Husband and I (Part 45)

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Husband and I (Part 45)

Post by Lindaf » November 22nd, 2015, 11:07 pm

Sorry for the delay …. Issues been resolved ….Back to normal

We got back to our normal life after the holiday. Work, work and more work. Have to pay the holidays somehow.

Helen, Bills aunt called me to ask what I would be getting him for his birthday. Stupid question really. Something on the fetish line. What a stroke of genius. Really a no brainer.

Had to think on something completely different. How about a male chastity device…Sounds fun me thinks.

I told Helen that would be good and she should go ahead and order.

His rubber mac was getting a bit worn and I thought I would get him another.

I took a few days off and went in search of a new rubber mac for Bill’s birthday. The fun I had in choosing one was wonderful. I reached this particular shop where I knew they had a large selection of macs for men and women. When you opened the door of the shop there was that unmistakable of warm rubber. I instantly got wet when I inhaled that wonderful aroma.

While searching through the racks of this heavenly material, the shop owner came over an introduced himself as Glenn. He seemed to be very knowledgeable of rubber macs and decided to show me some of the macs on sale. He took his jacket off and demonstrated a few of the macs I was considering. I had noticed he was starting to get a hard on below his trousers. The more macs he tried on, the harder he was getting.

I asked him if he had any macs he personally owned and he said he had eight different varieties including PVC. He waxed lyrical about his collection and said that his girlfriend wasn’t too keen on rubber and PVC therefore he wore his collection infrequently. His way to get over his disappointment was to open a shop which sold his favourite clothes.

He asked me about my lifestyle and I told him I was the complete opposite of his girlfriend. The more chance to wear this wicked material the better. I told him of Bill too and his love of rubber hence I was buying this for his birthday. By this time his cock was solid and started to move in the confines of his trousers. I looked at him then dropped my eyes again to his cock. This made him a little tense but kept asking me about my collection. He was still wearing a mac I was considering for Bill.

I stood up and went over and stroked the rubber material while he was still wearing. His eyes closed as I made my way down the mac towards his solid cock. I stroked it and he let out a little moan. I drew the mac over his hard on and started to rub it more through the rubber. He jerked and let out a sigh. He told me he had cum into his underwear. I opened his mac and then undid his belt, pulled down the zip of his trousers and was taken aback by the fact he was wearing rubber panties similar to what I wear.

His still throbbing cock was straining in the rubber and there was that distinctive smell of fresh cum. I opened the panties to see he had indeed spunked into his panties. I drew them down slightly and lapped up the fresh baby seed. The taste of the fresh cum combined with the warm rubber got me wet and I started to orgasm.

He recognised this and suggested we take it to the next stage. He took his rubber mac off and stripped naked. He gave me a rubber mac and suggested I go the same. His cock was aroused again and was straining to enter my wet pussy. I lifted my legs and let him enter me.

We fucked in our rubber macs and the squelching, slocky noise of the macs rubbing together seemed to get us to a new peak. It wasn’t long before he let go more of his sexy cum into my very wet pussy

When we finished some time later, we got dressed and I bought Bill his mac and I even bought the one Glenn had fucked me in.

More on this to follow………………….

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Re: Husband and I (Part 45)

Post by kinkycumbria » August 24th, 2018, 8:58 pm

good to have your sexploits back

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