Husband and I (Part 12)

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Husband and I (Part 12)

Post by Lindaf » July 23rd, 2018, 3:10 pm

Next up is hubby again (Bill). I still can’t believe we had the same horny fetishes.Not his aunt this time although he still has fun with her at regular intervals.

His next story is about his love for that exotic material again.

This time Bill was with his mates abroad on holiday in Northern France. They took their bikes with them to go on adventure trips wherever and whenever they wanted to. There were 6 guys in total and were out for good fun.

On the first day, ran over a pothole and injured his ankle. He wouldn’t be able to cycle for at least 3 days. It was agreed that his mates would go off for the three day and come back for Bill when he was better.

He was able to get about on crutches to enable his ankle to get better and checked into the local village hotel. It was a private hotel run by a family.

Bill decided to hang about the hotel rather than risk his ankle. He was sitting in the main lounge when this gorgeous (not me) young girl ages with him, came in complaining about the weather that was due.

He found out that she was the daughter of the family who owned the hotel. She stormed off and came back to sit in the lounge. Not to miss a chance Bill started to chat with her and found that she was to go to her uncle’s house to deliver a package. He lived a mile away but was within easy walking distance.

She excused herself after half an hour and went off to change for her trip to her uncle.

Bill was reading his paper when she came back into the lounge. To his delight she was wearing a blue shiny PVC coat with a hood that went down to her ankles. He smiled and winked at her then she went on her way.

After about 2 hrs she got back soaked. The rain was dripping of her PVC mac. She came into the lounge and sat next to Bill, still with her mac on. Bill commented that she looked great in her mac. He also confessed that he had a penchant for items such as that. Her eyes sparkled when she heard him say that and they got chatting more about it She confessed that she loved wearing PVC and did so to attract herself to others. Bill also confessed to see girls dressed like that too and made him feel “good” looking too.

By this time Bill had forgotten about his sore ankle and concentrated on what to do with a hardening cock that couldn’t move because of the position he was in. He tried to alter his seating position to let his cock grow a little easier. She helped him adjust his position. Her mac touched his arms and face as she tried to help him. His erect cock grew more with the touch. When he was better seated, she could see the extent of how “good” he was feeling. His cock was fit to burst. She looked at him and they both winked to each other again.

She left Bill sitting there reading his papers. He couldn’t concentrate and just thought of the smoothness of her mac on his skin and the musky perfume smell from her body.

After a short while his hardness was lost and nodded off for an afternoon snooze. That didn’t last for long as he dreamt of the fun he had with his aunt and started to get hard again. He also imagined his aunt rubbing his cock as she did. He then woke up with a start and it was actually the daughter that was rubbing his cock through his jeans.

The lounge in the hotel was obviously quiet hence her forwardness. He reached up and kissed her on the mouth. He was nearly blowing his load by this time but restrained himself for what might happen later.

After an early dinner he eat back to his room and decided to have shower to freshen up for later. It wasn’t easy with his sore ankle but he tried as hard as he could not to stand on it.

To his amazement, the daughter had let herself into his room with her master key and was standing there in her blue PVC mac. She was rubbing her breasts through her mac as he came out the shower room. His cock stood hard to attention when he saw her. His towel dropped and he hobbled across the room to get to her.

They hugged and she could feel his hard cock trying to penetrate her mac. She reached down to fondle his cock and Bill groaned.
He was still naked when she laid him down and his cock was fit to burst again. She sat down beside him and let Bill rub her breasts through this decidedly sexy smooth material. The stiffness of the mac crackled as he felt her. She moaned softly as he rubbed her breasts and her breathing got more intense. She was having orgasms as he was rubbing.

After a few minutes they stopped petting and she stood up and unbuttoned her mac. It was almost a striptease but only taking her mac off.
As the last button was opened, she turned her back on his and slipped the mac from her shoulders. He could see she wasn’t wearing too much under the mac and it turned to to be a see through plastic bra and matching see through plastic panties. Her nipples were poking through the bra and her pussy was smooth and could see her crack was swollen and wet.

Bill gasped and she asked if he liked what he saw. He could only shake his head in and upwards and downwards fashion. He was struck dumb with what his eyes were looking at.

He started to stroke his cock but she came over and stopped him. She had other plans in mind for it…….

She came closer and the sexy smell from her pussy was evident. She sat down beside him and started to gently suck his now solid cock. Her lips and tongue were gently fellating him and he just laid back to let it happen. She sucked his nipples. He could feel the warm plastic bra leaning against him as she sucked and licked his nipples. His cock was wet with precum and was ready to spurt at any time.

It was Bill’s chance to play with her. She laid down on the bed and he heard the plastic underwear crackle as she lay down. He licked her breasts and pussy through the plastic. It was very erotic to do this. The panties had a small zip on them and he slowly and sensuously unzipped until he could smell her wet pussy that was begging to be fucked

She now gently licked and kissed him all the way down to his cock and started work on it again. It took an instant to get him fully aroused again. She asked if he wanted to fuck her. He said yes in less than a second. She tool of her bra and panties to let her body breath. She held her panties to his nose for him to smell and lick her juices.

She asked if he wanted her to put the mac on again. He said yes.

They started to slowly fuck. Both of them were well up for it. They started slowly. Her wet pussy was making slurping noises as they fucked. She came off him and let his cock slip into her anal canal. Wow she loved anal and this position, Bill could touch her glossy mac as they fucked more.

She turned back so he could fuck her pussy again. It took no more than a few minutes to blow his load well into her. As she slipped off his hard cock, his cum was pouring out of her.

After ten minutes he was ready to go again. They fucked more but this time she wanted him to cum over her mac. He duly obliged.

They fucked and sucked for the three days.

His mates came back for him at the agreed time. By this time Bill’s ankle was better as was ready to move on.

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Re: Husband and I (Part 12)

Post by dfpjlf » July 24th, 2018, 8:00 pm

love your story very much

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