Husband and I (Part 27)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Husband and I (Part 27)

Post by Lindaf » August 4th, 2018, 9:28 pm

My car had broken down and I had to get the bus into town to get to my work. Bill was away working so I couldn’t get him to help.

The weather looked overcast so I put on my light blue plastic mac just in case it turned bad.

The bus journey takes ages so I had to leave sharp. Fortunately the terminus for the bus is only a few streets away so getting a seat was no problem. I got settled and waited on the bus moving off.

At the next stop a guy came on and looked around then sat next to me. Strange as there were plenty other seats he could have used.

We said hi to each other and started chatting. He said he didn’t recognise me as a regular on the bus and I told him why not.

I was looking out of the window when I felt his hand slip down to touch my mac. I let it go to see what was going to happen next. I moved a little so there was a gap between us. His hand filled that gap between us as he had better access to my mac. I looked back at him and he was staring forward with his eyes closed and a smile on his face. His right hand was below his paper which was on his lap.

I asked to look at his paper, he didn’t respond. I tried to take it off his lap and it started to come my way. The guy was snoozing and was covering up a hard on that he was trying to hide. He realised that I had taken his paper, looked down, then looked at me. His face went red when he could see I was looking at his hard cock in his trousers.

I turned back to look out the window. The journey was long as road works were holding the traffic up for ages. His left hand didn’t move away from the side of my mac.

He spoke again to me again about the weather as it had started to rain. I said we are never content about the weather as we are always complaining about it. He came back by saying that I had at least the right rainwear on to not get wet. I agreed and asked him if he liked what I was wearing. He said he did.

Is that why you are touching it, I said. He went red again and admitted that he loved the feel of plastic macs. His wife had a couple of macs similar to mine and he couldn’t resist touching them at any opportunity. He thought the feel and texture of the plastic rainwear was really nice.

We chatted more about my mac. He asked what I thought of them. I told him I felt the same about them and I had a selection of them back home. I told him that my boyfriend (Bill) had a couple too as we both had the same taste in rainwear and that we loved wearing them to keep the rain off us when we walked.

I looked down again and his cock was still hard. I asked him if it was the fact that he was touching my mac he was like that. He replied yes.

I asked him does that happen at home. He said that he asked his wife to wear them more often, even at home. She thought that he was a pervert asking her things to do in her plastic macs when they were only there to keep the rain off.

That’s too bad I said. Bill and I wear them at home and have sexy fun in them. That’s what he said to his wife hence the pervert tone.

I further asked if he did anything with the macs while she was out. He blushed again and said yes. I didn’t want to torture the guy any further so I stopped chatting for a few minutes. He came back and said that he tried to try them on but they were too small so he enveloped himself in them while she was out. He admitted that on a few times he had been naked while he did it and that got him very horny. The feeling of the plastic mac on his cock and bare body sent him wild and he had to take action to alleviate his feelings.

Wow I said, that was hot what he was telling me. I didn’t tell him my panties were soaking wet with what he had just told me.

The journey was nearly over. I had met a poor guy who loved plastic macs as we did but unfortunately couldn’t do more than satisfy himself as his wife wasn’t interested.

I gave him a peck on the cheek when I got up to get off the bus. I let his hands wander a little on the arms of the mac to makes sure he had a good feel of the plastic.

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