Mike and Linda - part 4.

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Mike and Linda - part 4.

Post by shinymacman » May 22nd, 2012, 6:17 pm

Mike awoke early next morning finding the pvc sheet draped over him. It was still soaking wet with the thick semen Linda had helped him pump up the night before. Thinking about how much he had wanted her soon gave him an erection, so he started to masturbate into the pvc sheet again and within a few minutes climaxed into it with a satisfied groan.

It was saturday morning so he decided to get up early, he showered and dressed and went downstairs and found Linda wearing her blue satin robe with a coffee. She looked concerned ''Are you ok this morning''?. she asked. ''I'm Fine'' Mike replied truthfully. ''I know you wanted me last night, but I was just so tired'' she said looking as if she would cry. ''You did help me last night. You gave me the relief i needed'' Mike said. He put his arms around her to comfort her and was instantly fightiing another erection. ''Thank you for being so understanding. I will make it up to you'' she promised as she kissed him.

Just then the phone rang and Linda answered it. It was her best friend from work, Karen. ''Karen wants me to go to London with her for the day'' Linda said. Before Mike could reply Linda asked ''Why don't you come with us''?. Mike thought and asked ''Would Karen Mind''?. Linda said ''No, it was her idea''. Mike had met Karen briefly when he had to visit Linda at work a few days earlier. He rememberd thinking what an attractive woman Karen was. She was about Linda's age, about the same slim build but a bit shorter and with medium brown hair. 'I'love to come with you'' he said. Linda replied ''I've told Karen everything about you, well nearly everything'' she added smiling and then said ''Karen will be here in 30 minutes, so I'll shower and get dressed''...Karen was there in 15 minutes. Mike opened the front door to find it was raining. ''Hi Mike'' Karen said. She noticed Mike had a good look at her and liked what he saw. Karen was wearing a black, shiny, wetlook rubber mac. ''Linda's getting ready'' Mike said as Karen walked through the door. ''That's ok'' Karen said as she took off her mac to reveal a pair of tight, black leather trousers and matching boots and a red sweater. Linda called down. ''Hi Karen. Come and help me decide what to wear'' Karen said ''Don't touch my mac Mike, I'll know if you have''. She gave him a knowing smile and climbed the stairs. ''It seems Linda really has told karen everything about me'' Mike thought.

A few minutes later the two women walked down the stairs. Mike gasped as he saw Linda wearing the same white satin blouse and black pvc skirt she looked so gorgeous in the night before, but this time with a pair of black shiny boots. ''Is it any wonder I wanted you so badly last night'' Mike whispered as he gave her a discreet kiss. ''It's raining Linda. I'm wearing my mac'' Karen said. ''I'll have to wear my mac as well'' Linda said and a few moments later they walked out the door.

The train journey to London was pleasant. Mike liked karen. She was attractive and sexy and seemed to flirt with him deliberately. ''Karen and I are buying girlie things, you know women's stuff'' Linda said. ''No men allowed'' Karen added. there were lots of places Mike wanted to look into, so he was ok with that. They agreed to meet for lunch and coffees. ''What have you bought''? Mike would ask. ''We're not telling you'' they would both reply.

Being with two sexy women wearing rubber and pvc macs made Mike really horny. He kept getting erection after erection and tried to take his mind of it on the journey home by trying to sleep, but Linda stretched her legs over his lap and the only way to keep her safe was by gripping her thigh though the pvc skirt and he desperately wanted to touch her breasts through the satin blouse, but realised he couldn't. As the train pulled in to their station it was raining again so both women put on their macs. Watching Linda smooth down her pvc skirt first made him realise just how badly he needed her. He couldn't wait to get Linda home - alone.

Once there Karen stayed a short while for coffee. As she put her rubber mac back on to leave she said to Linda ''I wish I had a man at home to fuck me hard tonight - all night''. Mike quickly replied ''Well, you could always stay here for the night''. He needed sex with Linda so badly to be shy in his reply. The two women hugged and then karen put her arms round Mike and pulled him close. ''Give me a hug sweetie'' she said, putting Mike's arms around her back. As his hands rested on Karen's rubber mac she pulled him in closer and kissed him. He knew she would have felt his erection pressing in-between her legs through the mac. ''It's okay, Linda's here for you'' she whispered knowingly as she kissed him again and left.

A few moments later Mike and Linda sat sharing some wine. The TV was on, but Mike couldn't stop looking at Linda. She looked so gorgeous and sexy. ''That was a great day'' she said looking at the shopping bags beside her. ''Tell me what you bought'' Mike said. ''No, but I might tell you later'' she said smiling. She snuggled up to him slipping his hand round her waist and then reached forward and kissed him hungrily as she unzipped his trousers and put her hand in his pants feeling his erection. ''You've been needing help with that all day haven't you?. He didn't have to answer. She guided his free hand up the inside of the pvc skirt. Her knickers were soaking.
''Maybe Karen isn't the only one who needs man to fuck her hard tonight. Give me a few minutes'' she said and went upstairs taking the shopping bags with her closing her bedroom door.

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Re: Mike and Linda - part 4.

Post by hotwilly » August 8th, 2016, 5:52 pm

Well written continuation of this story - lucky Mike!!

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