A great rainy day at work, me and my Cagoule.

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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A great rainy day at work, me and my Cagoule.

Post by Cagoule78 » October 1st, 2010, 12:35 pm

Hi Guys,
Firstly what im about to say has only happened because i found this forum and after reading other stories knew fellow cagoule lovers would appreciate it.
ok, Ive got my own business, running a franchise for a very well known courier company. I deliver upto 100 drops a day in a town in the midlands. I wear my cagaoule for the drive to work every morning(its a dark blue regatta with very shiny lining and taped seams) unfortunately i have to take it off inside the depot beacause its not standard uniform.
As i left the depot at 7am it started raining. To other drivers this is bad because it means getting wet, but not me, i love it beacause it means i get to wear my favourite piece of clothing, my cagoule. Theres nothing better to me than carrying out my daily duties in this weather hearing the patter of rain hitting my waterproof best friend and seeing rain drops running down my arms.
Whilst driving from drop to drop i love to feel my wet cagoule against my body and today i started to get really turned on. A thought came into my head which i dismissed at first because i thought "i cant do this at work" but the thought would not go away and the more i thought of it the more aroused i became. Inevitably i gave it to temptation. As i said at the start i love wearing my cagoule at work but because of this excellent forum this is something i have never thought of and would never consider doing normally.
Bearing in mind im soaking wet, the rain was pretty heavy by now, when i got to my next stop i got in the back of the van to get the parcel, i took my cagoule off and removed my t-shirt so i was bear chested then put my wet cagaoule back on and zipped it right up to the top so nobody else could tell if i was wearing anything underneath, just me. My erection was massive and the feeling of excitement was immense. At my next stop the customer was none the wiser but i was feeling great, the rain was hitting me and it was just the best feeling against my bear skin.
Its normal for me at home when raining(when the wife's out) to put my cagoule on against my bear skin and stand outside for 5 or 10 minutes but to do it while at work made it very very special.
I'd say for a good half hour i had a solid erection until i could not take it anymore. Its definately the most aroused i have ever been.
My next drop was at a leisure centre and after i completed the delivery i went into the toilets, straight to a cubicle, locked the door, pulled my trousers and boxer shorts down and started to slowly masturbate while rubbing my soaking wet self all over, this was the best feeling i have ever had. I didnt care one bit if there was anyone else in there. It wasnt long before i had the most intense orgasm i have ever had, i was shaking, it made my toes curl, i nearly fell off the toilet. I had to sit there for a few minutes in amazement at what i had just done, this is not normall "at work" behaviour for me.
I walked out of the toilet as if nothing had happened, nobody had a clue what i had just gone through.
I carried on doing my deliveries, still raining, still wearing my cagoule against my bear skin and today has possibly the best day at work ever.
This forum has made me love weraing cagoules even more and to do something like this out in public and not just the confines of my house.
The best feeling ever when theres people everywhere going about their business and they have not got a clue ive got nothing on underneath my cagoule and im feeling great.
I hope you all enjoyed reading what i got upto today at work and would love to hear if anyone has ever done anything similar.

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Re: A great rainy day at work, me and my Cagoule.

Post by discoruss » October 2nd, 2010, 8:32 am

Wow. What a great storie. I have not anything like what you have done but love to wear my cagoule in the wet weather rain. I agree that this forum has opened me up to my fetish and having more friends alike yourself.

I love putting one on back to front and putting the hood over by face. Just feeling the swishy nylon slowly touching my face. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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Re: A great rainy day at work, me and my Cagoule.

Post by plasticpete » October 4th, 2010, 8:09 pm

Brilliant story. I too have had a cagoule fetish for years, and often get aroused when wearing one of mine. I often go walking wearing my rustling cagoule and waterproof trousers made of the same material with nothing underneath The feel of the smooth underside of the material against my skin is fantastic. I always get aroused and eventually finish my walk with a mind blowing wank. Would love to share my passion with others.

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Re: A great rainy day at work, me and my Cagoule.

Post by pvc_pete » October 5th, 2010, 9:22 am

I have done something similar. Jane has one of the H&M clear pink pvc jackets that were on sale a few years ago. As a man, I couldn't wear it out in public without getting some very strange looks.

However on a few occasions i have put it on over my bare skin and then put my green nylon Trespass long cagoule over the top. Walking the dog in the rain doesn't raise any eyebrows, and i love the feeling on my warm hot skin against the pvc and the dripping wet nylon of the cagoule over the top.

I normally have to come home and cum furiously as i'm so turned on.

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Re: A great rainy day at work, me and my Cagoule.

Post by plasticpete » October 5th, 2010, 1:50 pm

That sounds fabulous I am getting excited just thinking of the lovely sensations of the pvc and nylon against bare skin. I have a long black pvc belted mac but i darent wear it in public I have a good time in private, often in the shower enjoying the pleasures. I still my love nylon cagoules and the fabulous swishing, rustling noises they make and I can wear these any where with nothing on underneath, feeling the soft nylon against my skin and around my sensitive bits

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Re: A great rainy day at work, me and my Cagoule.

Post by pvcluver » October 28th, 2010, 7:28 pm

I have worn my pvc raincoat and trousers whilst walking the dog in the rain as well. Like you say, I was desparate for some relief when I got back.
Would also love to share this experience with other rainwear lovers (I'm in the Midlands UK)

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Re: A great rainy day at work, me and my Cagoule.

Post by PolyVinylC » January 1st, 2011, 10:47 pm

I also had a dark blue regatta cagoule, with pvc lining,around 10 years ago. I wore it for around 3 or 4 years. It was worn in the rain, but I also slept in it too. There was one particular Sunday I remember that was VERY wet. On went the cagoule as I went out to collect the papers. It was a fifteen minute walk so when I reached the shop the jacket was pretty wet. Rather than take the cagoule off to shake the excess rain off,I shook myself really hard! It did the job required but I got some odd looks from the other customers! The girl at the checkout was impressed though and said I moved it better than she did when she was on the dancefloor and was jealous! I loved wearing it in bed also. Then,as now, I was single so no-one knew about this. I zipped the cagoule up as far as the zip went, then wore the hood over my head before tying the drawstring up around both the hood and at the bottom of the jacket. The coldness of the lining soon went as my body warmed up. I woke up in the morning wet with sweat from the nylon and pvc. I also was wet lower down from the excitementof wearing nylon and pvc against my skin! I no longer have that cagoule but your story has brought back happy memories. Maybe its time for a cagoule again,although I also like the look and feel of pvc macs too. Possibly one day I'll go for it!

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Re: A great rainy day at work, me and my Cagoule.

Post by nylon4fire » September 16th, 2018, 9:55 pm

It is interesting to read that others have their fun wanking with nylon rain gear while the nylon rustles on nylon so horny.
I still love to horny up today with nylon windbreakers and knead my stand with it until I cum.
My passion for nylon clothing grew unchecked when I got my first quilted puffy nylon hooded anorak in late fall.
I was 8years old and already at the fitting in the locker room at C&A store I spontaneously got a hard one,
which I rubbed with relish in the pockets of the still too big nylon anorak until I got dizzy and the rock hard bone began to throb.
The urge for relaxation lingered all day and I longed to get rid of my tension.
That very night, I took the nylon anorak to my bed, lay naked on my back, slowly pulled the unziped nylon anorak
up the hood from my feet to my head and felt the gentle seduction of the cool nylon on the bare skin of my thighs and balls.
The hood I had finally pulled up over my head - the light of the bedside lamp on the bed glowed excitingly through the green shimmering nylon -
and with each breath, the silky nylon lining moved up and down and stroked my face.
My cock rose to the pillar, made a high bulge in the nylon anorak like a circus tent and throbbed madly with excitement.
I rubbed my cock getting faster and faster with the smooth rustling nylon and the breath control of the airtight nylon hood
excited me all the more and the faster the nylon snuggled against my face.
It made me almost crazy to feel so much rustling, swishing nylon, which I had longed for inwardly and now had come true,
especially as the thought of my mother's words "stay away from the fire, nylon burns very easily" even more aroused,
as in my room a coal stove stood in which over the winter always a fire burned.
The flare-up temptation to melt a hole in the sleeve of the new Nylon anorak in the next winter with glowing ashes
or to light the nylon again and again with a match and magnifying glass in summer in the sunshine while wanking
and then finally burn completely (that's what I did at age 12 in stove in the living room) brought my excitement to a boil.
I folded the beloved nylon anorak lengthwise, clamped it tightly over my swollen balls between my trembling thighs and turned to the prone position.
Inevitably, my head now pushed even deeper into the silky nylon lining of the hood while I began to slip on the rustling nylon anorak
with circular hip movement back and forth and my stiff cock rubbed into the layers of sliding nylon.
The slight vibration and rustle of the rubbing nylon transferred to the tip of my cock, which became even harder.
Even more horny, however, was the experience that even the swollen to bursting nuts by the circular slipping on the nylon
could be carassed beautifully under the pressure of my weight and began to tickle.
So it was not easy for me to decide if I would rather have an glans, cock or balls orgasm.
It felt so smooth and easy to wank in the nylon and increased my lust into the immeasurable until a violent twitching and jerking pumping passed through my hard cock.
Since I knew, with nylon, I'll never need a lubricant, because 2 thin superimposed nylon layers are enough to rub the cock when wanking to full pleasure.

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