Husband and I (Part 18)

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Husband and I (Part 18)

Post by Lindaf » July 27th, 2018, 10:22 pm

The next story is about Bill and me to a certain extent

Bill had given me a key to his flat so I would be able to pop in and out when I liked.

This night I called him but only got his voice mail.

I went over to see him as I was worried about him. When I arrived his car was there so he was either out locally or at home.

Needless to say he was at home but not alone. He was with the boyfriend of his aunt, sitting on the couch, wanking to porn on the television. It was about bi threesomes that was male/male/female.

They were both sitting there naked with see through plastic macs and rubber Hunter boots on. The macs were Bills for sure as he had cut the back of the pocket cut out so he could play with his cock while the mac was fully closed.

What a site for sore eyes it was. Two grown men, naked, wanking, wearing fetish clothing and oblivious of me standing there.

I crept into the bedroom to see what I could wear to surprise them. All that was available was a spare pair of Hunter boots. Sod it, I stripped off and put on his boots. They were a bit big for me but the fact I was wearing them with nothing else on, would have the desired effect
I strolled back through the hall and into the lounge where they were sitting and the film was almost complete. One of the guys was fucking the other guy who in turn was fucking the girl. That was fun to see.

I coughed and they turned round is surprise and saw me standing there in nothing but his spare pair of Hunter boots. I asked if they enjoyed what they were doing on the screen and I got two nods back as they watched the film right to the end.

Now boys, I said. What were you planning to do after the film? They both looked at each other and smiled back Bill said they were going to have fun with each other wearing the macs and boots. I said fuck you mean and both nodded.

Well get on with it I demanded. They started touching each other through the plastic macs and played with the other one’s cocks. That was hot. I sat down to watch more.

Bill opened the other guy’s mac and went down on him. Both had similar sized cocks but Bills was a bit thicker. Bill sucked and licked the guy’s balls and slowly licked up the length of his cock. You could see the veins full of blood as it aroused to a standing position. All you could hear was the guy moaning with pleasure and the crackle of the macs rubbing together. There was also squeaking coming from the rubber boots as they rubbed together.

I sat watching and I started to masturbate slowly. I wished I had brought a mac with me but that’s life. I was mesmerised as the guy stretched over to Bill to get to his cock. Both lay on the floor in a 69 position and had a good suck and lick for each other in that position.

Both cocks were solid by now and I asked what was going to happen next. They both looked at each other and bill lay over on his back, put his rubber booted legs over the guys shoulder and let the guy penetrate his bum hole.

It was so hot watching Bill get fucked with a guys cock. I masturbated more and was dripping wet by this time.

After a while, he stopped fucking Bill and invited me over to join them. I lay down and both took it in turns to fuck me and eventually had both cocks in both holes at the same time. I could feel the plastic macs rubbing against me and they fucked me hard.

We changed position again and as in the film it went like Bill was fucking my bum hole while the guy was fucking Bills hole. It was a wonderful experience of which we have done many times since. Only the next time I will be “macked up” for the occasion.

Both withdrew from each other and they wanked until they spat their baby juice all over me at the end.

I ordered them to clean me up with their tongues. They made a good job of it. Will get them to do that again. I hate waste……

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Re: Husband and I (Part 18)

Post by Kinky-In-Scotland » July 27th, 2018, 11:10 pm

You don't get stuff like this in Waterstones! :) :) :)
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