Rubber Waders Part 1

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Rubber Waders Part 1

Post by Sbrmacfanman » June 27th, 2016, 1:15 pm

Rubber Waders for Sale--Size 8.
This advert caught my eye whilst reading last night's local paper over a late breakfast.
It gave a telephone number with ring anytime. I thought about the idea of adding a pair of waders, to
my collection of boots, why not.
I picked up the phone and rang the number. A woman answered, which surprised me.
I asked, "If the waders were stilI available and if so, could I visit later this morning and try them on
with a view to buying them".
She replied "Yes they were still available, and yes I could call round.
We arranged a time, she gave me the address and we swapped names.
Arriving later that morning I heard a noise at the side of the house and a tall middle aged woman was
winding up a hosepipe after cleaning her car. She was good looking and dressed in a beautiful long
belted bright yellow shiny PVC raincoat and shiny black rubber riding boots. I called out, "Mrs Parker."
"Yes, you must be?" taking off her rubber gloves and offering her hand.
"Paul Lawson, I've come about the waders".
"Yes, follow me through the garage."
Following her I could hear the soft creaking of the PVC raincoat as she moved. " I see you're well
proteced while cleaning your car."
"I like to keep dry, here they are," she said.
Hanging a the far end of the garage were a pair black rubber chest waders.
" I didn't realised they were chest waders but they look great, love the sheen on the rubber, could I
try them on".
She said, " Yes of course, bring them into the house and try them on, I'm just about to make coffee".
She went through a door into an 'L' shaped kitchen and showed me a chair. Removing my coat and
shoes I pulled on the waders after feeling the smooth rubber beneath my fingers. They fitted perfectly, I
stood up and pulled them up to my chest and fastened the straps over my shoulders, fantastic!! I was
rubbing my hands up and down the side of the smooth cool rubber when she reterned, smiling.
I blushed and stuttered saying, "they fit perfectly and I would like to buy them".
" Come to the table and we can talk about that over coffee".
As I started to take them off, she put her hand up saying, "I see you like the feel of the rubber, keep
them on a while and get used to them. You don't have to take them off on my account. As you can see,
I like rubber boots as well, and PVC waterproofs, I always wear them when gardening and any out-door
"I love your PVC raincoat, I like the soft noises it makes when you move and it's nice to you so well
protected", I replied.
She turned her back to me and leaned over to pour the coffee, the PVC making lovely creaking sounds
as she moved. She put the coffee pot down and running her hands down the raincoat, turned to me and
said, "The raincoat is nice and smooth. I especially like these shiny rubber riding boots as the are taller
than ordinary wellingtons".
Opening her raincoat to show off the boots to me as she sat down I saw she had a shiny black PVC
skirt under it adding to the soft creaking sounds in her PVC raincoat.
"So do I, I don't think you can beat rubber riding boots they're nice and smooth and shiny", I replied.
She said. " It will be good to know the waders will be enjoyed. My husband used to take good care of
them as you can see from the sheen, before he died."
" I'm sorry," I replied.
" Thankyou, it was cancer sixteen months ago. Are you married Paul?"
"No, I live on my own".
Nodding she said, "here's your coffee". And smiling, we sat down.
"If somebody had told me I would be sitting dressed in a pair of chest waders drinking coffee with a
woman wearing a PVC raincoat and skirt I wouldn't have believed them, yet here we are and I don't feel
embarressed at all, I'm enjoying the expearience as if it was the most natural thing in the world."
" My husband and I used to do it quite often, I'm glad you like it too."
Drinking our coffee's we decided on the price.
After finishing my coffee I stood up and reaching for my wallet from my jacket and paying her said, " I'll
let you get on with cleaning your car and thank you for the rubber waders".
"I hope you enjoy them as much as my husband did?"
Slipping on my shoes and jacket I picked up the chest waders and said my goodbye's and left.
At home I couldn't wait to put them on again. I stripped off and put on a black rubber top, a pair of
black rubber tights, pulled on the chest waders and slipped on my 3/4 rubber mackintosh, fastening the
buttons and pulling the belt tightly around my waist. I got out a pair of black rubber gloves to finish, put
those on and went to the bedroom and relaxed on the bed dressed in my favourite rubber-wear. The
next thing I knew was the phone waking me.
" Hello," a voice said,"It's Kate Parker here,
"Oh, hello," I replied,
"Paul, you dropped your wallet at my house."
"I didn't know I'd lost it! Thanks for letting me know, "
"I looked in the phone book to get your number and I saw you don't live far from me. I'll pop it over
on my way to the shops in a couple of hours if thats okay."
" Thanks very much, I'll have coffee and biscuits waiting."
" Fine, I'll see you later," she said and rang off.
Time get changed and tidy up. I hung my mackintosh back in the hall along with the waders and
slipped a polo shirt over my rubber top and a pair of jeans over the tights. I was just finishing getting
everything ready for coffee when the door bell rang.
"Come in," I said, and led her into the lounge. " Please sit down."
Kate was dressed in a dark brown leather coat and matching knee-high leather boots. She looked
" You look very good in your leather outfit and thanks for returning my wallet," I said, as she handed
it over to me.
" I'm afraid I've got a bit of a confession to make, I didn't get your address from the phone book. I
looked in the wallet and peeped at a reciept that was poking out and saw your address also noticing it
was for a Shiny Black Rubber mackintosh. I looked at their website.What a collection they had for sale,
I loved those satin raincoats with the rubber lining. Now I really know why you wanted the rubber
waders and I noticed them in the hall".
" Well you've uncovered my secret and I don't know what to say."
" Well I'd be very interested to know more about you and your liking for rubber, but first I'll tell you
about my interests. As well as PVC raincoats I like leather". Opening her coat to expose a leather dress
that fitted her figure very well. "And I'm wearing soft PVC underwear."
"Wow Kate, I think it's about time we had a drink and a snack, don't you."?
"Love to," she replied, taking off her leather coat. I went into the kitchen and fetched the coffee. We
sat down, and talked all the time, finding out a lot more about each other. I told her what I was wearing
under my normal clothes,
Kate said, "Why don't you take those off and be comfortable and please wear your mackintosh".
I went into the hall and slipped off my polo and jeans and put on my mackintosh, feeling the coolness of
the rubber, opened the cupboard and got out my rubber riding boots and pulled them on and returned to
" You look good, and I dare say you now feel more at home."
" I do, while at home I spend most of my spare time dressed in my rubberwear, I feel it very relaxing.
Now, what were you saying about your interests."

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Re: Rubber Waders Part 1

Post by kinkycumbria » June 27th, 2016, 1:56 pm

keep this coming

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Re: Rubber Waders Part 1

Post by hotwilly » June 27th, 2016, 8:45 pm

Very promising - thankyou
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: Rubber Waders Part 1

Post by shinymacs » July 4th, 2016, 2:12 pm

A great start to the whole story.

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Re: Rubber Waders Part 1

Post by rubnylon2 » July 4th, 2016, 4:02 pm

Sounds great and could certainly develop into a very good story. I look forward to the next episode

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