Mary's New Car

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Mary's New Car

Post by rubbermackintosh » July 19th, 2016, 4:29 pm


Mary’s savings from her back room activities in the pub continued to mount. She was still riding to work om her bike no matter what the weather was, In fact I suspected that she wanted any excuse to wear her macks or capes whenever she could.

I noticed that a couple of her things were no longer at home, one of these was her blue Rukka mack and the other was a recently purchase black pvc number. One evening when she was a bit late for her shift I drove her to work and I asked her about the missing items.

“Oh, I keep them at work so that I’ve always got something handy for the lads” she told me. As I dropped her off she asked me to pick her up at about 11.30 that evening. “But that’s well after closing time” I said to which she replied that she was going to ‘earn’ a bit more towards her car.

I duly arrived to pick her up at around 11.30 and she was not outside but the backdoor to the pub was ajar. I looked inside to see Mary being fucked on the snooker table in her blue Rukka and there were two more blokes queuing for their turn. I slipped back to the car and put on the black rubber coat and boots that I always kept in the back for ‘emergencies’. Underneath this I removed my trousers etc. and then I waited for her.

It was almost midnight when she eventually came out through the back door. Her mack was covered in spunk. God only knows how many blokes had cum on and/or in her. I grabbed her round the waist and, she being quite light in weight, I lifted up and swung her round so that she was face down in my arms. I hoisted her up and she wrapped her booted legs around my neck and head and her face was level with my crutch.

My rampant hard-on was in her face. She pulled my coat apart and took my cock straight into her mouth. I leant against the wall while she literally fucked me with her mouth. Her orifice was in front of my face and, as I came in her throat she pissed herself in my face and down between our two coats.

I set her down and pulled her round to the back of the pub where I knew that the Landlord kept a hose on an outside tap. I turned it on and hosed both of us down before we got in the car for the ride home.

On the drive home she told me that her ‘earnings’ had reached five grand and asked if that was enough for a reasonable car.

Well, it was enough for a four or five year-old Corsa or similar or adequate for the deposit on something newer but she would need to keep on ‘earning’ to pay off the balance on a newer car.

Given that she couldn’t yet drive I suggested that we bought her a four or five year-old one and that it was registered and insured in my name while I taught her to drive. We shopped around in the next few days and bought a Focus Estate – easy to drive and room in the back for other ‘lessons’ too.

Once we dealt with the formalities and got the car home I packed a bag to keep in the back. It contained one of my sbr macks and a pair of my thigh boots plus Mary’s Rukka mack and a pair of her thigh boots – just for ‘emergencies’ you understand!

Mary took three basic lessons with a local driving school before I countenanced her coming out with me for practice. After her third lesson she came home with spunk stains on her blouse – guess where that came from and who had been giving who a lesson.

The next Sunday morning I took her out in the Focus and to be honest, she wasn’t that bad for a beginner. She had picked up the basics of handling a car quite well but her road-craft left a bit to be desired so I took to giving her lessons on rural roads so that she got the hang of handling bends etc..

“Can we do some practice during the week?” she asked me one Sunday so I agreed but it would have to be in the evenings as I had a job to hold down. It was mid-October so, inevitably, we were soon going out round country lanes after dark. Well, she had to learn to drive after dark.

On the first drive after dark I told her to get the Focus out of the garage while I got ready. This she did and when I got to the car she was sitting in the driver’s seat wearing her Rukka mack and a pair of low heeled over the knee boots. I got into the front passenger seat, she gave my crotch a little rub and off we went.

Mary drove out of town in a direction that I hadn’t taken her before and soon she had me lost but she seemed to know where she was going so I went along with it. After about five miles she turned down a narrow lane which ended in a clearing in some woods. She parked up and turned the engine and lights off.

“Get your mack and boots from the back and put them on” she told me. I did so, but not before I took off my trousers and pants as I guessed that she was up to something ‘naughty’. I got back in the front and she pulled out my cock with clear intent. I felt inside her mack and, as I suspected, she was naked underneath it. Soon she had a dose of my cum over our macks which she proceeded to rub across the front of both of them.

It wasn’t long before another two cars arrived in the clearing. Both turned off their lights and then flashed the interior light. Mary flashed ours in reply. I heard doors closing and soon I saw two men peering through our windows. Mary opened her door, letting her coat flap open, and reached for the nearest crotch. It didn ‘t take her long to get a rampant cock out and soon she had it in her mouth.

One of the blokes told me that their wives/girlfriends were ready in their cars if I cared to ‘look after’ them. I walked over and a passenger door opened to reveal a woman dressed in a pvc top and trousers. She got out of the car and I put my hands on her tits. She turned round, back to the car, and I pushed her onto the bonnet. She did not resist at all and I soon had her trousers down and my cock in her big end.

Then I felt it. First just a few drops of rain and then it got heavier. Soon it was pouring and she was thrashing about under me demanding that I fuck her harder and harder. The ground was starting to get muddy slippery and my feet slipped and I landed on my back in mud. As quick as a flash the woman was on top of me riding me until she climaxed with a scream.

“Hey Marge” she called. “He hasn’t cum yet. Come and take over”

Marge appeared from behind the car in a long pvc black hooded mack and thigh boots. I was soon to discover that that was all she had on as she climbed aboard and on my cock. Soon she was riding me as if we were in the Grand National. The rain was running off both of us and my mack and boots were squelching around in the mud. I heaved her over onto her back in the mud and fucked her to a climax. As I came I saw a pair of black boots either side of us and then I felt it; a powerful jet of piss on my back. It was Marge’s friend, the dirty cow.

I glanced across to see if Mary was okay. She was on her knees with her mack flapped over her back. One bloke was fucking her from behind and she had the other’s cock in her mouth. She was okay!

I heaved Marge to her feet alongside her friend and proceeded to hose them both down with my own piss. It didn’t matter much as the rain washed it away in an instant.

Mary got in the back of the Focus and spread her legs for me. “Give me it hard” she demanded. As I did so the other two cars left and we were on our own.

As we drove home I asked Mary how she knew about the clearing. Marge waits at table in the pub and she told her that it was a regular spot for night-time fun. She said that it was nice and muddy in the woods at the back of the clearing so watch this space.

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Re: Mary's New Car

Post by rubnylon2 » August 2nd, 2016, 3:29 pm

Very Nice

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Re: Mary's New Car

Post by hotwilly » August 2nd, 2016, 9:01 pm

Lovely story
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: Mary's New Car

Post by Mikmac77 » March 5th, 2017, 12:09 am

Very arousing! I need to relieve myself now

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Re: Mary's New Car

Post by I love Burberries » April 10th, 2017, 4:32 pm

Brilliant story, spunk looks so good on macs, Keep it up.

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Re: Mary's New Car

Post by rubbermackintosh » April 10th, 2017, 8:51 pm

You can't spunk on macs unless you keep it up!

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