipation. His probing making her even more aroused. She could feel her nipples becoming erect under her coat. Steve could feel them to as he pressed against her. Taking his hand from her slit, he stood up and probed her mouth once again with his tongue. Making her breathless with the probing of his tongue.

Running his hand over the smooth material, Steve moved higher up her body, up her waist till he found the soft curve of her breasts. Now he knew she wasn’t wearing anything under her Mac. Feeling her nipples as his hand moulded the PVC round her breasts.
Her rosebuds making peaks as his hand roamed over her.

Sarah’s moans grew louder as he squeezed her breasts and thrust her hips against his arousal. Moving her hand down to his erection she unfastened the belt round his waist then unzipped his trousers. Letting them drop round his ankles, leaving him in just his silk boxer shorts. A wet stain growing on the front of them. His erection now nearly free for her. Bending slightly Sarah slid her hand into his shorts and slid them down his thighs. His erection now standing proudly from his groin.

Slipping her hand into her rain Mac pocket Sarah found a small packet, opened it and with a quick deft movement rolled a condom down his throbbing erection. Pushing against his cock She started to run his member up and down her slit making her wetter still.
After a few minutes of this and hearing her moan, Steve turned her round. Parting her thighs he slowly slid his hand under her shiny Mac and fondled her wet clit from behind.

Inserting two fingers into her and feeling her G spot with his middle finger. Feeling her tighten her cunt muscles as he fingered her and starting to cum under his touch.
Sarah started to moan loudly as he probed her twat deeply and slowly.
After another few minutes of this Sarah started to moan
“Fuck me Fuck me Steve!”

With that Steve lifted her Mac up over her hips and suspender belt. Getting close to her, as he was about to enter her with his cock. Parting her legs even further Sarah felt him slowly slide his erection up her bottom and rub her by now throbbing clit. His cock seemed very hard tonight! Entering her wet cunt Steve was filling her tonight as he thrust into her willing pussy. Feeling his cock throb as he was inside her turned her on even more.
Slowly thrusting into he hot pussy Steve drove deeply into her. His balls slapping against her bottom as he was doing so. Her moans of desire filling the room where they were.

“Aggghh agghhhh aagggghh”
she moaned, as her pussy started to give tell signs of her orgasm approaching.
“Fuck me baby”
Followed by a loud
“Oooohhhh yes”

As she cum. Her whole body shaking as her orgasm swept through her body. Making her knees shake and buckle. Steve’s cock was deep inside her as he was fucking her. In and out he thrust as his cock made her twat throb even more. Deep and hard as he started to speed up his rhythm. Holding her hips tightly as he got faster. Her moans getting louder as he did.

“Oooohhhh yes yes yes”
she moaned as he began to build up to his own orgasm.
Sarah felt his cock tighten, as he was still deep inside her. His throbbing now matching her pussy as it throbbed. She came again “Aaaggggh aggghhhhh aggggghhh” and as she was doing so Steve shot his load of hot cream into the rubber condom. His final thrust sending Sarah into a big final noisy orgasm.

His cock going limp after a few minutes in the condom. Rolling it from his now limp member, he pulled up his boxer shorts and his jeans and fastened them. Sarah let her coat fall over her stockings and stood there for a few minutes to regain her composure after their lovemaking. Leaving their secret place Sarah looked out the door of the building to see if anyone was around.

No one there! Putting up her umbrella again, she first sheltered herself then Steve as he came outside the door.
Walking down the path back to the car Steve kept squeezing her bottom over her Mac. Knowing that there was nothing under it was still a turn on for him. And every now and then Sarah let out a little moan as if to say don’t stop.

When they got back to the car Steve ran his hand under the shiny material again and felt her thigh. Before going higher and feeling her still wet clit. Giving her one final short orgasm in the car before pulling away from the car park and making his way back to his flat.

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Re: The Black PVC Mac

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Hi spitfire617..You write my kind of story..I hope there are further episodes of Steve and Sarah..(I wish I was steve) I know it takes a lot of time, but please keep going...(I've written stories about Mike and Linda on this forum in the past - the last one some few months ago now..)

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Re: The Black PVC Mac

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Great story and we need more.

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Re: The Black PVC Mac

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Love the story, what would make it perfect for me would be Sarah convincing Steve to become Stephanie for an adventure......both dressed in nothing but matching Black PVC Mac's and sexy lingerie.

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Re: The Black PVC Mac

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Interesting thought!

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Re: The Black PVC Mac

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Great story - sort I enjoy
Thanks & well done
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: The Black PVC Mac

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very nice story

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Re: The Black PVC Mac

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ashim2002 wrote:
June 12th, 2017, 2:01 pm
very nice story
Thank you for your kind comment

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Re: The Black PVC Mac

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I'm pretty sure that I have read this on another website some time ago.

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Re: The Black PVC Mac

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rubbermackintosh wrote:
June 13th, 2017, 9:06 am
I'm pretty sure that I have read this on another website some time ago.
You are correct it is else where.

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