Husband and I (Part 28)

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Husband and I (Part 28)

Post by Lindaf » August 6th, 2018, 6:41 am

Bills turn again

Bill answered an email from a guy (Jason) he had made contact with a couple of years ago that really set him on his bi side.

He agreed to meet Jason to catch up on old times. They arranged to go out for a meal and see what happens next.

Bill was intrigued why after so long did he make contact however he was up for the meet.

The day before Jason emailed to ask if Bill was still “that way inclined” about his sexuality and fetish interests. Bill of course replied yes.

The evening arrived, Bill met the Jason as arranged and went for a meal.

The subject turned to how Bill was with his sexuality. He answered that he now goes the full way and even better if the guy shares his fetish interest. Jason said he was still the same too.

He had met a couple who were bi and shared his passion for rubber, plastic and PVC. They met on a chat site that was specifically for the fetish fashion. The couple had a room converted for fetish fun and it was full of sexy things to wear and enjoy.

Jason asked if Bill had brought stuff with him, Bill replied yes but wasn’t telling him what it was as a surprise. He went to the car and brought out a hold all full of fetish wear.

Jason asked Bill back to his room and started to strip off. Bill followed suit and both were soon naked. Both also had hard cocks, so that was a good start.

They decided to get “dressed” for fun separately. Bill went into the toilet to change. He put on his rubber mac and Hunter boots complete with his rubber sheath panties below. He asked Jason if he was ready, the immediate answer was yes.

Bill came out of the toilet and gasped when he saw Jason.

He had on a red PVC mac and fishing waders that came up to almost the top of his legs. The smell of the rubber was quite intense and made Bill harder than before. Both sat down and started to fondle each other. Bill opened his rubber mac to show off his rubber cock. Both got down to action.

Jason went and laid on the bed and Bill joined him. The red PVC mac crackled as Bill ran his hands over it, Jason opened his legs for Bill to get better access to his cock. Bill started to lick Jason’s cock. He felt Jason’s legs rise and over his shoulder. The smell from the rubber boots filled Bills nose with that sensational smell as he turned to lick them.

He entered Jason slowly and firmly. Jason moaned as Bill entered more. Bill’s rubber mac was flapping as he gently penetrated Jason. They swapped places with each other. Jason was now giving Bill some cock. Their macs squeaked as they rubber together. The cumulative smell of the rubber boots and macs filled the air.

Bill took his panties off and was wanking as Jason thrust into his bum hole. The macs crackled more and the air was filled with the smell of rubber. Jason pulled his cock out and climaxed over Bill. The ribbons of spunk flew everywhere and at that moment bill climaxed too sending cum into the air and landing on Jason’s mac.

More to come..................................

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