A trip to the Library Part 3

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A trip to the Library Part 3

Post by disciplinemack » September 6th, 2012, 7:52 pm

I don't know if people have forgotten Parts 1 and 2, but after a few domestic problems, here's part 3.

Over the next few days Lucy kept on thinking about Friday evening. Why had she reacted so strongly to Peter? Why had she buttoned her mac to the neck, something she never did except very occasionally when it was raining heavily? In fact, it was only since she had started work that she wore her trench coat, mainly to keep her indoor clothes clean. Her parents had bought her a new mac for school in the Sixth Form, it was a woman's rather than a girls style, but still a double breasted mac with a belt and hood. She had only worn it perhaps a dozen times, and it was hanging in her wardrobe, buried at the back since her Mum had hung it there when Lucy moved into her flat. Why had she been so keen for Peter to dress up in his cape again when the weather was clear? She knew the answer to the last one: she loved to be in control of what was going on round her, she had been known as a bossy kid at school. Soon, though, her views were to change.
The following Tuesday she was walking home from work when a sudden storm arose, and although she buttoned her mac right up and put up her umbrella, she arrived home soaked to the skin. The umbrella had blown apart and the driving wind had pushed the rain through the trench coat. She dried off and had a bath at home, putting her coat to dry and her clothes to wash. On Wednesday she had a meeting at the Library Headquarters with her boss, so she needed her coat clean and dry. On Wednesday morning she set off to work, but again a sudden storm caught her, and she arrived soaked through again. Luckily her senior assistant took charge while Lucy sat in her office doing paperwork, and eventually the assistant suggested that Lucy should go home and change, ready for her meeting. Lucy agreed, but the loss of control had upset her. She went home, had lunch and got clean, dry and warm, but her coat was totally useless. In desperation she dug her old school coat out, and tried it on. It fitted, actually much better than it has when she first wore it at seventeen, but she was not impressed by the hood. Unfortunately her Mum had sewn it to the collar as well as sewing up the buttonholes which might have allowed her to remove it, so she had to leave it on, but made sure it was buttoned shut, and so less obvious. Her meeting went well, no one commented on her mac, and as she rode home on the bus she considered her options. Her trench coat was no good on a wet day, her school mac was not something she wanted to wear every day. Suddenly Peter came into her mind again. He wore a cape, a cycling cape but a cape none the less. She might be able to find a cape to fit over her trench coat, which would keep her dry and perhaps be rather enjoyable too, if her reaction to Peter was anything to go by.

On the Saturday, her day off, Lucy went to a shop which she had noticed previously on her wanderings round the town. It was a rainwear shop, quite small at the front, and a notice in the window informed passers-by of a stock clearance sale. Lucy went in. An assistant, in fact the only assistant, approached her within seconds, and Lucy explained that she was looking for a cape. The lady showed her a rack, but they were all fashionable PVC capes in bright colours, all short and without a hood. Pretty, but impractical. Lucy had decided that if she needed to buy a cape it must be like Peter's, designed to keep the rain out under all conditions. She could not control the weather, she had realised, but she could control her response to it, and a cape like Peter's was her answer. She also wanted something a bit more sober for work, and told the assistant "I was hoping for something a bit longer, maybe with a hood, and in a quieter colour, for work. Do you have anything like that?"

"More traditional, do you mean?" asked the assistant.

"Yes, that's right" Lucy replied.

"I have something in the stock room, I think. If you would like to wait for a few moments I'll have a look."

Lucy waited. A few minutes later the lady appeared with an armful of items, which she laid over a nearby rack. Lucy thanked her, and the assistant suggested that she could look through them to see if anything was suitable, while she went to see another customer who had just come in. Lucy went through the capes quickly, all of them seemed to be longer, all rubber lined with a satiny finish on the outside, some of them hooded. She found a navy blue one, a good sober dark shade for work, and slipped it over her shoulders. As she did so, she felt a frisson of excitement, a bit like when she had watched Peter put his cape on. She realised that fastening it up was going to be a bit fiddly, but soon realised that she needed to unbutton the slits for her arms, which made the task easier. She buttoned it up, leaving the top button undone. As she looked at herself in the mirror, the assistant returned, and said "That really suits you. Have you tried the hood?" Lucy said no, and the assistant came round and undid the small button holding the hood shut. "There you are" she said. "You can see how it looks with the hood up as well." Lucy raised the hood, pulling the tapes together but not actually tying them, and then looked again in the mirror. That was enough. She decided there and then to buy it.

"May I try one or two others on?" she asked. "I'm not sure if I want a different colour, though I do like this one." The assistant helped her sort through them, and they found a gorgeous red one at the bottom. "Oh, that looks interesting" said Lucy. "Please may I try that on?"

"Of course," said the assitant, and she helped Lucy put it on. Decisions, decisions. Which to buy? eventually Lucy decided to buy the blue one, and the assistant took it to the counter. As they walked towards the front of the shop, Lucy noticed a rack of lighter weight capes, and stopped to look at them. She explained that she might want to buy one to carry with her for when she got caught in an unexpected shower, and the assistant agreed that this was an excellent idea. Again Lucy tried several on, and selected a translucent royal blue one, more interesting than the grey ones, but not too gaudy. The two women walked to the counter, where the assistant rang up the price on the till and placed the two capes into a brown paper carrier. Lucy thanked her, paid and left the shop, though the red cape was still on her mind.

As she walked back towards the town centre, she bumped into a young man who was wandering down the street without muchg apparent purpose. She dropped her bag, and the young man apologised, picked it up and handed back to her. Suddenly they recognised each other.

"Hello" said Peter. "It's Lucy from the Library, isn't it? How are you?"

"Hello, Peter, I'm fine thanks. How about you? Are you enjoying the books you borrowed?"

"Yes, thank you. I should be back with you next Friday, to change them. You look as if you've been busy shopping. I'm just browsing, as I don't know the town all that well yet. I'm going for coffee if I can find a nice cafe. Do you fancy joining me?"

Lucy agreed immediately. She was keen to find more about this young man who wore his waterproofs on a dry evening, and who had aroused her to such a state. She took him to a small cafe which she had used before, and they ordered and sat down. As they chatted, she became conscious of the scent arising from her bag, which became concentrated in the confined space. It caused her to feel a tingle of excitement between her legs, just as when she had helped Pete dress in his cape. She realised that she was going to have to ignore the smell, regain control of herself.

As they drank their coffees and talked, Pete said that he was hoping to book a ticket for a concert that evening, and would Lucy like to join him if seats were available. She agreed instantly, and shortly afterwards they left to visit the local theatre box office, where Pete bought tickets. Afterwards, they walked to a nearby park, each having realised the natural bond which existed between them, neither knowing what it was or why. They continued to chat as they sat on a park bench, and after a while Lucy plucked up the courage to ask the question which had been puzzling her all week.

"You know when you came to the library last week," she began. "You were all dressed up in your waterproofs, but it wasn't raining and hadn't been for some time. Do you always dress that way to ride your bike? I'm sorry, I'm being a bit nosy, but it has intrigued me all week."

Pete sighed. He knew he would have to explain, so he told Lucy how he had been expected to stay dry when he was younger, and that getting caught in the rain without his plastic mac meant that he wore his gaberdine and plastic macs on his next trip out. It was, he explained, force of habit that made him dress himself up when he had visited the library, even though his Mum was not there to make him do so. He thanked Lucy for not teasing him about it at the time, as he had half expected that she might. She replied that she had no desire to tease, but was simply curious to know the reason. She then said

"I think your Mum might have treated me the same way this week. I got caught in that awful shower on Tuesday evening, and again on Wednesday morning. In fact, I was so wet on Wednesday that I had to go home and change all my clothes to go to a meeting in the afternoon! That's why I'm in town today. I decided that I need a proper raincoat. Not a trench coat or gaberdine, but a waterproof one, so I've been to a shop which sells rainwear and bought myself a cape. It was seeing you in yours which made me think of buying one, but I'm not sure now whether I can actually wear it." Her voice was tailing off by now, her face red with embarrassment, which Pete sensed.

"There is no reason why you shouldn't wear a cape," he told her. "If it keeps the rain off, why not? In any case, when it's raining nobody is really bothered about what you are wearing. When I had to wear my plastic mac over my gaberdine on a dry day, it was to remind me not to get caught in the rain. That was embarrassing, but it was a good lesson. I didn't get caught very often, I can tell you! As for what Mum would have done in your case, well, you would be sitting here with me, your trench coat buttoned to the neck, rather than open as it is now, and you would be wearing your cape fully fastened up with the hood up. The other thing is that Mum would be sitting with you to make sure you stayed fully dressed up all day."

Lucy gasped. "You are joking!" she exclaimed. "Would she really do that? I would feel like a real idiot with a hooded cape on, as well as being dreadfully hot. Was she really that strict?"

"Oh yes," replied Pete. "She would keep checking you as well, to make sure you were properly buttoned up, and the hood was properly tied. As I say, you wouldn't have to suffer very often as you would learn to keep your cape or mac with you and put it on when necessary. It's worst when people laugh at you. That really drives the lesson home."

Lucy was quiet for a while as she pondered what Pete had told her. He was right, it would be embarrassing, but he seemed wiling to put up with it - and he had looked so fabulous in his yellow waterproofs, and the noise they made as he wandered round the library had been almost magical .... An idea was forming in her mind.

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Re: A trip to the Library Part 3

Post by neil » September 6th, 2012, 10:54 pm

I really like the way this is going.
Many thanks.

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Re: A trip to the Library Part 3

Post by hotwilly » September 7th, 2012, 12:53 pm

Hope she goes ahead with the idea that is forming

Good story - look forward to Part 4
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Re: A trip to the Library Part 3

Post by Rives » September 30th, 2012, 9:28 am

Indeed, a fantastic story, please keep going

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Re: A trip to the Library Part 3

Post by ashim2002 » June 12th, 2017, 7:39 am

Look forward to Part 4 when it will publish ?
Ashim Kr. Mitra

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