Husband and I (Part 19)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Husband and I (Part 19)

Post by Lindaf » July 28th, 2018, 8:33 am

Me again this time

Bill’s aunt (Her name is Helen) called me and invited me over for coffee and a chat one weekend. I agreed to go over the next weekend. She mentioned how much she enjoyed herself the last time we met and hoped both of us could have more fun together. She asked if I could bring more of my wardrobe to let her see and maybe swap some and use each others kit.

Bill would be at the football with his mates so we wouldn’t need to bother about him.

Fortunately it was raining and a great excuse to put my rubber mac on with my blue Hunter wellies. I dressed normal below the mac, with the exception of my cut out rubber bra and panties, and I also took some of my toys for her to see and maybe use.

She answered the door and I could hear her gasp when she saw my rubber mac. Her first instinct was to rub her hands over the mac and feel how smooth it was. I loved that feeling when she smoothed the rubber over my breasts.

I took the mac off and handed it to her to try on. She looked great in it and she commented on the smell of the warm rubber. She swished about the lounge in it and fell in love with it.

Helen got excited about she wanted to tell me. Excuses were made and she disappeared for a while. She came back in wearing the shiniest PVC catsuit you could imagine. It creaked as she moved. To complete the outfit she had on white thigh high PVC boots and her clear plastic rain mac. She looked sensational as she paraded in.

My jaw dropped and she came over and asked if I liked her new outfit. Like it I said, I love it.

As she walked she creaked in the PVC. Her see through mac added an extra sheen to the whole outfit. I stood up and did exactly what she did to me. I rubbed my hands over her mac and lingered at her breasts. Her breathing had started to go faster as I stroked her. The more I rubbed her the more her breathing got quicker. Her breasts heaved with delight. I thought they were going to burst out of her catsuit.

Helen took the mac off and showed me the zips on the catsuit. The zips opened up her breasts at the top and her pussy and bum at the bottom. So sexy.

We soon got down to business. I still had my rubber mac on but had left my rubber underwear on below. This time I had my red rubber dildo panties on. She creaked as she came to me. She had the top of her catsuit open. Her breasts were strained against her plastic mac and her nipples were hard.

She sat down on the couch and I unzipped the crotch of her catsuit to give me access to her warm and sexy pussy. I got a shock, she had bought herself dildo panties like mine. They were back rubber and she told me that there were two internal dildos.

I eased them down and the two dildos glistened as they came into daylight. Still in my rubber mac, I opened the front and exposed my dildo panties with the external sheath. Yes I was ready to fuck her soaking wet holes.

After a few hours of having fun, I suggested we go out for a meal, She agreed and we changed to go.

I still had my rubber mac and wellies on. Helen put her green Rukka and matching wellies and we went out to the restaurant.

When we arrived at the restaurant, the place went quiet and folks looked round at us. Now I wonder why.

We were shown to our table and the waiter took our coats and hung them up for us.

The meal was great and we had a great chat about loads of things including when I had my first bi experience. Helen told me that the first time we met, she was very str8 and never imagined herself with another female. However, our meetings changed that and she confirmed she loves cock and pussy especially if they wear fetish clothing and rubber and plastic macs as a bonus

Imagine the shock when we went for our coats and in the room where they were stored, one of the waiters had his huge hard cock out and rubbing it against Helen’s Rukka mac. We both stood there transfixed and he tried to stash his still hard cock inside his trousers. He almost passed out when he saw us and pleaded with us not to tell the management otherwise he would be sacked. Imaging on your CV, reason for leaving, rubbing cock on a slippy PVC mac. Don’t think that would go down too well.

We literally had him by his dangly bits and told him we wouldn’t tell if he promised to do what we said. He immediately agreed.

He gave us his phone number and said he was off shift at 8. We gave him the address we would be at and expected him about 9.

About 9.15, the doorbell went and it was the waiter as promised.

Helen was back in her PVC catsuit and I was in my rubber lingerie and plastic mac. He came in and started to apologise about the incident and commented on how he just loved fetish rainwear and couldn’t resist taking his cock out to rub on the Rukka mac.

As he was chatting I noticed that his cock had got hard and I looked at Helen and nodded for her to look down at the guy. She licked her lips and that was a sign for what was to follow.

Helen unzipped her catsuit a little to expose more of her breasts.

The guy explained about his fetish for rainwear. His mum had a plastic mac that he loved to play with. When she was out, he used to put her mac on and love the feel of the material on his nipples that subsequently made his cock hard. He used to lie down on his bed and wank his cock until he spurted his hot cum all over it. He moved on to his love for rubber and PVC at a later date.

When he saw the green mac, he couldn’t help himself and take his cock out and rub it on the mac.

We told him to strip off and demonstrate to us what he did when he was alone with his mum’s plastic mac.

I took mine off and handed it to him when he was naked. He put the mac on and started the walk up and down. His nipples were rubbing on the inside of the mac. They were plainly hard. His cock bobbed up and down as he walked. Helen and I winked at each other and decided we would have this guy for ourselves.

Helen had unzipped her catsuit and was displaying her wet pussy. The guy saw this and immediately went down on Helen. He slurped at her wet crotch and I got down on the floor, slid underneath him below the mac and started to lick his dangling balls and cock. He was well up for being fucked.

I got my strap on cock and positioned it at his bum hole. Poor guy was scared what we were going to do next. I was gentle with him, he got used to a cock up his hole and really started to moan with delight.

Well we fucked and fucked all night. I had to call Bill to say I would be delayed and would be staying at Helen’s house overnight.

The guy eventually left well satisfied that we wouldn’t be telling his boss about him

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Re: Husband and I (Part 19)

Post by hotrubber69uk » July 28th, 2018, 3:07 pm

cliché but wow !!!!....some of you people out there are so lucky.......every time I sign in here I make BEE LINE for your messages LINDA : ).........
The rains pouring down so hard here....and I`m stuck wife has no interest in anything like this...... : (
thank you for making a sad man here perk up : )

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