Husband and I (part 47)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Husband and I (part 47)

Post by Lindaf » November 26th, 2015, 3:55 pm

Around 4pm folks started to arrive for the party to celebrate Bills birthday.

He was still dressed in his new rubber mac and cock restraint. You could see his cock straining to grow but it couldn’t. What he was doing though, was exuding buckets of pre cum. All you saw was lines of sexy pre cum dripping from his cock and through the restraint.

One of the girls arrived in a pretty sexy red PVC catsuit and matching glossy PVC mac with red thigh high PVC boots. I don’t know about Bill but I was getting hot looking at her.

There was loads of folks there to celebrate his birthday and the call to wear fetish was carried out to the letter.

Folks were intrigued to see the gift his Aunt Helen had bought for him. They handled it, shook it and poor Bill still couldn’t get hard. Poor him I hear you cry.

He didn’t miss out really as one of the females had her strap on cock under her rubber skirt. She ordered Bill to kneel down with his rubber mac lifted up over his bum. She lubed his hole and started to anally fuck him. Poor guy was screaming out to be let loose of his restraint so he could get hard.

After a while and many fucks from guys and strap ons from us girls, I decided it was time for him to be released for an hour. He was given the choice of who he would love to fuck. It was the girl in the red PVC outfit that he wanted. What made it more fun for him was that she wanted to fuck him too.

I un-padlocked his restraint and within seconds he was stiff and raring to go. He still had his new rubber mac on and was instructed to lie on his back with the mac buttoned but his hard cock sticking out the front. The girl lifted his legs and drove home her rubber cock into his bum. He loved that and started to masturbate. After the girls had finished with him, she straddled him, unzipped her catsuit and plunged Bills cock into her soaking wet pussy. you could hear her squelching as she rode his cock. This was an erotic sight and to the extent, we all started to have group sex. All that rubber and PVC squeaking and rubbing filled the air with pure sex.

It wasn't too long before filled her with his cum. She got off his hard cock and straddled him over his face and let his cum drip from her wet pussy into his open mouth...mmmmmmm

After we were all shagged out, Bills Aunt had the pleasure of restraining Bill for the rest of the day.

Everybody went home completely satisfied.

A while later Helen and I had fun together in our PVC while Bill watched us still in his restraint and rubber mac.

We told him if he was a good boy, we might let him lick us out. Sadly for him, fucking was off limits….

Hopefully more to follow

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Re: Husband and I (part 47)

Post by kinkycumbria » August 28th, 2018, 4:39 pm

"It wasn't too long before filled her with his cum. She got off his hard cock and straddled him over his face and let his cum drip from her wet pussy into his open mouth"
mmmmmmm i adore that too

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