Beth Returns to the Creek

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Beth Returns to the Creek

Post by HarlequinKing96 » March 23rd, 2016, 10:38 pm

It had been quite a while since I’ve got seriously muddy. I had been wearing my wellies for playing in the rain whilst at university but I'd never really got utterly filthy. I knew that had to change when I got home, and when I found out that my mother and sister would be out one night I knew that was the night to get muddy. Excited for my mucky escapades, I paired up my dungarees with a red and black striped jumper, throwing my puffed coat over the top. Of course, my wellies were thrown on as well to add to the fun! With that, I went outside and headed down to the creek in my back garden, jumping up and down in giddy anticipation.

I walked up and down the creek, choosing the best spot to get muddy, based on depth, wetness and stickiness. I eventually chose the very end, next to where a bridge runs over to the rest of the garden. Looking down at the filth beneath me, and with a massive grin on my face, I leapt in! Splash! The muddy water splattered onto the bottom of my dungarees, landing onto my crotch! This was so satisfying, even if it felt cold, so I jumped up and down a few more times! My wellies were starting to get coated in brown mud, you couldn’t see any of its original colour!

Now it was time to get seriously muddy. I dropped to my knees, and danced around a bit, moving myself down into the sticky mud. I picked myself up and saw that the mud was now splattering to just under my waist. Then as I moved out to walk to my next game, I saw that my wellies had got stuck, and out popped my foot from one of my wellies! Splat! My sock had gotten coated in the mud! I plopped down on my arse in order to pull the welly on more easily, so when I stood up with the boot back on my filthy foot my arse had a nice covering! I had a bit of a fright when a car passed by the garden, but I don’t think the driver saw me – if so, I wonder what they thought!

I clambered out, and decided to leap in again, only this time I dipped my head incredibly low! When I splashed in, the spray for the muddy water hit my coat and some landed on my face! It trickled down my head and ran down my body – I almost wish I hadn’t worn underpants for this! Then I jumped up and down in the mud, squelching to a rhythm I had created, all the while blowing raspberries! I vividly remember doing this with my best friend from primary school and then teaching it to my younger cousins when they came over to play in the mud with me! This culminated in me jumping and blowing raspberries furiously before I did an arsesplash! Mud flew everywhere from my arse hitting the dirt at such force, going up the hill of the creek!

Now came for the climax. I went to the hill at the top of the creek and laid down – then I rolled down into the thick mud below! My coat was all filthy as a result, and I rolled around a few more times, like a true pig in mud! I ended up on my front, and it was time to dunk my head! I dipped it right into the filth below, waggling it a few times, as well as making sure my hair got a total coverage! I pulled out – mud dribbled around my eyes and mouth and I had to pause for a second to recover but it felt so amazing!

I went to clean up and took a look at myself in a glasshouse mirror. What a sight I was – you couldn’t see any of my pale face, it was all just so brown! I was a little worried that someone would see me but I was laughing all the same and a little turned on! I hosed off the worst of the mud on my clothes, before turning my attention to my face – water streamed onto my head and caused globs of mud to fall out of my hair and roll down my body! As I walked back to the house, my wellies sloshed around with mud. I got to the back door and pulled them off, but it was quite a struggle. At last they were off and I poured out the muddy insides before finding another hose and washing them out. I hung them on the welly rack outside the door and stripped off my muddy clothes to head in for a shower.
Beth xxx

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Re: Beth Returns to the Creek

Post by Kinky-In-Scotland » March 23rd, 2016, 10:48 pm

Great story Beth, you may want to consider investing in some decent waterproofs, you could get just as muddy but save yourself a lot of washing :)
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Re: Beth Returns to the Creek

Post by SEWelly » August 5th, 2018, 7:09 pm

Another great story Beth - fully agree on the comments on Rainwear - getting my first PVC all-in-one transformed my Muddy Fun no end!!

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