Husband an I (Part 39)

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Husband an I (Part 39)

Post by Lindaf » August 17th, 2018, 1:08 pm

The day of the party.

I had to get Bill to fuck me in the morning as I was so horny just thinking about what will be happening later in the day.

Helen had no idea what was going to be happening. We had arranged to take her out for a birthday lunch so that Fiona could set up her massage table and oils and things. She had absolutely had no idea of what was about to happen.

We went over to her house about 10am to give her the present we bought. She was over the moon with it. She stripped off and tried the mac on. She looked absolutely gorgeous in it. Bill came over and hugged her and you could hear the mac crackle. Helen asked if Bill could give her a birthday fuck. He was naked in seconds and had her on the couch. The cracking of the mac was intense as he rammed his cock back and forward in her wet pussy. She was screaming at him to cum inside her, he duly did. I just sat back and masturbated. What a site to behold.

We eventually went out to the restaurant. We took a taxi as there was no chance that we were going to stay sober that day. The meal was great and passed so slowly. I could hardly contain myself and nearly blurted out what was going on later.

Fiona was due to Helen’s house about 1pm and it would take her half an hour to set up. By this time it was 2pm so we were well on time. We suggested we go back to hers for more mac fun. She agreed in an instant and we were on our way.

We opened the door for Helen when we got back and she almost passed out when she saw what had been laid on for her afternoon delight. Fiona introduced herself and described what would be happening to Helen over the next while. What stunned Helen was that Fiona was naked except for her see thru light blue plastic mac and knee length PVC boots. We thought Fiona would start clothed but she had her mind made up.

Fiona asked Helen to strip and go into the shower. Helen was naked in seconds and Fiona started the shower and with sponge and soap, washed Helen from head to toe. Fiona was still dressed in her mac and the water was cascading everywhere.

Helen dried herself off while Fiona got organised.

Fully dried Helen laid down naked on the bench and Fiona started of massaging her neck, working way down to her back towards her buttocks and down to her feet. Bill and I were naked while we were watching. I was slowly masturbating as I watched Fiona massage Helen.

The next bit was amazing. Helen turned over on her back and Fiona loosened a couple of clips on the massage bench and the front part opened up slightly. Fiona placed Helens legs in the ankle cuffs and restrained them. Next thing, Fiona ratched the bottom part open and splayed Helens legs apart. The atmosphere rose in a second. The sight of Helen lying there with her soaking wet pussy on display was amazing. It meant you could stand almost at her pussy and massage the top half at the same time.

Fiona excused herself for moment and came back wearing one of Helens strap on cocks. The cock stuck out from the mac as Fiona walked forward.

She oiled her hands and started to massage Helens breasts. As she leaned forward the tip of the strap on cock rubbed against Helens clit. She was screaming to be fucked by this time but Fiona kept teasing her with the rubber cock.

Soon Fiona was at Helens pussy. She gave it a quick lick then massage and then slammed the rubber cock into Helens dripping pussy. I stood there stunned at what I was watching. My own juices by this time were running down my legs.

Fiona kept fucking Helen until both orgasmed at the same time. Fiona stood back and he rubber cock she was fucking Helen with was covered in her juices.

Bill moved forward and slipped his cock into his aunt and started to fuck her. Fiona gasped as Bill started, not knowing the relationship Bill and his aunt had. She turned to me with shock on her face until I advised of their relationship. Didn’t take Bill long to fill Helens pussy with warm cum. Fiona moved forward once Bill withdrew and started to lick Helen clean as Bills cum oozed from Helens pussy.

I was having some of the action too. I got another of Helens strap on cocks and fucked Fiona as she licked Helen clean.

We haven’t got to the party yet……..Next part

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