Husband and I (Part 17)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Husband and I (Part 17)

Post by Lindaf » July 27th, 2018, 6:45 am

Bill and I again

Bill invited is aunt over to his place. She said yes and could she bring a friend with her. No problem for us. Is it male or female he asked. Wait and see, she replied. Intriguing or what.

I went over to Bill’s early for some warm up. This time we ended up fucking on the floor. He jizzed in me filling me up with his cum. Love to feel that hot jet firing into me mmmmm

His aunt arrived with this very hunky guy. She was dressed in her blue Rukka mac and obligatory Hunter boots. He was dressed normally (what’s normal)

We welcomed them in and poured them a drink to break the ice. We small chatted for a while and we found out that this guy was the friend she was chatting about the last time we were at her house. He was also into the fetish scene and actually had a dungeon in his house full of fetish items. Most part though, it had a range of PVC and rubber wear including rubber macs and capes.

To move on, Bill started to get horny with me and started to touch me up and fondle my breasts. The other two stared but eventually got into it between themselves too.

We soon retired to the bedroom and stripped off. Yes we did get “dressed up” for fun. I had my mac and wellies with me and Bill in his plastic mac and white knee length PVC boots. His aunt donned her Rukka mac and wellies and Bill had a selection of things his aunt’s friend could use.

We continued in our pairs then acknowledged that we should swap. Bill’s aunt’s friend withdrew and came over to me. He was dressed in Bill’s other plastic mac and wellies and his cock was all shiny from his aunt’s pussy. I sucked it and tasted his aunt’s juices. Very sweet and tasty. He stroked me through my mac. I love that feeling. My nipples just love it. He then entered me and started to fuck my wet pussy for all his worth.

Bill came over and straddled my face and I licked his smooth cock and balls, whilst still being fucked by his aunt’s lover. His aunt came over and fondled my breasts and this time my pussy. I was in seventh heaven.

I was in ecstasy and didn’t realise that his aunt’s friend had withdrawn from me and inviting me to suck his cock and the same time as Bill. Bill’s aunt knelt in front of me and started to lick my soaking wet pussy with her tongue. For being str8 she seemed to cotton on to being bi fairly quickly.
We all took a rest and restarted where we had left off only the tables had turned and I was licking his aunt’s pussy while she sucked the two guys cocks. I had brought my strap on cock with me and started to fuck his aunt. My plastic mac was crackling like anything as I fucked her

Next thing I see was Bill bending down to suck his aunt’s friend. He had most of his cock in his mouth and was really going for it. As I continued to fuck Bill’s aunt, the two guys got down to the 69 position and stated to suck each other off. This really kept me and his aunt going while we watched. She commented that the sight of the two guys sucking made her quite horny. More so that they were wearing their macs while doing it.

We stopped what we were doing and openly masturbated each other while watching the two guys suck.

It moved on a pace when Bill bent over and let the guy enter his bum hole with his cock. It was so amazing to see the two guys having fun, both of us orgasmed over and over again.

Bill taking a guy’s cock was a sight to behold. The thrusting of the guy in and out of Bill’s bum was amazing to watch. The guy stopped short of cumming inside Bill and came over to spray the two of us with his hot cum. It spewed out in jets and over our rainwear mostly. We took turn at licking each other clean.

Bill came over and wanked until he sprayed cum over us too. We had to clean each other up again. We hate to waste cum…

What a night, what a session……….

More stories to cummmmmmmmm

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