Mike and Linda part-10

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Mike and Linda part-10

Post by shinymacman » August 21st, 2016, 3:41 pm

Linda woke up early the next morning feeling better after a relaxing nights sleep, but she soon realised that Mike seemed restless.. 'What's wrong honey'? She asked quietly..Are you okay'?..He turned to face him and she pressed her body into him, immediately feeling his morning erection pressing into her satin nightdress.. 'I can't stop thinking about you wearing your pvc mac Linda..You looked so gorgeous yesterday' he said quietly..'I know baby..It's okay' she whispered.. 'But I can't hold on much longer' he gasped.. 'I need something to masturbate into..I need your pvc mac' he groaned.. 'My mac is downstairs honey, but it's okay..I can still help you' she whispered.. She realised that as he held her in her satin nightdress he was getting even more aroused.. She put her hands on to his throbbing hard on and started to give him some hand relief.. 'Oh that feels so good' he groand as he started to thrust into her through her nightdress.. She soon noticed a small spot of his pre-cum already on the front of her nightdress..' All right honey..I think I know what you really need' she whispered as she made him roll on top of her.. She lifted the bottom of her nightdress up and gently guided his throbbing hard on into her vagina..She knew he just needed to feel the sensation of being inside her.. She took control letting her vagina give him the relief she knew he badly needed.. 'Oh god baby..You feel so good..I just want you so badly when I know you've been wearing your pvc mac..I hope you wear it again today' he said gasping.. 'I'll try to just for you darling' she said.. He started to thrust into her and she knew he couldn't hol on much longer.. A few seconds later she could feel his hot semen spurting into her with each thrust.. She felt her vagina throbbing and she writhed underneath him and she gasped as he pumped up a final stream of thick cum inside her groaning with relief..

She allowed hin to lay on top of her for a while as he continued to thrust into her for a few seconds, but his needs had been satisfied and she could feel that he was more relaxed now.. 'I'm sorry honey, but I just can't get enough of you' he said.. 'It's okay I hope you're feeling better now' she whispered.. He nodded and said ' Yes I am thanks to you..I just can't believe how good you feel in that nightdress'.. He rolled off her and got out of bed allowing her to adjust her nightdress..She lay back on the bed for a while, but soon realised her nightdress felt wet.. She got out of bed and saw there was a wet patch down the front of it.. 'Why am I wet' she asked herself.. She ran her hands over the wet patch and realised it was her own cum..A shiver of excitement ran through her.. 'Oh god I don't believe i orgasmed again' she groaned..

Linda showered and dressed and walked downstairs to find Mike there..It was raining hard again as she left for work which gave Mike a chance to watch her put her blue pvc mac on again.. Mike hugged her and she allowed him to run his hands all over her in her mac.. 'I thought you would like that' she said.. 'You feel as good as you look wearing this mac' he murmerd.. She kissed him..'I'll see you later honey' she said as she left..

Linda arrived at work and took off her mac smoothing it down as she did so.. 'Hi honey' a familiar voice said.. It was Karen..'Another shiny mac day for both of us..I bet Mike was pleased when he saw you put your mac on again' she said.. 'Yes he was..He couldn't take his eyes, or his hands off me' Linda replied.. Karen took off her shiny black rubber mac.. 'You look nice' Linda said admiring Karen's matching black jacket and trousers.. 'I'm out with the boss meeting clients..I thought I should look business like' Karen said.. Under the jacket Karen wore a red shiny satin top..It was loose fitting, but she wore it tucked into the trousers making it appear tight over her chest.. 'You look nice to honey, but no pvc today..Karen said.. 'No just my mac' Linda replied.. 'Are you feeling better today'? Karen asked.. Linda smiled and said 'Yes I'm feeling much better..I'm not as tense, or wound up'.. 'Is there a reason for that'? Karen asked with a knowing smile.. 'There could be' Linda said nervously.. 'Would you like to talk about it?..We could go for a coffee after work' Karen suggested.. 'Oh yes please' Linda said knowing that talking to karen would help..'Okay, but I've got to go now..I'll see you later' Karen said as she put her mac on and left..

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Re: Mike and Linda part-10

Post by kinkycumbria » August 22nd, 2016, 11:14 am

another nice story but it is getting frustrating how long you are taking to get Karen into bed with them both!!!!!!

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