Husband and I (Part 24)

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Husband and I (Part 24)

Post by Lindaf » August 1st, 2018, 10:54 pm

My next adventure was on my own back at my flat.

My flatmate (from Part 13) said she was staying away for the night so I had the place to myself.

I had finished work and went for a lazy bath. I put the lights off, put a couple of candles on in the bathroom, I stripped off, had a little play, and then slid into the warm bath. Wonderful feeling of peace and tranquillity.

The radio was playing and the music was soothing and chilling me out. I started to rub my nipples and then strayed down between my legs giving my clit another play with my fingers.

I must have dozed off for a few seconds or maybe later. The music had stopped playing and I could hear my flatmate and another female voice coming from the lounge.

They obviously had thought they had the place to themselves, alas not.

I heard packaging being opened and shrieks of laughter. It went quiet for a moment and then I heard moans of ecstasy. They were still oblivious of me being around.

There was some giggling by now and laughing and joking.

I stood up in the bath and dried myself off. I had no other clothing with me to dress. Sod it I said, I wrapped myself in the bath towel and went into the lounge.

My flatmate was shaving her friends pussy, hence the giggling. I could see what looked like a new green see through mac and my flatmates red PVC mac lying across it.

Saucy bitches I thought.

I waited until my flatmates friends pussy was shaved and dried off before I came fully back in to the lounge.

Both of them were startled and didn’t realise I was in the house. They were naked as they completed the shaving.

So what have you two been up to I said? They went a little red faced but owned up that they had been shopping and bought the mac and came back to “try it on” so to speak.

I mentioned the mac looks great and I took off the bath towel and tried it on. It felt wonderful and soft. The plastic rubbed my nipples and got them hard. The girls carried on what they were doing and got cleaned up.

My flatmate asked if she could try on my rubber mac. I agreed.

She looked great in it and her friend tried on the red PVC mac and looked sensational with her smooth pussy and breasts showing. She closed the mac and squeezed her breasts through the PVC. I beckoned her to come to me. She did and I touched her PVC breasts and she went into raptures as I squeezed her.

My flatmate who was still naked, came over and hugged the two of us. You could feel her breasts as she snuggled in beside us. We all ended up on my bed rubbing, licking, kissing, fucking in that wonderful material.

I got my strap on cock and started to fuck my flatmate while still wearing the mac. Her friend watched and masturbated still wearing the red PVC mac. I could feel her hands on my breasts through the plastic. I got me hornier to know I was fucking my flatmate and her friend was touching me up.

We all swapped places throughout the evening.

What started out as a relaxing evening, turned out to be an amazing time for all.

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