Rubber Waders Part 2

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Rubber Waders Part 2

Post by Sbrmacfanman » July 27th, 2016, 9:38 am

Rubber waders. Part 2

" Well, I like, as you now know dressing in leather and also PVC. As well as this coat I've two others.
I've four diferent colours and styles of leather dresses and a large collection of leather and patent knee
and thigh boots. My husband loved to see me in leather. My PVC garments range from underwear, skirts
and tops, dresses and raincoats and a couple of rainsuits. I think that's about enough of me for now,
what about you?"
" I'm totally into rubber, I love to feel it over my body, smell it, touch it and be cocooned in it for as long
as possible. I love being totally enclosed in rubber. I have a rubber suit, a couple of hoods, gloves and
gauntlets, as you can see rubber riding boots also wellingtons, thigh waders and now a pair of chest
waders. Two mackintoshes, this 3/4 one and a calf length one, both of black shiny rubber".
We were still talking as we were washing the dirty pots when Kate asked, "Could I try on your
mackintosh before I go"?
"Ofcourse you can, come and I'll show you the rest of my collection."
We went into the small bedroom and I opened the wardrobe door.
"My goodness, that is a lot of rubberwear"!
I took out my other SBR mackintosh and held it open for her, saying, " It might be a bit on the large
side for you."
She pulled the belt tight and fastened it. As I turned up the collar and straightened the skirt of the
mackintosh it was making that rustling niose that only rubber makes. It came down to her lower calf and
she looked very good in it. It didn't look big on her as I thought it would, in fact it fitted quite well. She
turned around and looked in the full length mirror. She rubbed her hands up and down the mackintosh,
saying to me, "I like this nearly as much as my leather outfits, it's fantastic.!"
I took her hand and led her back into the lounge, and we sat on the sofa. We sat quietly for a few
minutes as she carressed the mackintosh.
Breaking the silence she said, " What I like about the rubber mackintosh is it's softness and
smoothness it makes me feel quite relaxed".
"I liked the way you looked when you came in, dressed in leather very fetching" I replied.
" Well, I'll take off this lovely mackintosh and if you will pass my leather coat and help me change I'll
look the part again."
I helped her off with the rubber mackintosh and held the leather coat whilst she put it on. Kate, then
sat down in front of me she crossed her legs exposing her shiny leather boots, saying, "How is this?"
I replied, "Perfect. Now, changing the subject, could I take you out for a meal to thank you for
returning my wallet?"
" I'd like that very much, but I've left a cassarole in the oven and I'd better be getting back. Look why
don't you join me, there's two much for one and you may take me out tomorrow."
"Yes I'd like that."
"How about you bring some of your things with you and we can resume back at my house"?
"You took the words out of my mouth".
"Well, would you bring both mackintoshes and your waders and anything else you fancy. I noticed
that the long mackintosh is a woman's"?
" Yes, its easier to buy a woman's and they're more attractive", to which she nodded, "Of couse I
will bring them".
Kate replied. "Alright, and can we use your car as I came by bus."
It didn't take long to pack my some of my things and Kate insisted on helping me, I'm sure it was so
as she could feel the cool and smooth rubber judging from her Ohh's and Ahh's.
It wasn't long before we arrived at her house and Kate said she would check the dinner and then
change her outfit while I went into the bedroom and changed into my rubber wear.
I dressed in a pair of black rubber pants and my black rubber suit, zipped it up. Just as I was pulling on
my black riding boots Kate walked in dressed in a one piece olive green leather suit, shiny black gloves
and close fitting shiny black rubber waders.
" I love your outfit," she said, rubbing her hand along my arm," you look good in rubber clothes".
"Thank you, and what about you, you look fantastic, and those georgous fitted rubber waders, wow!"
"A present from my husband. Seeing you like that I can hadly wait until later when you put on your
"Now will you answer me a question will you, why all this leather and rubber?" I said.
"Well I'll come clean, my husband, Robert, was a lover of rubber, leather and PVC. When I married
him, he told me all about his fetish and I, who already liked leather clothes decided to help him enjoy his
hobby and I could get to wear my leather more often. We bought his clothes together, mostly online or
catalogues, sometimes we even went out together dressed in one or more of these things. Sometimes
to a movie, or just for a walk, and he knew I liked leather and realy spoilt me and treated me to anything
that I fancied. When I saw that receipt in you wallet for a mackintosh knowing that you wasn't married,
you lit a spark in me which has been missing since my husband died."
I looked at Kate expectantly; and replied, " I think you have lit one in me as well."
We both stood and gave each other a hug and arm in arm we went into the kitchen and she said, " If
you'll open the wine I'll dish the meal up."
"I'd better not have any wine as I'm driving."
" I wondered if you might like to stay over to-night and we could talk some more."
I picked up the wine saying," I'd like that very much".
After a quick meal as both of us were too excited to each much we cleared the table and took our
wine into the other room.
"Before we sit down, put on your mackintosh and if I may I'll wear your 3/4 length mackintosh to show
off my waders," Kate said.
I fetched both mackintoshes and we helped each other put them on making sure buttons were
fastened and belts were tightened and collar's were up. We sat close to each other and Kate put her
arm in mine and used her other hand to rub me gently all over. I put both my hands on the top of her
waders feeling the smoothness of the rubber.
" I never dreamed I'd meet somebody like you, who took an interest in my predelictions and joined in
so enthusiasticaly."
" Well I missed doing it with my husband. It isn't the same on my own, and you came along and
somehow we seem to connect. I'd like to get to know you better and maybe do things together. We
could have days out and the like, properly dressed of course."
" I'd like that a lot."
" We used to do everything together, unless I was feeling in a dominant mood and then I'd make him
do various chores around the house dressed in one of his outfits."
" Sounds exciting!"
" Robert thought so. Do you have a cleaning lady, I noticed your bungalow was very neat and tidy?"
" All my own work I'm afraid, I dress up in various rubber outfits and spend one day a week giving it a
good clean."
" I'm getting to like you more and more. How about I show you Robert's clothes and if you like them
and they fit, maybe you would like to try something a bit different, who know's."
" Oh! I'd love to see them, and as for trying something else, well it sounds great!!"
We went into the bedroom where I'd changed and Kate opened a door in one of the builtin wardrobes
showing me a full range of clothes from outdoor wear to suits, dresses, skirts and blouses to nightwear
in rubber and leather and PVC and at the bottom a variety of shoes and boots. "These were all his
clothes, maybe you would like to try dressing as a woman later".

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Re: Rubber Waders Part 2

Post by kinkycumbria » July 27th, 2016, 11:41 am

we so need parts 3, 4 and 5 ASAP

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Re: Rubber Waders Part 2

Post by shinymacs » July 28th, 2016, 8:09 am

I agree...a great story well worth continuing !! How many of us dream about this sort of encounter !

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