Husband and I (Part 20)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Husband and I (Part 20)

Post by Lindaf » July 29th, 2018, 8:55 am

Bill and I again with Helen

I am recalling these stories when we had fun with our macs etc.

We went over to Helen’s house and it was pouring with rain. I had my rubber mac on and Bill had bought himself one too earlier . It was a luxury SB rainwear mac with tie belt in the middle.

Helen had her blue Rukka mac and matching wellies on. She approached the car and got in the back with me. Her mac rustled as she got in and her wellies squeaked as they rubbed against each other.

Bill was driving and couldn’t see too much in the back where we were.

Helen took my hand and put it under her mac. What a surprise I got when I felt her bare wet pussy. I fingered her for a moment and stretched forward to rub my finger below Bill’s nose. He inhaled the warm and perfumed smell into his nostrils.

Helen beckoned me to open the top buttons of her mac. Her bare breasts were there for all to see. I concluded that she was naked under her mac.
She opened all the buttons and I was right, she was naked below her mac.

I gasped and asked her what she was doing. She wanted to go and but new PVC boots and felt horny enough to flash the assistant her bare pussy while she tried on her boots.

We arrived at the shoe shop. Bill buggered of somewhere else and we made arrangements to meet later.

Helen and I sat down and waited for attention.The assistants were fighting each other to come over and serve us.

Anyway, one of them did manage to come over. He asked what we were looking for and Helen said she was looking for knee length PVC boots. The guy asked the size and colour and promptly came back with a selection for Helen to try.

He brought back red, white, black, blue PVC boots. I had to say I was getting wet at the thought of the guy seeing right up to her wet shaved pussy. The guy brought up the stool and helped Helen of with her wellies. There was that faint hint of warm rubber when he took them off. He said he had similar wellies at home and loved to wear them whenever it was wet outside.

Helen undid a couple of buttons at the bottom of her mac. This allowed her to open her legs more to try the boots on.

The guy started with the red ones. He carefully slipped the boots onto Helens feet and I could see her starting to open her legs as he zipped the first one up. The second one took longer to fit as he had sussed what Helen was doing and couldn’t avert his gaze from her wet pussy.

She asked if something was wrong. He stuttered and asked her to stand up (wasn’t the only thing standing up) and walk in the boots. They looked sensational on her. Tarty was my answer when she asked what they looked like.

Next she wanted to try on the blue pair on. The assistant went through the same routine as did Helen. She asked if he liked her in the boots. His answer was awesome and he commented on the shape of her legs.

By this time the poor guys cock was stiff as a pole and you could plainly see it in his trousers. The blue boots looked great too. They matched her Rukka mac a treat.

I was so wet watching the poor guy being teased by Helen. He was totally salivating at the site of Helens wet pussy.

The third pair went on and the same happened. The assistant asked to be excused and came back five minutes later. He apologised for the time away and looked decidedly flushed and I asked him if he was ok. The guys cock wasn’t hard anymore so I assumed he went into the loo and wanked to release all the tension in his balls having seen Helens wet crotch. I swear you could smell her pussy juices drifting from under her mac.

She eventually picked the red “tarty” ones which I thought was apt for the stresses and strains she put the poor assistant through. The guy put her wellies back onto her feet and lingered feeling the rubber. She paid for the boots and gave him a tip for being such a great guy. To my surprise, she gave the guy her mobile number and asked him to all sometime.

We met Bill back at the car later and told him of Helens antics. He slipped his hand into one of the pockets of his mac to have a quick feel of his growing cock. She told him that she had bought new boots and that she would show him when we got home.

Arriving home we went into the lounge. Helen excused herself and came back wearing her new red knee length PVC boots and nothing else. Her pussy was dripping and said she needed Bills cock in her.

He stripped off and was rock hard.

She was so wet, his cock went straight in and he started to fuck her.

I also stripped and put her blue Rukka mac on, straddled her face and she licked me out as Bill was fucking her. This time she wanted creampied and wanted to feel him cum in her.

Her boots squeaked as he fucked her and I squealed as Helens tongue gave my now soaking wet and good going over. Bill shot his load into her, withdrew and let me taste her juices and the drips of cum from his cock.

What a day……………………………

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