Husband and I (Part 26)

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Husband and I (Part 26)

Post by Lindaf » August 3rd, 2018, 9:11 pm

All stems from Part 25

After the couple had gone in the morning, we just lazed about, naked of course. Probably because we had sore heads from the drink and lack of sleep the night before.

I was laying spread-eagled on the couch. I felt horny but couldn’t be bothered starting things off. Helen came over and sat beside me beckoning me to lie in her lap and she would massage my head to make me feel better.

It seemed to work. I was putty in her hands by this time. My pussy was twitching and my breasts were heaving as by breathing got heavier.
She slipped her hands from my head to my breasts and started to play with my nipples. That was so tender, I fell asleep with the manipulations of Helen.

I must have been sleeping sound as Helen had gone and someone draped Bills rubber mac over me as a cover. The smell form the mac got my juices flowing and I started to masturbate whilst inhaling that magnificent rubber smell. I fell asleep again after I had orgasmed.

A few hours later I heard noises outside and had a look out the window.

It was Helen entertaining her man friend and Bill. She had her green Rukka mac and matching wellies on and was cavorting about the back garden. The two guys were in their macs and were wanking each other while they watched Helen.

She laid down in front of them and opened her mac to reveal her soaking wet pussy and started to masturbate herself. Her breasts were heaving as she rubbed herself. The two guys knelt down beside her and started to feel her all over. Their cocks were rock hard as they strained against their plastic macs ready to burst out.

Helen made a grab for their cocks and started to wank them as they played with her heaving breasts. By this time I didn’t want to miss out of any of this so I just put my Hunter boots on and went outside.

By this time Helens guy was fucking her and sucking Bill at the same time. I moved behind Helen and squatted my soaking wet pussy over her face. Wow, she had a wicked tongue. My clit was now at orgasmic point where I let out a squeal. I was so hot I started to pee and didn’t realise it. Helen loved this and let me carry on.

After I had finished peeing, it was Bills turn to fuck her, and that he did.

Her request was to have both guys wank over her Rukka mac and cum like they never have before.

The two guys were wanking in unison. My hand was up my pussy, I was so turned on by what I was seeing.

They managed to simultaneously shoot their load over her mac and boots. Her final request was that we all peed on her mac to clean the baby juice off.

Sadly we had to pack up and go but we have still got fond memories of that weekend.

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