Husband and I (Part 15)

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Husband and I (Part 15)

Post by Lindaf » July 25th, 2018, 9:35 pm

Our next meeting was a couple of weeks later.

It was a miserable night I remember but gave me an excuse to dig my plastic macs out to give them an airing.
I dressed like a tart. Low cut blouse, no bra, no panties, black PVC skirt and my plastic mac and of course my Hunter wellies. What more can a girl ask for.

Bill opened the door and promptly grabbed me and kissed the face off me.

He just loved the way I had dressed and I noticed he had the start of a huge hard on.

He excused himself for a few moments and came back dressed as I first saw him. It was “tarts are us” the way we were dressed.
We played with each other through our clothes and kissed and groped each other.

As he hugged me, I could feel his cock stiffening. I pussy was so wet, I could feel it dripping down my legs into my wellies.
We both stripped off. Bill still had his thigh high PVC black boots and put his see through mac back on. What a site, so horny. I had my mac on with my blue Hunter wellies.

It was like a dream, we went into his bedroom and continued our session. We rolled about the bed in our macs. We sweated in our plastic macs but carried on fucking. I have never had such a passionate night of fucking and sucking. It lasted for hours.

Bill introduced me to watersports. I had never imagined me doing it. I lay down in the bath and he peed all over me while I was wearing my mac. The feeling was sensational. Some of his pee splashed on my face and the taste seemed to be ok. I asked if he wanted me to do the same for him. He jumped at the chance and found it strange about actually peeing on somebody.

I squatted over his cock and peed slowly to maximise the effect. He wanted me to the squat above his face and for me to pee into his mouth. He lapped up most of it with gusto. I never would have thought somebody would have enjoyed that but they do
I’m a convert to it now myself and take every opportunity to take part in such fun.

There is more to come. I do hope you enjoy our stories

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