A few days away with work!!!!!!

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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A few days away with work!!!!!!

Post by kinkycumbria » July 10th, 2014, 11:09 am

I had a few days away with work and was stopping in a central Swindon hotel; weeks of planning had meant I had several sexy Tgirls on my list of possible meets and 1 sexy real girl.
I arrived late afternoon after a 4 hour journey and checked into the hotel. I unpacked including my thigh boots, pvc and latex wear ready for later, and then went for a meal at a nearby Brazilian restaurant.
8pm I went down to reception and met my tv date, ok yes it was guy with a ruck sack
We got in the lift and went to my room, as we chatted he unpacked his bag revealing a lovely red pvc buckle dress shiny patent knee boots and red pvc mac he also had a large back pvc mac for me to wear.
of he went to the Bathroom to transform into Philippa, meanwhile I slipped into my 6.5 inch high heeled patent black thigh boots, my black pvc thong and long black rubber gloves, then finally the pvc mac. I then lay on the hotel bed rubbing myself through the mac with my gloved hands, feeling my ever growing bulge in my thong.
I could hear the clatter of heels on the tiled bathroom floor soon Philippa would emerge!
Yep the door opened and there stood a vision in red pvc and black boots, a beautiful tgirl with shiny black bob hair and ruby red lips. I stood and she moved towards me we embraced and kissed gentle at first then tongues thrusting. We collapsed onto the bed, our macingtoshed bodies hugging together. We both knew my first cumming would be quick, I lay back and Philippa opened her mac to reveal her red pvc mini dress with black buckles so sexy, she opened my mac to reveal my bulging thong, her hand slipped inside and released my throbbing cock, she then moved into 69 position and as I licked her pvc covered male pussy she sucked and milked my cock until I erupted into her mouth, she stayed on me until I was finished and swallowed very drop, we need time to recover
As I lay on the bed recovering Philippa opened the bedroom curtains and posed for the world to see (if they were looking, we were 6 floors up!) in her red mac and dress, she notice a spare pair of short black rubber gloves I had and asked if she could try them on, I agreed of course.
Then she came back to me and said Philippa is feeling dominant, she tossed my latex hood and said put it on, I obeyed, and then she said on your knees!
As kneeled before my beautiful tgirl fully clad in pvc she opened her mac revealing her stiff 6 inch cock, she stepped forward and offered it to my mouth; I leant forward and licked it gently then enveloped it with my mouth sucking hard. My gloved hand were pulled up and encouraged to rub and caress Philippa’s breast and body through her mac and dress, mmmmmmmmmm she groaned with pleasure. I could feel myself stiffen again this was so hot being face fucked my pvc tv slut now turned dome, her gloved hands gripped my rubber hood and pulled me further onto her cock I nearly gagged but kept sucking and fondling her pvc clad body, I could feel her orgasm rising and then just as I expected a mouth full she pulled out and instantly streams of hot cum spurted onto my black rubber hooded face.
Lie down on the bed she ordered, I did still covered in cum she quickly opened a condom and slid it on my now solid cock and positioned herself over me, and slipped down onto me my cock tight inside of her.
As she began to ride me her rubber gloved hands mopped the cum from my mask, and the she licked it off into her own mouth, then she leant forward gripping my hands above my head and planted a her cum covered mouth over mine, and forced her tongue into my mouth. This pushed me over the limit and my cock erupted into the condom inside of her, she continued to ride me until I began to shrink still in our cummy kiss.
We parted and lay on the bed side by side both of us panting, Philippa then removed my condom careful not to spill any and emptied the contents into her mouth, showed me and the as she swallowed said once a slut always a slut, and vanished to the bathroom to change back in to Phil. I took off the mac and boots and left my long rubber gloves on as I like to sleep in them when away for mutual satisfaction as and when the urge takes me in the night.
Phil returned to the room we chatted a while agreed we would meet again sometime, then we shook hands and he left.
I settled into bed and began to drift off to sleep, when my phone rattled as a text came in, it was Sue, Phil’s wife “hope you enjoyed Philippa! Meet me tomorrow in the Prince of Wales Shrivenham 4pm tomorrow, I will be easy to spot lol xxx Sue”

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Re: A few days away with work!!!!!!

Post by kinkycumbria » July 10th, 2014, 2:21 pm

part 2

7:30am I get another text “bring your long rubber gloves and hood today”
3:45pm I finish my meeting in the arm camp and drive through security on my way to Shrivenham, the Prince of Wales is on the main street with parking round the corner, I soon find it. Only one other car in car park, I enter the pub to find it deserted except for the bar maid a young lass probably about 19 chewing gum uninterested in anything else but her I phone. Then my eyes are drawn to a shady corner where as pvc mac is draped over a chair (on such a hot and sunny day for May) and next to it is a wonderful sexy voluptuous middle aged lady sipping a drink, she has a near see through white blouse on I can make out her black bra underneath, and below the blouse a wonderfully short brown flared leather mini skirt. She has already got me a drinks so I slip next to her on the settee, and get a view of shiny black nylon clad legs that below the knee are encased in (surely not) the patent knee “boots Philippa wore last night!!!!!!!!!
MMMM you’re just the hunky guy Philippa described” she says “I do hope you’re as much fun for me too”, she puts her hand on my knee and slowly moves it up to my crotch circling my now enlarging bulge. I run my hand over her leather skirt pushing it down between her legs “ mmmm she moans, and her legs part widely, I move forward to kiss, her fingers cover her lips and she whispers I am just a slut no kissing!!!!!!!!
My hand moves under her skirt up past the stocking tops caressing the suspender straps before finding her already moist pussy, we both sip our drinks as our hands deeply arouse each other, a quick check the bar maid is still deep into her phone messages.
“I want your cock” sue whispers in my ear “drink up”; quickly we gulp down our glass and where off, “don’t forget your mac” the barmaid calls as we get up. Once outside in the deserted carpark we go to Sues car she get in the driver side, me the passenger, she must have planned this the seat is already half reclined, as I lie there she quickly undoes my trousers and my cock spring out, in flash her mouth is clamped on it sucking and licking it.
I reach across and slide my fingers back inside her moist pussy under the leather skirt, her mouth is wonderful she knows how to suck, and it’s not long before I stiffen and then shoot my cum into her mouth with this she stiffens too and her pussy clamps onto my fingers as her orgasm shudders through. We part gasping “get in your car and follow me” she says.
We drive out of Shrivenham and back down the A420, suddenly Sue turns into parking spot not bigger than 2 cars near where the railway crosses the A420, she steps out her car in her pvc mac and quickly vanishes into the brick viaduct area, I reach for to my glove compartment and slip on my long latex gloves, and grab my rubber hood, get out of the car and follow her. Once in the viaduct I put on my hood and move round the corner where sue has gone, it’s an ideal spot as so we cannot be seen from the road and the trains thundering past above cannot see down to us.
I unbutton my work shirt and drop it to the ground, I have a naked top half except for my long gloves and hood, Sue comes forward and envelopes me in her pvc clad arms, her mouth sucking and nibbling my nipples, my hand again probe into her mac and under her skirt and she gasps as my cool rubber finger part her lips again. She is sodden from her earlier orgasm I remove my finger and lick them she tastes divine.
I then pick her up and position her about 4 foot up the steep railway embankment, while holding her there I kneel and open her mac, pull her patent stiletto heel boots over my shoulders and the release her weight so that she slides down and her pussy is forced onto my rubber clad face and mouth, with her full body weight on me her pussy is clamped on my face and my tongues goes to work, her boots lock round my neck and her hands caress and my rubber hood pulling me deeper than would seem possible into her pussy. As the night before my hands rise up on to the front of the mac and this time squeeze full 38 inch tits. Sue is in heaven another train thunders past as she shouts “yes yes yes” as a massive orgasm come over her again.
I lower her from the embankment and as I fumble with a condom she licks her juices from my rubber hood. I spin her round and push her towards the wooden field fence, “hold the middle rung” I tell her, she bends over hold the fence her pvc clad bum pointing my way, I raise the mac and hitch up the leather skirt, insert my gloved hand to mop up her juices of me to feast on before moving forward and thrusting my cock deep into her.
There we are in broad daylight 30 yards from the busy A420 10 yards from the cross country railway line have shiny clad sex, I think Sue fancied the scenario of the masked stranger taking her out doors!. 2 minutes of pumping my slut in a pvc mac and licking my” lady” cum covered rubber fingers and I shudder my seed into the condom, with one last thrust.
Spent I step back, sue turns and smiles, she knows the eyes under the mask, but she enjoyed the fantasy. We both tidy ourselves up and walk back to the cars, a quick peck on the cheek and then on our way, me to my hotel her home to Phil.
Back in my hotel room I lay on the bed thinking what a wonderful 24 hours.

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Re: A few days away with work!!!!!!

Post by greencoats » July 11th, 2014, 3:00 pm

enjoying the stories

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Re: A few days away with work!!!!!!

Post by hotwilly » July 12th, 2014, 5:07 pm

Nice story
Lucky man
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)

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Re: A few days away with work!!!!!!

Post by paula_gee » March 13th, 2018, 9:03 pm

Enjoyed 're-visiting' this story, as 'Philippa' and 'Sue' know how to enjoy themselves with you xxx

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