Husband and I (Part 14)

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Husband and I (Part 14)

Post by Lindaf » June 1st, 2015, 9:27 am

Both of us have had numerous encounters throughout our lives. The past stories have given an insight into where we developed our love for most things the same..namely the fetish scene.

This story is when Bill and I encountered each other for the first time………

My flatmate and I were invited to a “Vicar and Tarts” party with a difference. The guys had to be the tarts and us girls the vicars.
That sounded exciting as seeing blokes dressed as females would be fun.

We arrived with our outfits on. I had a nuns outfit on and my friend had a vicars ensemble on as well. Some of the guys looked amazing and quite attractive. There was a guy there who had a black PVC top with red PVC skirt finished off with stockings & suspenders and black thigh high PVC boots along with a clear plastic mac. Wow he looked hot. Wonder what he used for boobs…….

The party started off with drinks and nibbles and some folks danced.
My flatmate and I sat and chatted and commented on the others dress. The guy I was looking at when we arrived came over and asked if I wanted to dance.

He could have been the ugliest bugger in the room but I wanted to get close to that wicked material he was wearing. We danced and I commented on his attire. He said if he was honest, he loves to dress this way when at home.

I mentioned that I had similar tendencies. Not to dress as a woman or indeed a vicar but wear clothing similar to his. Hi eyes sparkled when he heard what I said and he drew me closer as we danced. I felt his hardening cock grow against me and asked if his panties would hold him in. He blushed a little and said probably not as it was a “g” string he had on.

We danced more and eventually the party finished. We said our goodbyes and said we would call each other to arrange a date to meet.

I got a call from Bill a few days later and arranged to go out for a meal.

It was a good night. He looked so handsome without his “tarts” gear on. I told him he look great dressed as a woman and his black thigh high PVC boots were amazing. I asked where he got them and replied on an internet site that sold “bigger fashion items” for crossdressers and males. He said he had white knee length boots too. I asked him about his mac. He got it at the same place as his boots.

He asked me if I liked that sort of stuff. I immediately said yes and told him what I had.

He told me about his green Hunter boots and his love for wearing them. I told him that I had them too and found them divine to wear at home and outside. I felt a redness come over my face. He asked what was wrong and I told him that it was not commonly known about my love for fetish clothing. Bill said it was the same for him too.

We went back to his and he showed me what he had. He had 2 plastic macs, a rubber jacket, his boots, panties, bras, tights/stockings, PVC wear, Hunter wellies (Blue and Green). He just loved his collection, as did I…….

There was no great action other than kissing and sucking and I left to go home.

The next week I invited him over and told my flatmate to make herself scarce for the might.

Bill arrived and had a bag with him. He had brought some of his gear with him which included his white knee high PVC boots. He dressed up in his white bra and panties and of course his boots. His hard cock was straining to get out of his panties. I left him while he was changing and went into the bedroom and stripped naked and put my rubber mac and wellies on as well as my rubber dildo panties.

His eyes popped out of his head when I came back. He couldn’t say anything but he came over and hugged me. I could feel his cock getting well aroused as he slipped his hand under my mac. Bill smiled when he felt my rubber dildo panties and hoped that I would get to use them on him.
We kissed and sucked each other. I stood there with my mac rubber open for him to fellate my rubber cock and get it all wet, ready for him.

I told him to take his panties off. He bent over and the sight of his smooth scrotum and cock was a sight to behold. I slowly penetrated him and he gave out a little whimper. He moaned as I pushed in further and started to fuck him. His cock was still rigid.

I told him to bend over. He put his white booted legs over my shoulders and I penetrated his hole again. While I was fucking him, I wanked his hard cock. Didn’t take him too long to srew thick streams of hot spunk all over the place.

Next I let him fuck me with his hard cock again. It was the hardest cock I had felt for a long time.

We continued to have fun until the early hours and he left.

More to come……………………….

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Re: Husband and I (Part 14)

Post by hotwilly » July 25th, 2018, 2:54 pm

Oh what fun you two have

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Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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