Husband and I (Part 44)

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Husband and I (Part 44)

Post by Lindaf » August 23rd, 2018, 10:05 pm

We all got naked and started to have fun. The girls got together while the boys slowly wanked as they watched.

Eileen was still wearing my mac and was lying on the floor. Elizabeth was licking Eileen’s wet pussy while I straddled her face for Eileen to lick me out.

I looked round and saw the guys getting down to some fun. They were 69ing each other. What a sight.
Us girls carried on with our fun by changing positions.

Eventually we turned our attention to the guys who were still playing with each other. The three cocks were all glistening from the saliva from the other mouths and were ready for more fun.

The guys moved over and used their hard cocks on us girls. My new Rukka mac was getting well worn and spunked over by this time.

By 3am came, we were well pissed and fucked and Bill and I introduced them to “golden showers” Our new friends were reluctant at first but soon got into the swing of it. I got my plastic poncho on and they all peed over me.

What a night…. Finished the holiday off a treat

More to come

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