Husband and I (Part 34)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Husband and I (Part 34)

Post by Lindaf » August 13th, 2018, 7:47 am

Bill and I again

We went for a long weekend break one summer. Yes we had some of our fetish gear with us just in case we came across like minded folks.

When we arrived, the sun was out and we decided to go straight to the car park close to the beach which coincidentally was nudist…good start. The beach was quite full of couples, families and singles, so we stripped off and lay down to relax.

The weather started to get cloudy and eventually became overcast but still warm. I mentioned to Bill that the clouds may blow over in a while. He decided to get dressed and get a couple of our plastic macs from the car in case it did. He came back and stripped again and we lay back.

Before we knew it, the heavy rain started so we slipped our macs on in the hope that the bad weather would pass over so we could get back to taking in the sun. The beach emptied within minutes but we still sat there in our macs with the hoods up to keep us dry.

A few moments later we spotted a couple coming from the far end of the beach wearing plastic ponchos with hoods. They were obviously naked below them and the guy was sporting a semi as he walked closer.

The rain had eased a bit by this time but enough to keep folks from the beach.

The couple (Emma and Steve) stopped to say hello and we beckoned them to come and sit with us. They came over and sat down. We small talked for a bit and Emma commented on our plastic macs and how it was fortunate that we had them to wear. They said they always packed their plastic ponchos for such occasions. I said that we had ours in the car but never thought we would have to use them.

Glancing over, I saw Steve’s cock getting harder under his poncho. It was a cut cock like Bills, not as big as his but looked wonderful. Unknown to me, Bill was playing with his cock from within his plastic mac. He cuts the pockets from the back so he can play with his cock as we walk. He was rock solid too.

I have to say that I was getting wet in the interior of my plastic mac as well as outside. Partly due to sweating in the plastic but also getting turned on looking at Steve’s now solid cock.

Emma revealed that they used their ponchos for more than keeping the rain off. We said we did that too. I could feel my nipples straining against the inside of my mac. It didn’t help that Emma stroked her gorgeous breasts through her poncho more than a few times.

We got on the subject of fetish and it seemed we had a mutual interest in the subject. We compared notes on what we had and seemed to be they were well into rubber and PVC too.

The rain eventually stopped and the sun came back out. Nobody but us were on the beach so we moved further up the beach to be more private.

We walked in our plastic macs/ponchos until we got there, Both guys cocks were hard as rocks and I have to say my pussy was dripping too.

We took our rainwear off and settled down back on the sand. The weather became warmer and sunnier which was good. It meant we could stay longer on the beach.

The subject got round to sexuality and I said that Bill and I were bi. Steve said he was bi but not Emma although she had thought about it.
By this time Bill was openly slowly masturbating. Steve got up and took Bills cock in hand and started to masturbate him. Bill leaned back and I took it as a signal to sit on his face while Steve masturbated him. Bill licked my pussy deeply. I started to moan openly and pulled at my nipples as his tongue got deeper into me.

I had my eyes closed and suddenly I felt Emma’s hand touch my heaving breasts. I looked up and she apologised for not seeking my permission to touch me. I said that it was alright and to do what felt comfortable for her.

The rain started again so we had to stop what we were doing and don our plastic macs/ponchos again.

We decided that the rain was on for keeps this time so we made our way back to our respective cars in our macs/ponchos and got changed in the car.

Second part of the story to follow next…………….

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