Estuary Mud

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Estuary Mud

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My mother and sister went on holiday recently, leaving me alone at home for a little while. This naturally meant that I had to go and have some fun in the mud in my wellies, and this time I decided to go to an estuary that was a short drive from my house. I decided to go in the evening to avoid being spotted; arming myself with my dungarees, red and black Dennis the Menace jumper, woolly socks and puffy coat alongside my wellies, I was ready to be a true pig in mud.

I drove off to the estuary as the sun was starting to dip in the sky, looking for a good place to park and finding one in a field near the shore. I got out of the car, pulled on my wellies and socks and set off to get filthy. I saw a couple of dogwalkers who were just about to leave their hike, leaving me all alone. I saw a stone ramp that lead to the estuary; the tide was out and some boats stood upon the soft mud. Stomping down the ramp I got to the mud and jumped in. Squelch! The mud was far deeper than it looked and it was halfway up my wellies, clawing at my feet! I giggled and rocked back and forth, sinking my wellies further into the wet, sticky mud which bubbled as I moved. Very soon I felt a cold sensation; the mud was starting to flood into my wellies, giving my sock a good coating! Then, without warning, my socks both exited my wellies, leaving them stuck in the mud! Laughing my predicament, I lowered myself onto the ramp and pulled my feet out, before lying on my belly and digging the wellies out of the mud with my hands! They were soon black all over, and as I pulled my wellies back on they made a satisfying squelch as mud came out.

I continued to squelch around the estuary, with each step being heavy and every squelch emitting lovely sounds! I decided to spell my name in the mud – that way if people came to the area they would know that Beth had been there! Once I finished, I jumped backwards to observe my handiwork, but I didn’t land very well. Flailing my arms in the air trying to balance myself, I fell backwards into the mud! With a splash, my arse hit the mud and sunk downwards! With this great pratfall I decided to get really filthy and dropped to my front, with my knees and the bottom of my coat getting so dirty! Then I got up and did another backflop, before doing a massive mud angel! The mud was very heavy to move, but it felt so lovely on my body! By this point I had abandoned all attempts at secrecy, so once I stood up again I decided to start singing! I belted out Mud Glorious Mud at the very top of my lungs; whilst it wasn’t amazingly in tune, I sung with great enthusiasm! Once I ended the song, I did a bellyflop, with mud splashing everywhere, with some landing onto my face! It felt so lovely and smooth as I slid around.

All this mudding had tired me out, and I decided to crawl out of the estuary on my hands and knees. As I made my way off to my car, I felt so heavy and exhausted but was hooting with laughter all the way – you couldn’t see any colour on my wellies as there was just so much mud! It was getting dark, and there was no way for me to clean up, so I stripped out of my gear, with a ton of mud pouring from my wellies as they came off, scrubbed a towel over my hands and face and pulled on some old clothes over my still mucky body before throwing the filthy clothes into a bin bag and setting off home. I drove back, still grinning from ear to ear, and when I got home I threw my clothes into the washing machine before heading upstairs for a nice hot bath and to change into my onesie.
Beth xxx
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Re: Estuary Mud

Post by Akagi1968 »

Fantastic story! Would have loved to have joined you.
Muddy Sandra
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Re: Estuary Mud

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Sounds like a place I know.
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Re: Estuary Mud

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As a dedicated explorer of estuary mud, as you can tell from my name, I absolutely loved reading your story. I know precisely what it's like when wellies sink in to the tidal mire deeper than expected, causing you to lose balance. I also love the loud squelching noises - such good fun!
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Re: Estuary Mud

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Love that story, done it myself so many times, got a mud kit in the car, boots, suit, gloves, towel, bottle of water and a bag for dirty stuff, ihave as much fun cleaning my boots and suit the next day as I do getting them dirty
Get your boots on.....!
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