Mike and Lida part-11

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Mike and Lida part-11

Post by shinymacman » August 24th, 2016, 11:15 pm

(This part of the story takes place after the events in part-10 and centres around a conversation between the two main female characters Linda and karen..It does cover some recent sexual action as told in a previous part, but as seen through Linda's eyes..Although pvc/rubber rainwear is refered to, and indeed is being worn by both women, some readers may question the relevancy of this part of the story in this forum..But in my mind I felt the conversation between the two women was an integral part of the story, so I felt it worthy of inclusion)..

Karen came back late afternoon after the meeting with business clients..'You'll need your mac on when we leave work' she said to Linda.. The two women left work about thirty minutes later and as planned went for a coffee finding a table in a quiet corner and taking their macs off.. 'Have you been feeling better today'? Karen asked.. 'Much better thank you' Linda replied..'Why is that'? karen asked with a knowing smile.. 'Did you get some action when you got home yesterday'?.. Linda replied immediately 'Oh Karen..Mike couldn't keep his hands off me.. He kept groping me through my pvc mac.. But I really wanted him to do that..I wanted to feel him touching me through my mac.. But then, when I took my mac off he groped me through my pvc skirt.. I'd been feeling so aroused on my way home and i knew I was getting wet.. I wanted to take the skirt off..I was afraid I would wet the inside of it.. He asked me to keep the satin blouse on I was wearing, so i took my bra off and put the blouse back on and then he groped my breasts through the blouse.. I was so aroused by then that I told him that I would need him to fuck me later, but we did it there and then.. Ten minutes after I got home i was riding him.. Oh god Karen..He made me cum three times.. It just felt so good and so satisfying and I felt so relaxed afterwards'.. Karen thought fo a moment and said quietly 'There's nothing wrong with that honey..You needed sex ..You needed that release'..
'I know you're right Karen' Linda said, but it's not like me..I've never wanted sex like that before'.. 'You hadn't met Mike before' Karen said.. Linda agreed.. ' But I get so aroused helping Mike with his fetish needs' she said.. 'But that's okay honey' Karen said.. 'It's good that you want to help Mike with his needs and i think it's only natural that your sexual responses and needs have increased as a result meaning that you will want sex more often'.. Linda began to feel better..She realised Karen was right..

Karen sensed that Linda was still nervous..'What's wrong Linda..Is there something else'? she asked.. 'Karen..We ended up having sex again this morning' Linda admitted.. 'Mike said that he couldn't stop thinking about me wearing my pvc mac..It made him so aroused..I wanted to comfort him..And i could feel his erection pressing into me..So I started to give him some hand relief, but I didn't want him to cum all over my satin nightdress, so I knew That the only way I could give him relief and help him cum was to give him sex..Once he was inside me he couldn't last long, but I could feel he was much more relaxed afterwards'..Linda paused.. 'Did you need sex'? Karen asked.. 'No not really after the sex I had with him yesterday' Linda said.. 'Did you orgasm'? Karen asked.. 'Well as I got out of bed I realised my nightdress was wet and it was my own cum so yes I did I guess, but my thoughts were on helping Mike' Linda said.. 'And helping mike gets you aroused and you're now getting lots of sex..Honestly honey, there's nothing wrong with that..I wish I was getting it as much as you are now' Karen said.. 'So would you help Mike with his fetish and sexual needs like I'm doing'? Linda asked.. Karen thought for a few seconds and said 'Yes I would..And think of the sex I would be having'..

Talking to karen was making Linda feel much better..'I do want to keep helping Mike with his needs, but I'm not sure how' Linda said.. Karen thought and said 'You already know what gets him aroused..Your pvc macs..and your pvc skirt'.. Linda agreed.. 'Maybe I should try some more pvc for him' she pondered.. 'Yes..You try another shiny mac..And you need something that he might see you wearing during the day like another pvc skirt perhaps,
or a pair of pvc or leather trousers' Karen said.. 'Maybe I could start wearing things like that for work as well' Linda said.. 'You did wear your pvc skirt yesterday remember' Karen said.. 'I just wasn't brave enough before' Linda replied.. 'And you said he likes you wearing satin' Karen said.. 'Yes..especialy my satin nightdress..And he certainly liked my satin blouse yesterday ..I think he would like the satin top your wearing today Karen..He'd have his hands all over you while you're wearing it' Linda said.. 'He's already had his hands all over me when I was wearing my rubber mac saturday night' Karen replied.. As they finished their coffees Linda said 'Thanks for the chat Karen..I just wanted assurance I was doing the right thing'.. 'I think you are honey and there's nothing wrong in you having plenty of sex as a result' Karen replied..

They started to put their macs on.. 'Let's celebrate' Linda said.. 'Celebrate what'? Karen asked.. 'You getting a good deal with the clients today and my new found sexyness..We'll go to the restaurant near my place' Linda said.. 'But I haven't got my car today' Karen said.. 'I'm sure Mike would run you home especialy when I tell him your wearing your mac today..I'll give him a call on our way home' Linda said...

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