Rubber Waders Part 3

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Rubber Waders Part 3

Post by Sbrmacfanman » August 11th, 2016, 5:19 pm

Rubber waders. Part 3

" What a collection and I'd love to try the womans outfits but you'll have to help me."
"Don't worry I will. Now help me take of my rubber waders and pass me the black pair of leather thigh
boots from the bottom of the wardrobe."
I pulled off her waders and taking out the leather boots placed the waders back in the wardrobe. I
helped Kate put on the boots and while she stood I slowly pulled up the long zip. She took off the
mackintosh and told me to do the same. Having took off the mackintosh and straightened her leather
suit, she looked at me saying, " I think I'll try being a bit dominant and see how good you are at
cleaning, starting with the washing up. So take off your mackintosh and go and put your marigolds on."
Moving into the kitchen and putting on the pink rubber gloves I collected the dirty pots and started to
clean them.
" Stop" she shouted, "you haven't put your apron on, look under the sink?"
I put on the matching pink apron and continued washing the pots. All the time she was brushing her
hand across my back.
"That was very good ", Kate said when I'd finished,
I poured her a glass of wine and we stood in the kitchen as neither of us wanted to sit at the moment.
She knelt down in front of me, ran her rubber gloved hand up and down my riding boots and lifted my
left leg kissing and carressed my riding boot.
" I love your riding boots, I think I'd like to try them on," she said.
"Of course you can," I replied.
She swiftly pulled them off, unzipped and removed her thigh boots and slipped her feet into my riding
boots. She walked around in them saying, " I like these very much, bit big so I'll have to treat myself to
a pair."
I moved next to the sofa and Kate gently eased me into a sitting position on it.
She leaned toward me and gently kissed me. I kissed her back and slowly moved my hands over her
leather suit and down her boots.
Kate said as we moved apart, " That was nice, we'll have to do some more of that later but I'll leave
you to your wine while I make us some supper."
A few minutes later she returned dressed in her shiny black PVC raincoat with my waders over her arm.
" Right, now I think you'll wear your rubber thigh boots." and with that she pulled them on over my legs.
I said, " Look at you, in your shiny black PVC raincoat and matching hat and those thigh boots,
" I thought I'd change and if you put on your mackintosh we could sit and decide what to do next."
Waders on and tightly belted in my mackintosh we were sat on the sofa.
Kate was snuggled up to me and we enjoyed the feel of each other dressed in our favourite gear.
Later, supper forgotten, Kate whispered to me, "As it's getting late why don't we go upstairs and try
some more ways of enjoying ourselves?"
We finished our wine and went to the bedroom, " How do you fancy being dressed as woman, Paul?"
" I love that very much,"
Kate opened the wardrobe and showed me all of her husband's clothes, "you don't mind wearing any
of these do you"!
" Not at all, as long as you are OK with it."
"Good, of course I'm OK about it, I'd love you to try them on I think you'll enjoy it."
We sorted though the wardrobe and picked out underwear, skirt and top and boots all in medium
weight latex rubber.
"Right, if you'll take off your mackintosh and the rest of your rubberwear we'll get you dressed as a
I quickly stripped off down to my rubber pants, Kate, after gently tapping my erection, helped me into a
padded black latex bra on top of which went a pantie corsellette with suspenders attached. She helped
me with the black latex stockings and as I smoothed them out she fastened them to the suspenders. She
had picked out a white latex rubber blouse, long sleeves and a high neck. I slipped it on and it fastened
with press studs.
Next came a calf length rubber pencil skirt in red with a slit to just above my knee on the right side and
finally a pair of knee-length black patent boots with a small heel, only half a size to big so very
"What do you think, so far, Paul,"
"It's certainly somewhat of a first for me and I like it," doing a twirl in front of the mirror.
"Well I must say the rubberwear fits you well, I did think about some makeup and a wig but I think we'll
save that for tomorrow, for now I think the rubber hood will go nicely with that outfit."
She produced a thin white latex hood with eye, nose and mouth openings and fitted it carefully over my
head smoothing out any creases.
"Now that's a lot better, but to finish it off you must put on your long mackintosh."
I put it on. Fastening the belt tightly around my waist helped me to have a more womanly figure.
Looking again in the mirror I was pleased at the result and so was Kate.
" You look great," she said, " come here and let me hold you in my arms, I hope you don't mind looking
like a woman," giving me a kiss.
" Of course not, if it gives you pleasure and think what it's doing for me, I'm dressed as a woman, I'm
dressed in rubber what more could I want?"
"Well, it gives me a lot of pleasure seeing you dressed like that."
"Would you mind if I stay like this for a bit I'm enjoying this feeling of being in rubber dressed as a
" Of course not. In that case why don't we go the whole way and get you some makeup and a wig
instead of waiting until tomorrow?"
So, a few minutes later, minus the hood and mackintosh, I was sat at her dressing table patiently while
Kate applied the makeup to my face. Foundation, eye shadow, lipstick etc were expertly appiled and the
wig fitted. The end result was amazing! I looked so different. Kate was pleased as well, saying, " you
now look a very smart middle aged woman, somebody I would like to go out and about with."
"I think I would be too nervous to do that."
"Nonsense, I'll give you some lessons on how to condut youself, what do you say. 'Paula'?"
Slipping back on my mackintosh I replied, "can we start the lessons tomorrow."
"Don't worry I'd already thought of that. Meantime let's go back and sit in the lounge and talk over a
glass of wine?"
"Excelent idea, Kate."
"You go and pour and I'll change into something a bit more femminate and gossip like two women."
I sat down with two glassess of wine thinking if Kate wanted to use me as a substitute for her husband
then I was OK with that. I had, so far, everything I'd wished for.
Kate came back dressed in a shiny red PVC raincoat and black shiny boots.
" I love your raincoat, I said.
She opened the raincoat to a lot of rustling and revealed a figure hugging black PVC dress. "And this?"
she said.
"Fantastic, I replied.
She stood in front of me and told me to fasten the raincoat, which I did and then said, "I was thinking
as I changed why don't we start with your lessons now and if you are a good pupil I'll think about taking
you out tomorrow afternoon for a drive and perhaps a walk around the countryside?"
The idea filled me with excitment and said, "If I come up to your standard then I would like that very
So for the next couple of hours Kate took me through, walking, deportment, how to sit propely at the
table and a few other things I should know about. When we decided to call it a night Kate said I'd picked
it up quite well.
"Now as you have been a good pupil I'll let you enjoy yourself dressed as a woman, in rubber, and in
your bed."
In the bedroom I lay on the bed and slowed my heart rate. After a few minutes my heart rate was
starting so slow back down and I was enjoying being dressed as a woman with my rubber mackintosh.
I must have relaxed so much I drifted off to sleep.

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Re: Rubber Waders Part 3

Post by rubbermac » August 11th, 2016, 7:31 pm

Really Beautiful Story.....Many Thanks

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