Husband and I (Part 21)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Husband and I (Part 21)

Post by Lindaf » July 29th, 2018, 10:24 pm

The last story about Helen made me think I would be able to do something like she did.

I first did this ages ago but to this day I still wear my rubber mac with my rubber Hunter wellies and nothing else.

When it’s raining and I go grocery shopping I take the opportunity to dress as described above.

Bill hates grocery shopping so I go on my own.
It’s funny to see people’s reaction to my rubber mac and boots. Well it’s raining…isn’t it?

I slowly go through the supermarket. I love it when my wellies squeak on the floor as I walk. Gets the attention, that’s for sure.
My favourite thing to do is go up to single guys shopping and test their reaction to my mac. Some are oblivious and some love it.

One of many incidents was when my trolley chucked it and a guy came over to assist me. He went and got another trolley and decanted my groceries from one to the other. I thanked him for his assistance and he went away but looked round for another look.

As I was going through the checkout my knight in shining armour was behind me and he asked if I was ok after my trolley disaster. I said yes and can I buy him a coffee for his trouble. He immediately agreed and we sat down at a table.

He came over with the coffees and sat down. He said it wasn’t a habit of his to chat to females but seen me in a bit of difficulty with my trolley. We chatted about things in general. The weather is always a good topic for discussion and commented on my rubber mac and how well equipped I was to master the elements.

I said that the mac was fairly light and soft and didn’t get too warm in the shops when I go, hence the reason why I wear it in this kind of weather.
My nipples were straining to burst. I just love it knowing I am naked below and the guy is trying to chat more about the rubber mac but can’t bring himself to ask.

I asked him if he liked my rubber mac. He said he loved it. He and his wife had one each too but never dared to wear it outside. I asked why. He said that folks get the wrong idea of rubber macs and always think there is a perverted side to it. I laughed and told him not to be too hung up about it. It’s rubber, it’s waterproof, it’s raining and the problem is…..

He agreed but still was too bothered about tittle tattle.

I asked when they wore their rubber macs. He blushed and said they sometime use them for love making but nothing much more. He wasn’t alone I said. He gasped when I told him that Bill and I do the same.

What about the Hunter boots he asked. I said that were part of my ensemble to go out shopping especially in the rain. I said I loved the feel and in particular, the warm smell of rubber was like an aphrodisiac. They didn’t share the same love for Hunter boots.

We chatted more and I said that Bill and I should meet with them but only if they wanted to. I left him my mobile number and hoped he would call. He wasn’t sure about his wife but he would certainly be up for a meet.

He got quite excited and fidgety. I asked if there was a problem and he blushed again. I didn’t ask more as I’m sure he had a stiffy just thinking about the meet.

I left him after the coffee.

I went back to Bill and told him what happened. He laid me down on the floor and opened my mac and fucked me on the spot. I think he was keen to meet with these folks.

More to come on this one……

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