Come Rain, Come Shine Parts VII and VIII

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Come Rain, Come Shine Parts VII and VIII

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Part VII

A week or so later, Kate had helped Stephanie to order her mac which was to be a rose-pink rubberized polyester and Kate had ordered a similar one in crimson but with a hood. In addition, unknown to Stephanie, Kate had ordered a full skirted latex caftan and she’d agonized over buying a rubber cape with a large hood which reminded her of a cloak from the movie, “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”. In the end she’d put that idea on hold, as she wanted to see what might be available on the proposed trip to England in October. That trip was now to be their honeymoon as they had postponed their wedding due to delays in the house remodel and pressures of work for both she and David.

However, it was now June and summer which, in California left few opportunities to wear rainmacs. The exceptions were visits to San Francisco for dinner or a play, because when the evening fog rolls in through the Golden Gate, that City is as chilly and drizzly as London itself. In fact, Mark Twain had once observed, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”

Both on these visits and on other shopping trips whenever Kate was wearing one of her macs, almost inevitably, some stranger would ask, “Excuse me but I love that beautiful raincoat. Where did you get it?” And, the people asking were usually well-dressed women like her. Sometimes they were alone while others were with a male companion which began to convince Kate that this ‘rainwear thing’ of David’s was indeed much more common than she or he had ever dreamt.

However, even with summer under way, Kate and David were able to indulge their rubberism in the evenings and they spent relaxing hours with he in his robe and she in her new latex caftan. Almost always these sessions turned into an early night sometimes with games of make-believe but, every time culminating, in powerful orgasms for one or the other and usually both. By experimentation they both found they enjoyed soft bondage and the sensation of being helpless while the partner took complete control provided a new dimension.

One game that David proposed was a fantasy from his youth of being seduced by an older woman. Kate was not too sure about this at first but soon came to relish it. David would wait in their attached garage while Kate prepared her “costume” which was usually garter belt and stockings, sometimes with and sometimes without underwear and always covered with a rainmac.

David would then knock at the door pretending the to be the paperboy. Kate would ask him in, offer him a drink and invite him to relax on the couch. Sitting sometimes opposite she would allow the mac to expose her stockings. On other occasions, she would sit beside him, take his hand and, with it stroke her rubber covered thighs or breasts. At the same time she would be asking him if he’d ever felt a rubber mac before and would he like to kiss her breasts and clitoris and had he ever had sex. His favorite position was with Kate sitting on the couch with her legs spread wide while David knelt with his head between her thighs under the rubber raincoat.

Kate found that she could come up with infinite variations on this theme and took much pleasure in surprising him.

About six weeks after they had placed their order for the rubberized polyester the delivery arrived. Kate was thrilled with hers as was Stephanie and she decided more or less instantly that she would take this latest mac with her to England, as it was a little lighter in weight.

According to Stephanie though, things had not started as well there. She said that Mark seemed to ignore her presence and for him the rubber mac was paramount and she and her needs were a very remote second. This, in turn, caused Stephanie to be more reluctant to dress up just for him, even though she got so much pleasure in wearing the mac, smelling the aroma and enjoying the rustling swish as she walked and turned.

One night Stephanie and Kate had gone into the City to the see a play and they had both worn their rubberized polyester mackintoshes turning many an admiring head as they walked from the parking lot to the theater accompanied by that wonderful “schlocky” sound.

Afterwards they went to supper in a small Italian restaurant in North Beach. They checked their macs and enjoyed a quiet dinner although Stephanie did put away a little more wine than she was used to but, no big deal, Kate was driving anyway. As they went to reclaim their rainwear they were amused to see the maitre d’ rapturously stroking the rubber lining of their macs. “Another kinky rubber devotee,” giggled Stephanie and he obviously was as he insisted on helping both women put on the coats and not exactly hurrying the process.

On the way home north on 101 the subject returned to Mark. Stephanie said, “And then the final confirmation that he cares more about that rubber mac than he cares about me came when I got home late from work and he was wearing it and masturbating.

Until now,” she continued, “I haven’t worn the bloody thing since.” Kate thought for a moment and asked,

“Do you want to keep doing the rubber thing? Do you want to stay married to Mark? And, to use your word, are you prepared to get really ‘kinky’.”

“Yes,” she whispered.

Kate laid out a possible strategy. “Look, you can’t ignore all this stuff so why not suggest that the pair of you buy another mac like yours but in his size and buy another similar to David’s. That way, if wearing a female mac in private is what turns him on and if he wants you to wear a man’s mackintosh, you’re OK. Also, why not masturbate him yourself, maybe wearing rubber gloves? And, if you want to go out together rubbered up, you’re also covered.”

“Well, I guess there’s nothing to lose,” said Stephanie, “Do you wear rubber gloves to masturbate David?” “I’ll never tell,” said Kate out loud and to herself she added, “Not until now.”

“And,” Stephanie added, “He also keeps going on about that bloody Playtex girdle.”

“So does David,” said Kate, again to herself.


A month later, Stephanie called and it was obvious over the phone that she wasn’t feeling much happier. When Kate asked how the plan had gone Stephanie hesitated and then plunged on.

“Mark mustn’t know I’m telling you this but I did exactly as you suggested except that he wanted a mac like mine in rubberized satin instead of polyester and one exactly like David’s. He also wanted me to have a shiny black rubber trench coat so now our closets are really filling up.”

“How do you like the SBR?” asked Kate, and Stephanie told her that while at the time it seemed a little bit “over the top”, she now couldn’t wait for the rainy season to start.

“Actually,” she added, “We did go for a walk last Thursday night when the fog was in and I wore it then for the first time. It was late and nobody saw us and that, actually was a bit disappointing. Mark wore his mackintosh, as he insists on calling it, and it’s been simply ages since we walked with his arm round my waist but he couldn’t keep his hands off me. We even stopped under the tree by the creek for a kiss and his hands were all over my back and my bum.”

“When we got home the lovemaking was incredible, right there in the living room both still in our macs. Between you and me”, she added, “Mark’s sometimes needed a little assistance from Viagra but not that night and not since. The rubber is a real turn on for both of us and I owe it all to you so I got you a present.”

“Oh you shouldn’t have” demurred Kate, “What is it?” Stephanie explained that she had gone on the Web and had found a site that still sold Playtex girdles. “Not the modern ones with a lining,” she went on, “But the original real latex ones that have that wonderful rubbery scent, and I got two, one for you and one for me. If you don’t want yours, I’ll keep it.”

“No you won’t,” replied Kate, “I want it and thank you.”

Stephanie then went on to add that Mark appeared to want to adopt a much more submissive role and wanted her to be the more dominant one. “Now, whenever I wear rubber and especially the shiny black rubber, he often calls me ‘Mistress Stephanie’ or ‘Madam’ and, while that turns me on, I don’t know quite how to play it.”

If I were you,” Kate responded, “I’d check out some web sites and follow their lead.” Three days later, Stephanie called to report that her efforts appeared to be less than spectacular.

She had apparently greeted him dressed in her Playtex girdle, black seamed stockings, a pair of knee length boots and her SBR coat. She told him that his first task was to strip, don a second Playtex girdle, which she’d bought in his size, stockings and his cotton rubber mackintosh and heels. When he protested, she ordered him over her knee, pulled down his pants and administered a couple of sharp slaps to his butt and warned him that there would be worse to come. “Yes Madam,” he whispered.

Five minutes later he was back downstairs, wobbling a little unsteadily on his high heels, and stood before Stephanie who was lounging on their living room couch. She reached out and pulled open the hem of his mackintosh. She “thwacked” a garter strap and reminded him that he had been ordered to wear the Playtex girdle and stockings only and that no mention had been made of underwear. He tried to explain that getting the girdle on pulled at his body hair. “Then shave it off,” she demanded, “And I’m going to supervise,” and followed him into the bathroom.

He stripped again and, taking a shower, shaved his torso, genital area and legs. Then, freshly powdered, he rolled the Playtex back on and attached the stockings to the garters. He was about to reach for his mac but Stephanie stopped him. “No,” she said, “You have chores to do and it cost too much to risk getting it dirty. And, your first task is to pour me a glass of wine and give my boots a polish.”

A couple of minutes later, he was at her feet working furiously with a duster. She glanced down and pointed out a stain on one of the heels. “Get that,” she ordered, “It’s what’s you left when you had your filthy orgasm. Just use your tongue and then polish it with the duster.”

Stephanie was now becoming really curious as to how far she could push Mark before he revolted but it seemed that the more degrading the treatment, the better he liked it. After he had tongued Stephanie to orgasm for the second time in some 15 minutes she ordered him to stand before her. She pulled on elbow-length black rubber gloves and masturbated him to orgasm.

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