Husband and I (part 46)

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Husband and I (part 46)

Post by Lindaf » August 25th, 2018, 1:50 pm

I eventually got back home after my shopping experiences, Ah yes, I bought two rubber macs too………..

Bills Aunt Helen had bought him a male chastity device which should be fun for him to wear.

On the day of his birthday, we had arranged for a few friends to come over for a party. The mode of dress…yes you guessed it…rubber or PVC.

In the morning, Bills Aunt came over with his present. She was wearing her blue Rukka PVC mac with her matching dark blue Hunter wellies. She took her mac off and was wearing an all in one red PVC outfit with zips in the appropriate place. Bill responded to this as usual and unzipped his Aunt and licked her wet pussy. Within moments he was sliding in and out of her soaking pussy. Her legs were wrapped round his back as he fucked her deeper. Her Hunter boots were squeaking as she moved.

In the meantime, I had donned my new rubber mac and started to masturbate. When Bill had finished with his Aunt, I took over. I gave him his present and told him of my fun with the shop assistant. He got hard immediately when he saw his new mac. Needless to say he fucked me too and shot a load inside me.

His Aunt then gave him his present.
As he had fucked twice in succession he was limp which suited her gift. She placed the chastity device around his cock and balls and padlocked it all together. There was no way he could get hard as the restraint wouldn’t let him. There was a slit at the front of it where he could still pee and be restrained at the same time. He look great all locked up….lol

In the meantime, his Aunt and I proceeded to have our fun together. Bill was allowed to touch but certainly not get hard. It was a joy to watch him squirming in his mac but not allowed to play with his cock to get hard which by this time was leaking pre cum like a tap.

More on the party later…..Hope you enjoyed

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