Husband and I (Part 16)

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Husband and I (Part 16)

Post by Lindaf » June 3rd, 2015, 6:45 am

I’m getting soaking wet here writing these accounts of our life.

The next visit was with his aunt. Bill met her at regular times to have fun. Good on him, both loved the visits and what it entailed.
He had spoken with his aunt about me and that fact that we love the same things. She said to invite me over next time he was due there. She didn’t bother that I was bi. Nothing like that ever phased her. She knew Bill was bi as well and that didn’t seem to bother her either.

We drove over to meet with her the next week. We had packed a few “things” just in case.

She met us at the door when we arrived and looked really fit with a gorgeous face and body. She greeted us as long lost friends as we entered the house.

I was a bit nervous at first. Never been in a situation where the nephew was fucking his aunt and loving every moment spent with her.
She left to make coffee and I noticed Bill was stiff already. Nice to see.

We lingered over coffee and after some small talk she asked if the relationship with her and Bill was ok with me. I said yes, the idea that two adults regardless of relationship could get on well together with no hang ups, sounds good to me.

She sighed with relief as I said that. She told me Bill was a great help to her when her husband died by clearing out most of his things and tidying the shed and house out.

I said to her that Bill had told me everything that had happened between him and her and it sounded a fun time he had (still
has) with his aunt.

We started talking about our similar interests and she took us upstairs to see her wardrobe full of fetish gear that she had.
She was into this in a big way. She also confessed that she had met a male friend who was also into the fetish scene. She had Rukka PVC macs, plastic macs, all sorts of styles and fabrics of luxurious underwear including PVC and rubber. In her collection was three pairs of Hunter wellies. One pair blue, one pair green and one pair yellow. It put my stock of things to shame but still loved to see it. It looked really fit for purpose.

While she was showing me her collection, Bill went out to the car to get the things we had packed and brought them in. I had my see through plastic mac with my rubber lingerie and my Hunter boots, blue just like hers. Bill had his mac with him too and included in that was a pair of see through plastic panties. They were made of fine plastic and very soft to touch. He also brought his knee length white PVC boots too.
While he was out, his aunt asked if I wanted to try some of her things on. I started to try some of her things on but she suggested that the best way to try them on is when you were naked below. I looked at her and nodded and proceeded to take my clothes off. I tried on one of her Rukka macs.

It was lovely and crisp to wear and my nipples got hard with the internal of the mac arousing me (no change there). Certainly it was a good fit.
She then decided to do the same. Wow was she stunning when naked. I could see why Bill still visits her. She tried on her green Rukka mac with her matching wellies. I could see her breathing get more rapid as she donned her clothes. By this time I was naked looking to try on other things.
I asked her if she was ok. She said yes and looked my naked body up and down. I asked her again if she was ok and she came over to hug me. Her softness of her mac rubbed my nipples and made them hard. She reached forward to kiss me on the lips. My reaction was not too as I knew she wasn’t bi.

She was disappointed and I reached out to her to kiss her and she was well up for it. She said that I looked gorgeous and understood why Bill liked me. She confirmed she was str8 but loved looking at my naked body.

Bill came back in and came upstairs. Took him only seconds to strip off and join us.

His cock was hard and pointing upwards which meant he was ready for business.

He rubbed the front of his aunt’s mac and she groaned as her breasts heaved. He slipped his hand below the mac to feel her pussy and you could here is squish as he fingered her. I was fingering myself too.

They kissed and they sat on the bed. She was wanking his cock as he was rubbing her.

I found this amazing to watch. I had orgasmed twice already just watching.

It was my turn for his cock. I laid down beside his aunt who was still in her mac. I had put on my plastic mac. Bill then moved over to me and I sucked his cock. It was his aunt’s juices I was tasting and they tasted very sweet. He started to fuck me. I was so wet, his cock just slid in with no opposition. He withdrew and let his aunt suck his cock with my juices and she lapped them up too.

My turn again. I was flat on my back with him fucking me. His aunt reached over to touch him but her hand strayed to my heaving breasts. She rubbed me through the mac and got my nipples hard again. She bent forward and licked my hard nipple through the mac also.

She looked at me and I nodded for her to carry on what she was doing. Eventually she got up and straddled my face with her wet pussy while Bill still fucked me. What a session that turned out. We were fucking as if there was no tomorrow.

His aunt loved to be touched and licked by me. I still wasn’t too sure how much she wanted to go with me but I would find out the next time.

Bill and I left later than we had scheduled but it sure was worth every minute

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Re: Husband and I (Part 16)

Post by Onslow » July 26th, 2018, 3:55 pm

Wow - this series has become my daily fix - so don't ever stop !

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Re: Husband and I (Part 16)

Post by Kinky-In-Scotland » July 26th, 2018, 7:57 pm

I'm clearly living in the wrong part of the country, lol!
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