Husband and I (Part 36)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Husband and I (Part 36)

Post by Lindaf » August 15th, 2018, 2:42 pm

After breakfast we met Emma and Steve.

It was still raining so Bill and I had our plastic macs and Hunters on They had their ponchos on.

We went to the shops in the main street to keep out of the rain. There was the usual array of shops but we stopped at a shoe shop that seemed to be selling Hunter boots. Emma looked at Steve and he suggested they went in to see what they had. The shop was well stocked with various colours of Hunters available. Emma tried on the green Hunters. She looked gorgeous in them as she squeaked along the wooden floor, trying them for comfort. Eventually she decided on the pink ones. Steve also had a look and bought himself the original green colour. They decided because it was raining they would keep their boots on. Emma looked gorgeous in her pink boots.

We went for lunch and discussed the evening before. Both of them agreed to have another session back at the hotel later on.

The guys decided they had enough shopping and went back to our hotel for a drink. Emma and I continued shopping on the main street. We stopped for a coffee and chatted about what happened last night. Emma said that she had inner feelings for a bi relationship but never had the opportunity to the other day on the beach when she saw Bill and I.

I told her that it was flattering that she felt that way and that I had the same thoughts about her. I reached down to stroke her new pink Hunter boots. They felt wonderful to touch.

We decided that we would go back to the hotel and continue where we left off last night. We put our macs on and left the coffee shop. On the way, there was a department store we hadn’t been in to look at. In the ladies department they were selling plastic and PVC macs. We went over to try some on. The female assistant complemented us on our outfits and especially our Hunter boots. She said she had 3 pairs of them and found them great to wear.

Emma tried on a pink see through plastic mac. They matched her pink Hunters a treat. She went ahead and bought it. I spotted a plastic cape and tried it on. It wasn’t as see through as Emma’s mac but felt good to wear. Emma said she would pay for it as a present for getting her into the bi side of things. I disagreed but there was no telling her.

We went back to the hotel. There was no sign of the guys so we went upstairs.

Well we found the guys alright. They were having a male bonding session. They were in their Hunters and plastic macs. Bill was fucking the arse of the guy. What a site to greet us.

Both of us stripped off and put on our new purchases. Emma and I started to fondle each other and kiss. We eventually sat on the couch and started to get serious with each other. I wnt into my overnight bag and got my double ended dildo out and we literally fucked each other. The squeaking of the rubber boots made it even hornier.

We carried on doing each other and the guys joined us. They just stood in their Hunter boots and masturbated while Emma and I carried on what we were doing. Eventually Bill knelt beside Emma and Steve knelt down by me and both introduced their stiff cocks to our mouths.

In moments they were cumming over our new plastic macs. Globs of white hot cum were spraying everywhere.

What a long weekend. Emma and Steve promised to visit us in the near future at our place to meet our friends.

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