Husband and I (Part 22)

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Husband and I (Part 22)

Post by Lindaf » July 31st, 2018, 6:39 am

You will remember a couple of stories ago where Helen and I caught the waiter rubbing his cock on Helen’s green Rukka mac.

He called Helen and asked if he could have sexy fun with her wearing macs.

She loved the idea and invited him over the following day for fun

She let me know he was coming over and asked if I would be able to manage some fun later on in the day then too. I of course agreed and we had planned that I would go to her flat at a specific time and catch them.

The day dawned and I was due to be there at 2pm when they should be well into fetish fun. She gave me a key to let myself in.

She decided to wear her new red “tarty” PVC boots with red PVC skirt, my rubber dildo panties, my rubber cut out bra and of course her green Rukka mac. What other mac would she wear under the circumstances.

Helen let me borrow her blue Rukka for the occasion. I also had rubber underwear and my blue Hunter boots on.

It was nearly 2pm and I listened at her door. They were sure hard at it. I had to finger myself just listening to them from outside.
I slowly unlocked the door and let myself in.

Wow, what a site to see.

She was dressed in as described before and the guy had a light blue plastic mac and had rubber boots (not Hunters). His bum was fair going at it and all you could hear, other than the panting, was the rustling of the macs together and squeaking of the boots.

I coughed when they didn’t realise I was there. The guy sat bolt upright with his hard wet cock bouncing up and down. I said may I join you and the consensus of two, was yes.

The guy was still hard and I turned him towards me and I slid onto my knees and took his pussy juice cock into my mouth and sucked it hard. I could feel him rubbing his hands over the shoulders of the glossy mac and getting harder by the second.

At this time, Helen had sneaked off to put her catsuit on for more action once I had finished with him.

You heard her come back in the room, the catsuit creaked and the plastic mac fluttered as she walked. I said to the guy do you want her again, the guy said yes.

He got a shock when she unzipped the bottom part of her catsuit.

She had her strap on cock belted to her waist and was ready for more action.

Still in their macs, she got the guy to lie down on his back and proceeded to rim him. His cock was fit to burst but he held on well.

Helen positioned her “cock” against his bum hole and slowly entered him. He moaned with delight as the rubber cock slipped into his hole. She gathered pace and really screwed him hard.

While Helen had his legs round her neck, she licked his rubber boots.

I, meanwhile decided to take my panties off and sat on his face with my pussy dripping juices all over the place. I leant forward and sucked his hard cock while Helen carried on fucking him. The smell of the warm plastic and rubber was sensational and led me to work harder on his cock.

Helen finally climaxed and dripped her juices all over the guys cock. More for me to lick clean.......

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